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  1. Watching ''The Grey'' right now and saw a man get mauled right, deep cuts and lacerations. I know some people wont like this but there needs to be some sort of stitching mechanic added for ''deep wounds'' and such. Not just bandage and walk it off. ''Deep wounds'' from a bear attack or a double wolf attack. Bandage the wound and get to safety and un-bandage and stitch. It might be to much to code into the game but it would be something for those ''hardcore'' fans out there.
  2. I think that the revolver is going to be .44 caliber. If its in the story mode i think it might be found on the prison bus in Astrid's playthrough. With the meat soup idea i had, when the soup cools it turns into a sort of jello like substance that is said to be very delicious according to some people and high in nutrients also. I think that the new clothing item might be Astrid's poncho for story and a handmade poncho type thing in survival mode, but that's just me. Maybe snow shoes who knows.
  3. I hope the new food item is jerky or dried meat or some sort of meat soup, the new clothing item will probably be Astrid's poncho. cant wait for the new pistol.
  4. I have seen the bone stew before in other games and in real life. When cooled just like when meat stew cools it makes a jelly substance that i hear is quite nice.
  5. I've had this idea since watching an old western with my grandpa around the time the new pot and tin can update aired. Why cant you cook a simple meat stew? All you need is a slab of meat a few cups of water and the pot and wallah, stew!! The various meats have different properties in the stews and if wanted you can also make a reishi stew (works different from the tea since this is a meal and not tea). Possibly the ability to find other veggies for the stews like wild onions or potatoes.