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  1. I'm not going to just leave it as is, I'm requesting a feature that I'd like to see in one of my favorite games. Why should I leave it as is because of your opinion? No, you can leave it as is if you'd like, in my opinion it should be changed. Well they're called achievements... By definition it is something done successfully from effort courage or skill. So I would very much like to earn them. And I've already explained everything of why you shouldn't get them below pilgrim which I believe is fair considering pilgrim is already a cake walk. And you can call it arbitrary if you'd like but again, I've explained the reason I think you shouldn't be able to get them lower than pilgrim.
  2. Look I love this whole include every gamer thing you have going but it really doesn't matter that much. Including minorities is great but it's not like this is some real life racial or gender or disability issue where they're being discriminated against for being a minority. Under pilgrim is too easy to reward feat progression. Just like in other games, you must play on certain difficulties to unlock things. Would you say that gamers with disabilities are being unfairly treated because they cannot unlock an ornament from For Honor's story mode because it is too hard? It's not much different here. Feats and achievements should not be equally accessible to all players regardless of the difficulty on which they play. Higher risk higher reward. Not that there is any risk in the first place, in pilgrim animals won't even attack you unless you attack them. Not that this is a very meaningful argument because it's really just a guess but... Think about how little people care about the feats. Now think about how little people there are that play this game that would need a difficulty under pilgrim because of some sort of disability. Now think about how many people fit both of those categories. And as much as I love getting achievements and feats, I'm just happy to play the game. It really isn't that big of a deal and I don't think other people including those with disability's would think so either. It's such a minuscule thing.
  3. You misunderstood me again. I said anything lower than pilgrim would be, and setting your sprains to 0 would be lower than pilgrim. And what about the people with disabilities who need easier than pilgrim. But oh, for arguments sake lets just say we don't need that anymore..
  4. I don't agree, but I'm not going to argue about it any longer like we're in a YouTube comments section. There is no way to make you change your opinion and you aren't going to change mine. If they do introduce feat progression in custom difficulties, I don't think you should be able to progress in them if you have anything lower than pilgrim would be. The easy difficulty part wasn't the main point of the post anyways so we really shouldn't be arguing over that at all. I'd take complete feat progression in custom over no feat progression any day.
  5. Well then they can play the game their own way, I'm not stopping them and don't want to. Just without getting the achievements or feats
  6. A person stealing a candy bar is wrong and doesn't affect me in any way but I still care about it. Why do I care is a good question, I just do. It's wrong. It shouldn't happen. And let's be real here, someone with a disability doesn't need to play on a difficulty that easy. Pilgrim is a good level for whoever it may be that's playing, and if they really want to play on something easier the option is still there anyways.
  7. I already clarified that your difficulty setting doesn't matter to me, pilgrim or interloper. But I don't think that everything good set to max and everything bad set to none should grant people achievements or feats as that is just too easy of a difficulty. It isn't even about people being unable to play on a harder difficulty at that point, it's just about abusing a system for game progression, which I do very much care about.
  8. I don't know why you are saying that I would be jealous or forcing them to earn their feats and achievements on a harder difficulty. I also don't understand why you think that it is I that care whether or not they get them through an easy difficulty. Hinterland are the ones who would care and that's why you can't unlock feats on custom in the first place. Because people could just set the mode to the easiest settings, easier than pilgrim, and get them. I am not jealous or trying to force anything on anyone, you can get the feats on pilgrim already anyways which is far too easy. I think you misunderstood my post completely. And your aggressive behavior was completely uncalled for. Your difficulty level doesn't mean a hot damn to me, you can play with everything hostile to you turned off and I wouldn't care in the slightest. But of course you shouldn't be able to unlock feats or achievements if you are doing that as it would be too easy, which I'm guessing that Hinterland agree with that based on their decision to turn feats off in the first place. And I didn't realize that you could unlock achievements on custom difficulty that is my bad there.
  9. Most people aren't going to care whether or not you get achievements on custom difficulty but I for one really wish you did. I've always been about making progress and getting gamer score and unlocking the feats. I don't think you should get them if you set the game to the easiest settings. There should be a line where it's considered difficult enough to still include achievements and feat progression or not. The reason I want to still get progression through custom difficulty is because I love parts of interloper and parts of stalker but interloper itself is too hard and stalker itself is too easy. If I could use a custom difficulty and still get achievements it would make this game much more enjoyable for me and whoever else may think like this.
  10. It would be pretty convenient when getting stuck on stupid stuff sure, but is it necessary and better yet is it possible? Being able to jump with a ton of gear in heavy snow? I don’t think it’s really needed anyways. Just avoid places where you can get infinitely stuck or branches that can be a nuisance.
  11. Imo the best looking game out there. Come a long ways.
  12. Creating a report wasn’t really the issue, I know where to go and how to make one. Signing in was the issue. But I guess you can’t. The interface is still pretty squished and could be fixed up, but thanks for the clarification.
  13. Actually an amazing idea. So simple too. You got my thumbs up for sure.
  14. asks me to sign in as soon as I’m on the page. I type in my username and password and then it asks me to do it again. I tried my email too. I could still make my bug report under anonymous or something but can’t sign in. I never get a error or anything, it just tells me to do it again. I’m using an iPad for all of this. Also, the website itself seems squished and the description box for the bug reports can only fit a couple words before having to move down a line. I’m not sure if I’m missing something or if it can be fixed with just a click of a button, but I’d just like to let hinterland know.