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  1. With the help of MueckE solution is found The problem is that windows 32bit is limiting the usage of ram for programs to 2GB. For the game this is not enough, need to enable more ram for programs. I found a solution for Win 7 to increase RAM for applications. I set 2560 mb Necessary actions: 1) Run as administrator application "cmd.exe". At the command prompt to write " BCDEdit /set increaseuserva 2560" (2560 mb is enough for me. you can try to set 3072). Press "Enter" and close. In the same way, you can return the old value, if it necessary. 2) Install and run the program "CFF Explorer". You can download from the author's site. 2.1) Open the .EXE file. 2.2) Go to "File Header ". 2.3.) Click on "Click here". 2.4) In the window that opens, check the box next to "App can handle> 2gb address space". 2.5.) Apply and save the file (you must replace the current .EXE file with a new one. just in case save the old .EXE file somewhere). The reverse action is the same, just remove the check mark. Screenshots included That's all
  2. Hello! I am hope for your help Survival mode. The game is broken when I try to enter any structure (building, cave, etc.). Live only outside is not suitable Started in Milton, at other locations did not try. version 1.35 Win 7 32 bit cpu i3 530 gpu gtx 660 ram 4gb What solutions to the problem have been tried: - reinstall the game - updated Visual C ++ 2013 12.0.40660 (there is still a Visual C ++ 2015 on the PC) - updated graphics card drivers - graphics set the lowest - turned off the antivirus - run as administrator - run in compatibility mode with XP SP2 - run through the files ".bat" - wrote in the properties "tld.exe" various startup parameters: "-force -d3d9 -popupwindow " nothing helped files and screenshot attached to the message P.S. I tried on another location. As it turned out, the game is broken at any time (not only when I go into the building) error.log output_log.txt