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  1. I don't follow, you said survival was based purely on luck, now, you're backpeddling on that point entirely, nothing was misread at all. If you wanted to convey a different point, then you coulda shoulda woulda used different words. You said life was in the hands of RNGesus, and, in lieu of how stupid that sounds, have started back-peddling on that statement, like a politician would do. Somebody get this guy a job as an elected official! I've seen you play, trust me, there's no misunderstanding here, just a fundamental gap of knowledge between us about the game we're playing, I plan my d
  2. Luck only gets you so far, my guy. Sure, I got boots n a bow on day one, but I had to scrounge for forever n a long time for gloves. I barely made it out of forlorn muskeg without getting frostbite. (this is all before improvised cloth wraps were a thing.) I came up from nothing, & had to diligently grind to get to where I am today. I didn't get no handouts, n I've been keeping my character fed since before the well fed buff, cuz I always thought the starving meta was both stupid & OP. Sure, you can say it was lucky that I got deer carcasses at spawns X & Y, or that it only took Z
  3. Wait, what? I thought there was a predator grace period on this difficulty, furthermore, how are you dying to the wildlife? It's voyager, you lose like, 2 hit points every struggle.
  4. You're obviously in your first 100 hours of gameplay, play the game a bit more and you'll find they're a lot easier to get around once you actually know the map & what you're doing. Pro gamer tip, wolves will slow to a crawl when trying to follow you up a steep incline, once you get to the top, you shouldn't even need an entire stamina bar to get far enough away that the wolf simply loses interest.
  5. How the hell did you manage to die 9 times? I've been suicidally charging after the local paw patrol hoping to end my first playthrough, but they don't do any damage, especially not with this military coat. I had so many good clothes on day 1, my temperature going down indicator only had 1 arrow, and I wasnt even shielded from the wind. When I went into a wind-shield spot I WAS WARMING UP!
  6. You're asking so nicely that I want to, but, I genuinely can't bring myself to do it. There was a series he had awhile back, think it was called against all odds, n, yeah, he was being so dumb that I don't even know how he got to a second or third episode. It truly amazed me, how him surviving from one hour to the next relied entirely on luck, with literally none of his actions pushing him to live longer, it was like he was actually trying to die by "accident" for the content. I'm sorry I couldn't link a video, but I've got no patience to do that, i haven't gotten a proper night's sleep in mon
  7. This game mode is so freaking boring, I'll turn the revolver I found in the second building I entered on myself & empty the cylinder before 25 days is up. If this was voyager with interloper weather like I've seen people suggesting, it wouldn't be so bad. But, it's voyager weather with more blizzards than interloper and a constant -10 degree temp debuf, which makes the voyager weather almost as cold as interloper sometimes. Obviously, not everybody here plays interloper, but, what of the people who do? You offer us nothing, hinterland? Sure feels that way.
  8. Idk If this is really the place for this, but I haven’t played in awhile, n the lost n found box doesn’t seem to be working correctly, I don’t think any changes have been made to the trappers cabin since I’ve played last, and I know no changes were made to the actual shelves all my stuff that was put into the box were sitting on, n all the meat that was outside has disappeared, n is not inside the box. I know that I’ve played since the box was introduced, and none of my stuff was moved into one then, so idk why now all of a sudden. Also, both the brand new bow that I was going to equip when th
  9. I don’t think the existing guns in the game really fit with the balance of interloper. Furthermore, players in interloper should have to go further, as they always have, sawing their own stocks from wood, forging their own receivers, and crafting their own ammo, the only thing that’s “free” in interloper is those plastic bottles we have an infinite supply of to store our water in, n I think even those will go, in time, too.
  10. Will we ever be able to use the new milling machine so that interloper players can craft some kind of improvised guns?
  11. Could we expect to see the implementation of a fitness meter, that would grant small bonuses like less endurance loss when running, more endurance, and maybe tiny boosts to carry weight and movement speed in this iteration of the long dark? I think it would be a much better way of making me go outside and be active then cabin fever, which just moves me from the trappers cabin to the cave in the transition area to Milton just a couple hundred meters, maybe a kilometer away. For one day, a day spent in as many time progressing UI windows as possible. Also, I know it would be very very har