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  1. Really enjoying the game. I grew up in Alaska and this game scratches some nostalgic itches that no other game has been able to offer. It's pretty great. However, a constant gripe of mine (and this applies to many, many games, not specifically TLD) is having the interaction key on the face buttons of the controller (I play on xbox). In first-person games, I highly value being able to trigger interaction prompts without having to remove my thumb from the right analog stick. If I ever have the option, I always set interactions to the right shoulder/R1. >> I would just like to request that console players be given the option to remap their keys. << I can't properly express how much this would improve the game for me, and I'm sure there are others out there who would appreciate the option as well, even if it may not be a very common request. For me though, it would be a very big deal. Enjoying the game very much, but would simply like to remap keys on console. Thank you, Hinterland.