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  1. Gamer935

    Spear Maybe?

    In This New Picture For The Redux Update Coming Next Week He Is Holding A Spear I Have Seen Many People On Here Asking For A Spear So It Is Super Exciting And Also Looking Forward To Anything Else Added Too The Game What Would You Like To See Added
  2. I think I did as I remember the landmarks or it could of been CH
  3. Very awesome idea my favorite bit is that they get damaged like you said when you get attacked by animals or falling down a steep hill or mountain there is water containers in the game (water bottles) but it just adds the water to the big amount of water it would be awesome to see him or her using the bottle
  4. Hey @Gabriele Some awesome ideas here especially the spears and the new animals and another addition is that you could use the seals blubber as fuel to start fires and cook food! And I have had a nice day thanks How about you?
  5. It is pretty annoying If he said it less times I would be fine with it But on the other hand sometimes I miss the litle warning at the bottom of the screen
  6. Really depends on what diffictuly mode ur playing on as ML is the easier level meaning a lot of resources
  7. True as if you are absolutely starving you would eat anything you can as the human survival instinct is too strong
  8. I don't have a problem with this as the status icons all dissapear when I do a screenshot on Xbox i dont know why though
  9. The Slingshot is a pretty good idea as would be more powerful than throwing and it could scare wolves off better but I agree with @Pillock above there is no need for more guns as doesn't add anything to the game just makes the character op if you have all the weapons
  10. Nice idea and also it gives you a warmth bonus as it is a pretty cosy thing to eat and also a big calorie boost
  11. Sounds cool and I looted ML and hardly found any candy bars at all but did find Mountinering Rope and 2 Hunting Knives
  12. No wildlife so that means all wildlife
  13. I found the rope near the fishing hut workbench in Mystery Lake