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  1. I enjoyed the notes left behind, particularly in 'following' a group of survivors. But as the long dark is a game meant to be replayed, they lose interest. Would you consider adding different 'sets' of these to make multiple playthroughs more interesting? And it could be a good way to involve the community (as there's lots of good stuff already out there). Thanks
  2. First up , love the game, well done. Keep it coming please. Couple of questions: 1. You've said Episode 3 will now only use Pleasant Valley rather than three regions. I'm fine with that, but does this mean that there will now be some regions that do not form part of Wintermute? 2. Suggestion for this year's 4DON - can we have a Pythonesque Killer Rabbit please? Swap rabbit and bear behaviour? Also, it's a serious game, and we all enjoyed Jermiah's dancing in the Dev Diary - what else is in there (if not out here) that lets off a bit of steam? 3. And finally as it's coming to summer holiday planning: how would you sum up Hinterlands vacancies a) Somewhere snowy - I just can't get enough of that wonderful snow and ice, ice, glorious ice b) Somewhere sunny - warm, hot, build a fire, yeah... c) I stopped leaving the house in 2015. There are wolves out there, WOLVES!