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  1. In watching Turkeysteam play on YouTube, I noticed that the well fed bonus actually adds condition to your character when it kicks in. Today, he had the buff lapse while he had low condition and it seemed to cut what little he had in half. It appears that if you have the well fed buff and your condition is low enough, allowing the buff to lapse can instantly kill you. Is that the case? If so, wouldn't it be better to have the buff increase and decrease your *capacity* to have condition?
  2. Sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of the page
  3. I certainly hope you at least consider the bow aim bug a priority, since you considered it important enough to fix within a few days the last time it broke.
  4. I've actually been a professional developer for more than 20 years and a hobbyist developer for nearly 40. That's precisely why it's so frustrating to see Hinterland obviously fumbling with version control to the extent that they *constantly* reintroduce old bugs back into new releases.
  5. Arrow fired at wolf Arrow found floating in the air after wolf ran off uninjured. Another instance I'll admit my conjecture that this bug is causing increased arrow damage is anecdotal, but other people I've spoken with share the belief.
  6. Bow shooting left of aiming dot on an instant release shot at close range after 1.55, having been previously fixed in 1.50.
  7. Hot rosehip tea not conveying the warming up affliction.
  8. Cool story bro. I can go find video of all of those bugs post 1.55 on other players desktop machines to refute you, but I'm not going to bother. I'm not referring to bow sway. I'm referring to *[Gameplay] Fixed issue with Bow aiming where Arrow position was slightly offset, affecting accuracy which was fixed in 1.50 but reverted by 1.55. As for hinterland saying they fixed something in the patch notes, here you go: The fix was announced prior to 1.52 but was not actually fixed until 1.52. However, it was also *not* included in the notes for 1.52. AS I SAID, I have already reported these issues through OFFICIAL means. Thus the SHOCK at nothing being done about them. Meanwhile, when I say the game is literally riddled with bugs, I'm talking about stuff that dates back at least two years like the hacksaw saying it needs quality tools to repair when simple tools work fine and dropping an improvised axe causing reported crafting times to drop. I don't actually expect stuff like that to get fixed though. I realize we can't set the bar THAT high.
  9. My machine is not putting invisible concrete hitboxes around the new wolf animations that break arrows quickly and leave wolves uninjured and arrows floating in mid air. My machine is not causing medicinal teas to provide no warming up affliction when also taken to relieve a pain affliction. My machine is not causing art bugs that leave collisionless etherial snow at log bridges, preventing players from crossing them. My machine didn't shift bow aim to the left, then back to the center, then back to the left again after the last supposed 'bow fix' over a month ago. All of these bugs still existed after 1.55. All of these bugs have been reported by me and by others. It's obvious that nobody at hinterland actually plays the game any more and it's relatively evident you guys sometimes don't even TRY the game before you ship changes. If you're not going to play it or test it, you could AT LEAST watch a YouTuber or streamer other than Hadrian play it once in a while.
  10. That's it?? This game is currently literally riddled with bugs! Wow. Just... wow.
  11. We're approaching three weeks since the last hotfix and the release candidate (test_rc) depot on steam hasn't been updated since then. To me, this implies that you don't intend to release fixes for the remaining bugs introduced by Steadfast Ranger. Is that the case?
  12. Prior to Steadfast Ranger, rosehip tea could not be assigned to a particular affliction like painkillers could. Now that it can be, drinking hot rosehip tea with an assigned affliction does not convey a warming up buff. Is that intentional?
  13. Thanks for the arrow fix. Any word on the log bridge snow issue?
  14. Regarding sleep: It takes four full days to die of just fatigue. No place in the game is that far away from a place to sleep.