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  1. Pork and beans and tomato soup for sure.. I'll fill a house with recycled cans in no time!
  2. Stalker most usually, interloper some times... I think stalker is my thing, even though I think I should tone down the wildlife numbers a bit.
  3. Next time, consider to crouch before cutting wood, so when you finish you're still going to be crouched, therefore relatively unnoticed. Make sure to drop any smelly meat before chopping.
  4. Google the long dark maps from whiteberry. They are old but very informative. And, basically, they show all the connections you want.
  5. Yes, just quit and reload... Fixed!
  6. No, sorry to inform you, if you get it, you keep it. You can help yourself during the frostbite risk period, but if you get it it means you loose 10% of your life bar for good. From now and on until you slip into the long dark, your full energy will be 90%..unless you get yet another one
  7. I m close to a 500 days stalker (438 so far) and I am not even close to having no cloth left. I also haven't scavenged MT at all... I think it's a logistics thing, keep track, calculate and use wisely..
  8. @Stray Wolf Thank you! I must admit that it's a wonderful piece of work my friend, same as the good and old whiteberry ones! Standing ovation for stray wolf!!
  9. Excellent writing skills! I was quite captivated and amazed by the story,the interaction with the game and the mental implication! Incredible, sir! My congratulations on a wonderful TLD short story!
  10. Same here... A group of at least six carcasses reappear every now and then at trappers cabin and I also a group of them around quoncet. It started to happen after vigilant flame.
  11. @ajb1978 totally agree... Those are the "ends" that happen to me usually.. Get cocky and waltz int an area i know a bear is patrolling cause i m in day 400+ right?, so the bear is not he..ARRRGggHHHHHHH!!! That's one of the things i love about the game, it makes you as your best enemy. Not the wolves or bears or blizzards. You and your wrong decissions, either out of panic or cockiness.
  12. Thanks for always responding fast and efficiently... I did read the post and forcing directx 9 was the solution required. Thanks again, cheers!
  13. Started wintermute episode one. When I get to gray mother's house, the video where she shoots just crashes. Started a new one. Crashed again. Can't go on to playing the episode. Help?
  14. Concerning "That smarts" I found this at verb (used without object) to be a source of sharp, local, andusually superficial pain, as a wound
  15. Good question thread, helpful answer. I also get close encounters of the furry type or a cold bath to death when in that region.
  16. I usually set up camp at trappers. Homey and welcoming, beautiful scenery... Deer close by, an excellent rabbit Grove behind it and the moose hanging about makes a perfect meat supermarket. Easy access to forlong and the cave to MT right next to it. The entrance to the cave is an excellent spot for a snow shelter, well protected from the wind, even in a ragging blizzard i can keep a fire going all night. I usually stay about 30 days gathering all possible resources before leaving for another region... The best loot location I think is the dam..lots of everything...
  17. Damn right ! Dought is a bad companion...
  18. Damn,that's even better than Netflix! I can hear it already " previously, on Snowball "..
  19. It was a quite successful interloper run till then, 10 days in, started at desolation point, traversed and looted everything up to trappers cabin. Had everything I needed for my trip to FM forge and was happy as hell to have made it so far so well. All I needed was a full stomach, a good night's sleep, a drink of water and a good repair of my clothes. I was so excited to have made it that I forgot I was down to 15% health when I happily decided to use my hacksaw to get that fir limp just outside the cabin. " let's get this wood and go to slee..." (morbid music) DUUUAaannng " you faded into your stupidity ".... EDIT - "into your long stupidity"
  20. I follow your thread with great interest! Thanks for creating it, it's full of valuable information and I must say that your writing skills are incredible... Keep it up! Cheers, I hope you make it as long as possible!
  21. My girl, my guitar and several bottles of whisky...