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  1. Hi there, it looks as if i'm the only one experiencing this? Couldn't find anything here, on Reddit or Google! My game crashes everytime i try to sleep, it just insta shuts down. Xbox One Any game mode, any map, male or female, any form of bed; tried different cars, tried to bed at the start of the story mission, regular bedroll, nothing works! I hope this gets adressed asap, i haven't played in around 500 days and i had a small sessions yesterday where it worked perfectly, it does no longer though. ~CGTv
  2. I was just fooling around with that comment. Couldn't think of anything else to say. Still can't. ~CGTv
  3. CGTv


    I don't like it when i have to sacrifice a match to find the freaking door in a trailer. Sure one of those workers must have had a lighter... Even if the lighter was empty, the flint would still spark if you'd strike it. Would be excellent for those situations where you can't see but you need only 0.5 sec of light. And on zippos, well that would be even better since every game uses knockoff bic lighters anyway, so it would be less cliché. And, with a high enough zippo lighter skill you unlock the ability to light it by flipping it, this can be done when wearing gloves. XD Ps: Add in avaitor sunglasses ~CGTv
  4. Meh, my breath ruins the picture During a cartagrophy run, doing some fishing. Discovered a bug that makes 100% fish go to ruined Can't report it as their bug reporting system is bugged. Edit: Got my living off the land achievement after 89 days, only ate cattails for 89 days, didn't heal a single injury. ~CGTv
  5. Exactly my thoughts. Same goes for being able to look around when lighting a fire and extuinguishing a brand (torch, lantern,...) (it's possible but you need to glitch it) ~CGTv
  6. Get those shoes off the table! ~CGTv
  7. Wouldn't natural survival instincts kick in when you're mortally wounded? My natural instinct would be to get the hell out of there ASAP, not attack whatever just shot me, especially if i had an arrow lodged in between my lobes. Perhaps that a bear would fight until it's dying breath, but a lone wolf? Naaah... I respect the fact that you have a different opinion, but it doesn't changes mine. I also stick by it that it's a bug, and an exploitable mechanic, if you shot it and it still attacks you, pick your weapon at the last moment. ~CGTv
  8. I've heard but never tested it myself, just like Pillock said, quartering a corpse may result in loosing that arrow. And like Simone Else said, they can also roll or riccochet away, don't be surprisd if you find an arrow 20 meters from where the actual landing spot was. Also, i must test this further, but it seems like an arrow can get dislodged from a running target and drop on the floor. ~CGTv
  9. Wonderfully written. Though i'm confused. You shot the wolf, the wolf still attacked you, you wanted to attack back but it died during the attack? I had that once occur too, about a year ago. I shot the wolf, the wolf still charged for me, he attacked me and when i wanted to select a weapon and attack him, he died without me ever swinging for him. I thought that was an ultra bad game design, i'l have to disagree with you on that one. Shame that bug still isn't fixed It even got worse, this happaned to me last week; Same as before, i shot the wolf, the wolf still came at me (happens like once out of a 100 shots), the wolf attacked me and as i was choosing my weapon the wolf ran away (it attacked me for about 0.5 sec) and it kept on running and i never saw it again. I'll have a glitch compliation video up soon ^^ ~CGTv
  10. What good is a bunker if the power lines or vents would be found above ground right next to the bunker? Seeing as how the bunkers can spawn all over ML, i'm betting ML has a secret military facility somewhere under a mountain ridge that supplies power to all those bunkers. Plothole; They are the cause of the EMP blast, your plain crash and whatnot. The prepper cashes make me think of LOST XD ~CGTv
  11. It's weird i cannot find this topic in my profile, as if it had been deleted. Anyway, I checked family again 2 days ago and noticed they had once again used the same track from TLD in the same office as before. I would really love for this to be cleared up. ~CGTv
  12. Looking at the map now i see two possibilities. A mountain region north above Mystery Lake that connects to Pleasant Valley and Mountain Town or Hushed River Valley. A smaller region east of Pleasant Valley that connects to PV. Apart from that, i would love a region with a lot of (for a lack of better words) 'no loading screen' buildings. With a layout much like mystery lake and Timberwolf Mountain. Two small lakes at the top, one east, one west, each with a fishing cabin. The lakes go down into two seperate small rivers that end up in a large lake with thin ice where the leftovers part of Grizzly Airlines have crash landed and partly sunk through the ice. With the possibility of ice fishing in a crashed plane part on the icy lake. At the top there would also be an intact ranger station with a small hunting lodge down stairs. Spread across the map you'd obviously have your caves as well and also a few (larger) hunting blinds with window lids you can shut. And for the rest there would be plants and birds and rocks and things. ~CGTv
  13. There was no cockpit. The airplane was designed so it could fly without a cockpit (or so they thought) and having the wings as far on the back as possibe, keeping in mind that plane was filled with cargo. Needlessly to say, it crashed because of those two issues. On a serious note, the crashed part on the mountain is probably only 25% of the airplane. It must have had 2 sets of wings, because the wings still attached in no way could carry the engines we can also find in TWM. ~CGTv
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    It was once possible, on Xbox atleast. But thankfully that got fixed. ~CGTv
  15. Zie ik daar 'weide' staan? Is heel je spel in het Nederlands of wat? ~CGTv