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  1. Haha , you're lucky !! I've search for a rifle and only found 30 cartridges but no rifle . You can do it !! Show them wolf who's the boss of the wild Canada
  2. Awesome as usual !! Thanks a lot for taking time to answer some of our questions . You're a wonderful studio , you do an awesome job with your game !! This game is a masterpiece of experience , and anytime you update it it feel more awesome !! So a huge thank !!
  3. Hello Hinterland !! I want to thank all of you for the great game you've brought to us ! Amazing gaming experience , you 've done an incredible work . There is so many things in the game i want thank you for have think of it ^^ . Like the fact we can't jump , i love that idea and your world construction with that fact in mind . You're an awesome team of dev . That's only my two cents , but there is it ; you've obtained with this game an unconditionnal love from a player base . You've nailed it so well !! So , THANK YOU a lot for this master piece of gaming art and experience .