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  1. ...I steadied my rifle, as much as I could, fighting the figure 8 sway in the muzzle and waiting for the front and rear sites to align. I haven't been onto the site for a long while, and I've been meaning to post my experience of the topic for just as long or longer still. So here I am, finally. This post is mostly a tribute/love letter to Hinterland in creating an amazing game that strives to create emotion in it's player base. While for me this mostly means I am acutely aware of the musical strings and visual presentation attempt to make me feel certain things, I have never had m
  2. Last time I played the challenge it ends right when the blizzard was about to start and I was a little disappointed. Have they changed that now?
  3. Honestly, would love the unique hunting knife that you are given in Episode 2 by the trapper to show up somewhere. Doesn't need to even have better stats. I just love the look of it as it has a more "I survive off the land" feel to it compared to the steak knife feel of the vanilla knife.
  4. Found one in the Turbine Room of the Dam Lower Level on the desk in the center of the room, not on the ones near the side entrances. Will post a picture later when I revisit the lower level to open some locked lockers.
  5. Awesome idea to test it, but only part of what can be used. Need to take 3 series of 3 shots. Each series needs to be "averaged", and then the 3 averages can be compared. I haven't gotten a chance to use the rifle yet since the new update, but just going off the picture it appears that your front sight post is low in the rear sight aperture which would cause a low shot. If I can get some time today and find the rifle in my current new playthrough I'll try to create said aiming exercise. That's if someone doesn't beat me to it in the next 7 hours lol. Not sure if people have been ha
  6. Something interesting to think about would be planning for the following seasons. Obviously the first winter wouldn't be *too* bad because you had all the lootable foods to get, but I think that things should be generally harder to scavenge in the winter forcing the player to prep when it's warm. Also, if you overlook certain tasks then it could ruin things for you pretty much permanently in the future. One example being to move the fishing huts off the ice before it gets to warm, otherwise they will sink and you lose that form of food gathering for the next winter. I agree paying
  7. I would easily pay whatever price for a 2 season survival mode. They have talked about having 4 seasons before on the old road map and they have stated it would be something they would love to do, but not for free. Whatever price they set for something like that, I won't hesitate to throw money at them for it.
  8. One of my first plays of the game. Started out at the trappers and had a great start, even found a ski jacket. Was thinking to myself, "man, this is already going way better than my other starts. this is where I survive!". Decide to go wandering to find the lake office, but my meta was still pretty bad. Ended up what I now know as unnamed pond. Night had already set and I was getting tired, so I made a fire and went to sleep in my bedroll. "This will be fine. No wolves around!". Character woke up early. That's weird, why did he do that? I hear the sounds of huffing and panting. What's that? Do
  9. Welcome back, excited to see the new content. I tried loper. It was aweful. A nightmare of wolves and the bitter cold. Tried a dozen games and half of them spawned me in HRV. Shifted my attention back to my Voyager game to get the Cold Fusion feat so I won't freeze to death as fast. Interloper is no joke
  10. Loving this story, it's so damn exciting! I need to pop my Interloper cherry here in the near future. Maybe once my current Voyager run gets boring. Keep up the good work!
  11. So I've been curious about a backpack system for a while. I read your answer regarding something similar on one of the Mailbags, so I'm hoping this isn't completely redundant. It's understandable that the way the current system works it would be difficult to compartmentalize items in a separate bag attached to the character. What about making backpacks modifier items just like the Moose Satchel? So you start of the survival mode with no backpack which gives you a base weight of say 30~, you can find different types of backpacks that would increase your carrying weight. Maybe all the way up to