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  1. close one for me.. Story & challenges win out atm because I feel starting with clear goals aside from 'just' survival suits me. I think that is mainly because Survival mode is not there to win me over just yet. The way Aurora changes & challenges the player could be interesting but rarely impacted me in any way. Exploration / curiosity is a main driving force playing survival for me and some secrets / puzzles / deeper systems you would have to learn are rarely encountered (but then i havnt player too much.. ~200h). Overall it is the 'mundanity' that keeps me from really getting into it. I feel there could be 'meat' there to sink my teeth into, but i havnt found it yet *(strangely i know it should be there but this is what my bias tells me so take it with a dose of salt).
  2. How would you even know who is a native english speaker. An now for something completely different: Why would you waste that much good food! WHY?
  3. A possible counterpoint to consider: Although requiring far less implementation in some aspects obviously, the amount of work would not be little. You would still need server infrastructure, networking code and all that.. and then the 'message' code. And then there are a whole lot of more little things you would need to address - like data security for example. Seeing as it is out on multible platforms.. servers could get pricey real quick - but then again i have no idea of acutal prices in the industry. Then there is also the point that the variation in deaths seems a bit limited to me (seeing as once you are settled in there are for the most part only a few ways to die). I mean it is not like there is another mechanic around death. I mean it is not like you can (randomly or fixed) catch deseases or walk into traps. Btw: You could also do messages via the post office - would give the milton mailbag a new spin (although certainly not as immersive). But maybe that is more suited for easteregg.
  4. Yes indeed. To make a car explode (as in damage the car) you'd need a tank filled with petrol vapors (or gas that explodes like propane) and oxigen. You can use it for a quick campfire tho. This is a lighter + petrol; see for yourself.
  5. not possible because science
  6. Car batteries cannot be effected by EMF, true - but they can freeze.
  7. True, but that is not the point. Carrying more than 55 kilo is possible as you said in your example - it is just very hard. I am not saying we should be able to carry 10 kilos more. I am saying: the numbers will change. I personally would find hiking a whole day with 30 kilo very strenuous - but i also wouldn't be immobilized when trying to move 60 kilos, but that would certainly take a toll. And that is what i was getting at. I'll get further than ingame - and that was subject of my statement.
  8. Not to derail this but.: encumbrance values are fine for now There is no question (for me) that the numbers will have to change eventually. Be it due to more tools and items in general or by addition of backpack types or afflictions that affect the numbers. Also: I believe there is something called weight distribution. The example of the bass bin is totally relatable, yet i think if it had been possible to disassemble it into smaller parts and carry it with approprite gear you might have had an easier time. I mean we are not carrying around whole tree logs and animal carcasses. Please... Some good points btw. I think for 1., 8., and 11. it really needs to be considered if it does actually impact the experience beneficially. Those might just get tedious. Considering time advances in game faster than in real life one could assume that these points are included implicitly. While i approve of random little things for immersions sake (and in and ideal scenario i would wish for those too), these points just feel redundant. As for 5.: I think you could also look at the other side.. spaining yourself with military boots on (super silly imo). As for 6.: i expect this to happen ideally As for 7.: while small bonuses are certainly interesting, i think combining this under an umbrella of 'general health/fitness' is a good solution As for 12.: yes even a sloppy little ring would do it for me too
  9. Marching gear for field training when i was doing military service was 110 lbs / 50 kg (yes that is without clothes, other gear and weapons). Which is why i found most discussions regarding carry weight highly amusing. I imagine the number is there for balancing reasons only - seeing as tools like bear spear, pickaxe, shovel and water tube or animal fat and bones are (very likely) still to come. Having a sled as way to transport heavier loads like a animal carcasses could be interesting tho. Protecting the sled and all that. Also maybe an opportunity to rework wood types (introduce logs and moisture status). And yes i fully support the idea of a ski resort. Good opportunity to have a less 'rundown' enviroment with more aurora interactions (e.g. working lift) or to introduce special tools (fireaxe, blowtorch, water tube).
  10. Dawnshift


    Let me be more clear: yes, the choice is yours but: the same (by your logic i imagine) would go then for a pillow, a planket, aditional cured fur / sheepskin in the bedroll or a cape. Everything has to be balanced with gameplay. I mean specifically: what does a tent add over a snow shelter? (see ajb1978's post above; tip: i********) And then you still have the weight thingy. If we're talking about a crafted tent usable in those weather conditions (like in the style of sth a beach windbreaker tent) .. That would mean: ground fixation, metal rods and waterproofed leather - there goes 10 to 20% of your carry weight.
  11. You could also justify a bear / wolves attacking you while reading outdoors then. Or your clothes catching fire by accident if you sit close to a campfire . I'd expect the wilderness to hone your attentiveness not lessen it.
  12. Dawnshift


    But then you'd need tent plus bedroll. And since we carry around so much already ... a bit overkill for the sake of immersion.
  13. Dawnshift

    New ideas

    My take regarding gunpowder is that: if we get another weapon that can make use of it then yes otherwise why bother. Better to get accelerant from cars. Having a makeshift bayonetwould certainly be something, could potentially substitude the bear spear which is to come. But then again we already have lots of options vs. wolves. On the bear trap i am a bit torn. As such a thing would be very powerful and durable with little to none risk involved. Such a trap could also fit the setting well. But then again you would make hunting bears (or w/e you trap) so trivial, that you'd have to adjust game difficulty somewhere else. This would be the same with poisoned bait or shotguns - trivializing the difficulty and fear such an animal should invoke. Also since some of us wish for useable fats and bones - having easy access to a dead bears could give you such a big boosts of resources for no investment, which can be both a good and a bad thing. I would certainly enjoy spending more time on activities other than hunting, but gameplay dynamics would be totally different. However once more recepies are added and systems are fleshed out this line of argumentation might be irrelevant.
  14. I agree. One of the reasons why i advocate for (bone marrow) soups: good nutritional value from something that could already be in the game. There is no risk from parasites since parasites eggs are inside muscle tissue and not inside the bones. It just makes sense to me. Aside from that - dealing with the parasites should be only a matter of temperature and preparation anyway. But then we have no need for watching nutrition intake since malnutrition is not a thing. Stew / soul food for 'fluff' and morale i can see as an alternative however.
  15. Certainly something i'll readily support. Soup > stew for me anyway. Bit of a stretch in that climate. But you can always add tomato soup / other instant soup stuff - which could certainly be more common. I wonder if you could make a stew with flavouring from fish/crabs/mussels tho...