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  1. On 6/19/2019 at 3:40 PM, punklor said:

    Да уж. Давно в этом разделе никто не писал) С возвращением.
    В целом, идеи не плохие, но навряд ли их реализуют. 

    хотя бы вид перчаток от первого лица и мясо птиц реализовать можно, думаю с этого и начнется следующее обновление ))

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  2. On 6/14/2019 at 7:41 PM, ajb1978 said:

    Completely nonsensical attack.  It wasn't coherent enough to be a viable advertisement for anything, and it wasn't intense enough to qualify as a DDoS. It's just a waste of everyone's time, including the attacker.

    chinese marketing haha 

  3. 3 hours ago, ThePancakeLady said:

    Reality is, vicitims of hypothermia do not *always* wake up when they become hypothermic. Years ago, as a medic, in a part of the US where we regularly have/had Winter temps of 0°-20°F (well below freezing), we would respond with police and fire to "Welfare Checks", on people not heard from in days, or people seen laying on benches, or on the ground outdoors. And find them dead, in a state that indicated they went to sleep, and never woke up, under blankets or tarps, curled up in a fetal position often, with no sign that they had woken up and struggled to get up and get warm. It actually is realistic for people to go to sleep, become too cold for their brain to continue properly distributing and using glucose stores in the body, and regulate body temperature, breathing and hearbeat.

    okay, that's interesting...

  4. 5 hours ago, ManicManiac said:

    Well that's the most dangerous thing about hypothermia... you can fall asleep and never wake up again.  So, I say we keep this as is... I would argue that it's important for it to stay as it is.

    The game is all about player choice... and facing the consequences for our choices.  Also, part of this game is careful and deliberate action... for example if we don't do what we need to ensure we are going to be warm through the night, then if we succumb to the cold and freeze to death in our sleep... that's a perfectly fair consequence of our decisions. :) 

    Just like if we get jumped by a predator when we are harvesting something...  then that's ultimately our fault for not checking the area to make sure it was clear to start in the first place.  :D 

    no, developers want to bring the game before reality for the maximum, so, then anybody else, when he or she sleep on the cold, they necessarily wake up 100%, at this game, character must wake up, at least when he has 10% of health, 

  5. And one of the most thing, when you work on a workbench, a bear or a wolf are passing by, the character must stop working in order to reach the shelter. Otherwise, it turns out that the character works, and bears and wolves run alongside. it is not real.

  6. 3 minutes ago, kristaok said:

    I don't think that will ever happen...

    an Igloo is a blocky looking Snow Shelter, and a Tipee is a Triangular looking Hut like Shelter made from Leather or Cloth.


    humm, that's good idea 

  7. On 6/10/2019 at 1:05 PM, cranny said:

    they should 100% add these lil dudes to the game. they can encircle and sacrifice you. chase u with lil spears idk 


    edit: and when they are nearby the avengers theme plays

    also, why is this video so well made?


  8. On 6/9/2019 at 11:16 PM, kristaok said:

    You mean every time you change Clothes you want to see it actually happen on your Character? With the limitations of TLD I don't think this will ever happen. 

    I would love to see the option to build an Igloo or Tipee type Structure, but I don't see the need for a House since we already have those in most areas.

    Even though there is plenty enough Wood to gather out there it seems, I agree it would be more realistic to be able to cut Trees, but I also think this will never happen.

    I have definitely been wanting more Wildlife for a VERY long time now, I have also been wanting to be able to Hunt / Eat some Bird Meat.

    I think being able to Craft a Wooden Sled would be more realistic than the Backpack being able to hold more, so I vote Sled.

    You can already make a Custom Game to where you automatically wake up if you are Freezing to Death.

    >You mean every time you change Clothes you want to see it actually happen on your Character? With the limitations of TLD I don't think this will ever happen. 

    yes, new view on arm, when you hold weapons

    >Igloo or Tipee type Structure

    what is this?


  9. Add the ability, when every time if you change clothes, you change a first-person view also! For example, changing the character of a glove or jacket, changing the type of holding a weapon, knife, etc.

    Add the ability to build something new, shelters (on the surface) or a small house.

    Add the ability to cut fresh trees.

    Add new threats. Varieties of bears, wolves, elks, in each location should be completely different from previous ones. Each location must have its own behavior for animals. Not like the rest.

    Add a new animal, such as birds. Let it be possible to eat their meat.

    Add the ability to carry things, let the bag hold more KG. Or you need to add a wooden sled.

    MANDATORY, add the ability to automatically get out of sleep, with the risk of frostbite or hypothermia. (all the time I died only for this reason)

  10. Каждый раз при замене одежды, нужно чтобы вид от первого лица также менялся! Например меняет персонаж перчатки или куртку, меняется вид удерживания оружия, ножа и т.д.

    Добавьте возможность строить что-то новое, укрытия (на поверхности) или небольшой домик. 

    Добавьте возможность рубить свежие деревья. 

    Добавьте новые угрозы. Разновидности медведей, волков, лосей, в каждой локации должны абсолютно отличаться от прежних. На каждой локации должно быть свое собственное поведение для животных. Не похожее на остальных. 

    Добавьте новую живность, например птицы. Пусть будет возможность питаться их мясом. 

    Добавьте возможность переносить вещи, пусть сумка вмещает больше КГ. Либо нужно добавить деревянные сани.

    ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО, добавьте возможность автоматического выхода из сна, при риске обморожения или переохлаждения. (все время я погибал только по этой причине) 


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  11. And after 2 years you can`t added view change, when McKenzie hold revolver,  bow, gun after to equip gloves, new clothes etc. So why???? Is it so hard? 

  12. On 28.08.2018 at 2:22 AM, Tbone555 said:


    There will be, no worries! :) I'm actually just waiting on the weather down here to cool off before I make another one. Those plaid shirts like that are actually pretty warm in the summer time haha and I don't think it would be quite the same without it :P I have many ideas for these kinds of vids which will also be up on my YouTube channel when I get that back rolling. Will post a link :)

    go ahead