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  1. So will Xbox One X finally get it’s enhancements with this update?
  2. My wait for Xbox One X 4K and HDR continues.
  3. Thanks Raphael for still planning on releasing the Xbox One X enhancements. Sorry for all the “disappointments” early, I have taken a breather and was only only wanting this awesome game to look its best when I really dived into it. After playing redux and having not gotten very far before redux, I enjoyed the opening song and intro as well as all the added info helping me get a feel for the game. I had several difficult and frustrating spots before redux trying to reach Milton and I found it well balanced now. I didn’t have an issue with the story before but like I said I had only gotten to M
  4. Not including 4K, HDR, enhancements in this update to Xbox One X extremely disappointing after all this time. This games is literally one of the last games on the Xbox One X enhanced list yet it still hasn’t received it, more than a YEAR AGO. Mentioned back in the MAY Milton mailbag and alluded to over a year ago yet it still isn’t here. I personally don’t care if issues are with the PS4 pro enhancements. Companies like Ubisoft have released 4k updates on PS4 Pro games and not yet on Xbox One X. But I guess if this company is happy with the jaggies and advertising a feature but not delivering
  5. Will the Xbox One X get it’s much awaited 4K and HDR enhancements with this Redux update?
  6. I’d like to know if the 4K and HDR enhancements for Xbox One X will be part of the December Update. I stopped playing Wintermute for these improvements and it looks like it was a good call now that the saves will be deleted.
  7. If there are difficulties getting the PS4 4K update to work and the Xbox One X 4K is good to go, can the Xbox One X 4K update at least be released? This game has been on the list for Xbox One X enhancements for many, many months now.