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  1. I was going to suggest a quiver and scabbard. I figured they weigh a pound or so but allow you to "wear" your rifle and arrows so they can get the same weight reduction bonus that equipped clothes get (im not sure the percentage but a coat that weighs 4 lbs when carrying it will weigh less when you have it equipped).
  2. IRL it seems like tying your gear to the bottom of the rope then climbing up, then pulling gear up would be a better strategy but I agree with you. Things like firewood (if its a large pie shaped piece it might break in half but otherwise not even 1000+ foot cliff can hurt firewood), cooking pots, prybars and bundles of clothes (tie arms together on shirts and legs together on pants and as long as no blizzard they shouldn't fall far away) should all be totally fine to drop off a short cliff.
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    Or maybe it is a one hit bear kill with one use but retrieving one would require you to/set it off without it killing you outright (bleeding damage, broken leg, held in place, the long dark). You dont have to hunt the bear (or whatever animal it catches) but getting it would be even more dangerous. And probably weighs 20+ lbs in real life.
  4. I like this idea. Maybe even let us add notes to the map when we are looking at it in game. For example if I was standing outside a trailer in the hills in CH I could look at it with the center dot and use the charcoal and the game would give me the option to add a note to the map so that when I looked at the map (1) the trailer would be drawn and (2) if I click on it my note would come up "stash house, has bed, dropped bunch of hides and lantern" or "looted, has bed, outside fire pit" etc.
  5. 66 lbs is really not that heavy and even sedentary people can adapt to that pretty quickly. Wildland firefighters have to complete a pack test where (if I remember correctly) they carry a 50lb pack in the mountains (mostly uphill/sidehill and uneven terrain) for 2 miles in under 4 hrs (so they have to be agile too). I know a lot of people that did the test (literally over 100) and only a handfull were unable to complete it. And the overwhelming majority were completely out of shape the day of the test. My point is that avg people without preperation should be able to handle a 70lb pack when motivated to survive.