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  1. Don't know if Raph sees these replies but I hope that he does or someone at Hinterland can hear this. The Long Dark has been my favorite game of all time. I'm always excited to get a chance to pick it up and feel challenged. I'm so grateful to know that it's made with the intention of being responsible to the people that work at the studio. You should be so proud to have produced something so tremendous while still trying to value the people that create it. I'll actually be able to enjoy the game even more knowing that the people behind it are valued and appreciated. Thanks Hinterland! This!: This means that we work hard, but reasonable hours, and we try not to feel pressured or rushed into releasing things before they are ready. That was a mistake I made in August 2017, when we released the first two episodes of WINTERMUTE. We spent an entire year trying to fix that mistake. We could produce updates faster but it would mean either pushing the team irresponsibly, growing the company irresponsibly, or putting out lower quality content than we are happy with. I won't do any of those things, no matter what people might think about it. If you believe in supporting sustainable, honourable business practices in an industry that is not well known for them, you should support the way we are making the game.
  2. Yes, no more getting stuck with horrible fire/shelter placement!-
  3. What I wanna know is, does having a weapon drawn increase the wrist sprain chance? This makes sense, but I can't say that I have a good feel for this. Once I've got the bow or a flare gun, I'm walking armed almost all the time. And when I'm unarmed, who cares about a sprained wrist. Anyone know or feel they've observed this clearly?
  4. I just walked through here for the first time since the update. Is it just me or did they remove a junk of explore-able area along the way in? This feels like a real funnel now. Oddly seemed like less wolves in that initial section, and literally a few more by the yard. I think I killed 5 on the way in there. 1 by the car at the road, 3 in the yard and 1 on the back fence. This was serious Quonset garage type stuff. Anyone else get the feeling that map shrunk? Any chance that they expanded somewhere else? Would love if this connected to a new zone or made Milton/HRV. This would make the weird trek here to the forge a worthwhile thing.
  5. Now that Xmas is over and I have my hats... 1, I'd love a craftable wood box. 2-4 reclaimed wood, 2-4 metal, and you make a wood frame for sticks and lumber. Outside only, like fire or snowshelters. Just something to manage my sticks. Pic below of a sample, but obviously only a 1/4 or less of the size. Enough for 200 sticks. 2, Ability to remove fires and ruined snow shelters. My number 1 thing that I wish could be done to add more fun is to allow the player more freedom to move about the world, but unfortunately snow shelters are so hard to place and find locations that are out of path of predators that once you set one up that location is sometimes a deadzone once you leave long enough to have your shelter ruined. Maybe I just need to get better at always taking them down....
  6. Up vote for some of the previous UI. Please... Bring back the icon meters or option to use them without the circular bars. Allow for center justified. Fix time to rotate clockwise again. Remove the black cooking choice overlay. (I'm a console player, and all I hear is that we needed this. How so? Better hit box detection on the fire vs cooking maybe? Or maybe the option to click the rocks and get the cooking menu? Also, you had the answer to how to do this before. In the previous version when you clicked the fire and you had mutiple pages (LT1/RT1 to navigate) between fire management and cooking. These pages were more immersive and beautiful than this new black box) Please tell whomever at Hinterland that inspired the fill meter icons that they are a gangster of design. A vertical bar that graphically represents the subject and has nuanced and subtle changes to it to indicate your status all in a single form. Kudos to that team or person. I'm sad to think that there will not be the level indicator inside my eye to indicate starvation, or the parasitic affliction, those were absolutely genius subtleties. The only thing missing from the game may have been a HUD display breakdown? I too struggled in my initial play through to get acquainted with it, but I was all the better for it in time. The time taken to make the transition screens could have allowed for an info page to breakdown this HUD's subtleties and been accessed from the main menu, or pause menu. Now, without the interactivity of the status in the icon, those large icons serve no purpose other than to label the circle that encompasses them. Sad. A return to the 5 bars with percentages would have been more to those certain players liking's and less painful to see those icons of past usefulness relegated to such low status. The fact the circular fill bar of health has had the effect of conflating the passage of time with a counterclockwise circle for all other activities, breaking immersion, only adds to the sadness. I understand changes are sometimes made based on player feedback. Sadly, this takes away from immersion and feel, which is what truly makes TLD different from other games. Instead it's towards the always on, percentage indicator, HUD. How sad would it be to see the map overlaid in the corner and red dots to indicate wolves and bears in the HUD? We must admit it can go to far, yes? Why too then, the removal of the percentage of health? Because on it's face, the concept of exact measurement of health, thirst, hunger, and fatigue are erroneous? I'd add the feeling of temperature but someone would argue thermometer.... Uhg. The removal of the percentages initially was a masterstroke and made TLD a better game. I say this only because of how much I love TLD, so I'm more passionate about it. This has been my favorite game I've ever played. It's progressed and gotten better over time, which is incredible. The option to give players choices in how to view their games is commendable, allowing for the contextual display is evidence of your care for the community of gamers looking for world immersion. And I respect Hinterland's need to balance adding new players and engaging with a crowd that is entrenched in always on HUD mechanics. I know that these changes are never going to happen, I know that no one can change their menus 3 times and survive. But I just can't help but say how much I thought the previous design was a part of what made TLD great.