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  1. So will Xbox One X finally get it’s enhancements with this update?
  2. My wait for Xbox One X 4K and HDR continues.
  3. Thanks Raphael for still planning on releasing the Xbox One X enhancements. Sorry for all the “disappointments” early, I have taken a breather and was only only wanting this awesome game to look its best when I really dived into it. After playing redux and having not gotten very far before redux, I enjoyed the opening song and intro as well as all the added info helping me get a feel for the game. I had several difficult and frustrating spots before redux trying to reach Milton and I found it well balanced now. I didn’t have an issue with the story before but like I said I had only gotten to Milton pre redux so I don’t know much of it. I like the new button selections with cooking and I no longer accidentally eat raw meat. The UI is fine but like others have said the arrows could be a little further away from the circles or better yet, I say make them turn blue when gaining and red when lowering, or have that as an option. Love the new buffs. A choice to turn off the loading hints is the way to go. I also experienced one moment of blue screen but i haven’t had it since. Loving the update and I know I’ll love the 4K and HDR when they arrive!
  4. Not including 4K, HDR, enhancements in this update to Xbox One X extremely disappointing after all this time. This games is literally one of the last games on the Xbox One X enhanced list yet it still hasn’t received it, more than a YEAR AGO. Mentioned back in the MAY Milton mailbag and alluded to over a year ago yet it still isn’t here. I personally don’t care if issues are with the PS4 pro enhancements. Companies like Ubisoft have released 4k updates on PS4 Pro games and not yet on Xbox One X. But I guess if this company is happy with the jaggies and advertising a feature but not delivering on it, there is not much more to say, only that it’s inclusion on the Xbox One X enhanced list and the companies continued delay to provide that which they stated they would is sadly very disappointing. I personally don’t care if Microsoft asked you guys if you were gonna do it and so you had to be put on the list, it’s yet another thing promised but not delivered.
  5. Will the Xbox One X get it’s much awaited 4K and HDR enhancements with this Redux update?
  6. I’d like to know if the 4K and HDR enhancements for Xbox One X will be part of the December Update. I stopped playing Wintermute for these improvements and it looks like it was a good call now that the saves will be deleted.
  7. If there are difficulties getting the PS4 4K update to work and the Xbox One X 4K is good to go, can the Xbox One X 4K update at least be released? This game has been on the list for Xbox One X enhancements for many, many months now.