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  1. Yeah it's always been like that I think. I'm sure it's intentional and like @EjectedCasings said, it makes sense.
  2. When you've killed a TW you can harvest them just the same as the regular wolves. I've never taken one down with a rifle though sorry, but I have taken them down with one or 2 shots using the bow. So I'd guess one shot with a rifle will do it, but maybe someone else can confirm that.
  3. I can't ever seeing seasons being a thing in TLD, but I'd love to see it in a future Hinterland game.
  4. Cool idea. Nice illustration too.
  5. Nice idea, I always like the idea of adding more animals and items to give players more variety and choices. The fact that @wewenzi only mentions adding them to FM is interesting. It makes me think that it'd be cool to add a few animals to the game that are exclusive to certain regions. I think it'd be a neat way of giving players more reasons to travel around and get more out of all the regions.
  6. I completely agree and would love this to be added.
  7. Or maybe they're adding the timber wolves to survival and we're all gonna die lol
  8. Does anyone know the actual percentages for how popular each difficulty is? I've tried looking online and I couldn't find out, but it would be interesting to know.
  9. I've never tested it, but to me they seem to disappear more quickly once you've started harvesting them compared with just leaving them.
  10. This is always the way I've seen it too. Though you could argue that crashing a plane in survival mode wouldn't make much sense, because you shouldn't be able to fly a plane months after the event. Unless it's only a localized incident.
  11. I feel like Pleasant Valley would probably do a bit better since the new update.
  12. Didn't even know that the left one was there........I completely missed it. I guess that's me trekking back over to PV just in cast there's some combat pants in there lol
  13. Just being able to move whole wolf carcasses would be nice. It'd save having so many camp fires scattered around.
  14. I wouldn't like this at all I'm afraid. I can appreciate people wanting more realism, but I think having to manage your clothing like this would be a step too far.
  15. Did anyone find any significance to the exploded rifle in Molly's house? I never did, but it seems strange to take the time to add it to the game if there's no pay off down the line. So I'm just wondering if maybe I missed something, or if not; does anyone have any interesting theories?
  16. Just saw this post, so they are working on it.
  17. I myself used to starve most of the day and just eat a couple of pieces of meat before bed to recover the little bit of condition I'd lost through starvation. The reason being it just made sense. Why keep your character's belly full all the time when there's no real reason to? And from a game play vs realism aspect it seems realistic that in that survival situation you would ration your food. But now with the well fed buff I keep my characters from starving because I just love the extra carry weight. I honestly don't how many players actually still use the starvation method but, I would guess that it's not very many. So personally, I would rather see the devs continue down the road of using buffs as a reward instead of punishing players, if their aim is for the game to be played a certain way.
  18. Personally I prefer survival mode. For me it's been well worth the price of the game on it's own and the other modes are just a bonus. But I know that quite a few people (especially early on) bought the game mostly for the story mode. So I'm just curious really, which mode do most people prefer and why?
  19. I play on PS4 and I didn't have that problem. I did have a problem at the start where I couldn't continue after the first time Molly calls on the phone, but it started working after the update for 4DON. Hopefully your problem gets fixed soon too.
  20. Lol. I agree it's super annoying and doesn't seem right the way it is now. I'm not sure, but in my mind though I think you get the sprain from the fact that your character falls and sprains their wrist while trying to break their fall, but the game just doesn't have a proper animation for it. That's what I think causes the wrist sprains anyway, and I find it easier to accept if I think of it like that. But yeah, it'd be nice if the sprain system was improved a bit lol.
  21. @RegentRelic Then if I was in charge of TLD, you would have some very sharp knives
  22. @Drewski_STX I found my in the same place as @ManicManiac