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  1. The specific example I gave, having a hell of a lot more serious set of problems to worry about, is why you could momentarily forget to shove another donut in your face just because another one will fit. Interloper players aren't used to being well fed. I'm here because a large group of us *just* noticed the gain and loss of 5% of our health when the buff status changes. Thus the mailbag question.
  2. By not understanding that you actually take DAMAGE from letting a buff lapse? Who on earth would assume you take DAMAGE just because it's dinner time?
  3. I've been attacked by a wolf and and ended up around 20% condition while freezing in high wind close to the dam trailers. I had food on me, but the cold was already killing me fast anyway. I was struggling to walk into the wind and bleeding condition profusely. By the time I got through the hunter's blind area and around the corner, I was wobbling. The wolf was waiting by the trailers, so I popped a flare, managed to find a place to light a fire with it, scared the wolf off, and got into the trailer with 3% condition left. If I had had the well fed buff, but somehow, in all that kerfuffle, forgot to make sure I didn't let my hunger go red, I would have instantly died - not from freezing, not from an attack, not from not having food, just for forgetting to not get hungry. That death would be a bullshit death.
  4. It very much *doesn't* make sense to suddenly get 5% more condition or to lose it. It certainly makes sense to gain or lose the *capacity* to be more healthy and carry more from eating well. That's how I said it should work in the first place, remember?
  5. My argument is that not only does it make no sense from the realism point of view (you don't start dying the second you have an empty stomach), it also doesn't make sense from the point of view of the existing game mechanics. The rate of condition loss from hunger has always been 1% per hour. Now it's 5% instantly and, again, at the very instant your stomach goes empty. One second ago, you were 'well fed'. Now you might be dead. It doesn't make sense.
  6. "I've got 99 problems but I hope forgetting to pop a cattail while I'm literally about to freeze to death ain't one."
  7. "The buff expands the condition bar" (your words), to me, means you make the bar hold more and says nothing about actually adding condition. In UI terms, a title bar contains a title, a scroll bar contains scrolling widgets, a progress bar contains a progress indicator, and so on. That's the point of view I was looking at it from and the reason your initial response seemed ambiguous. Thanks again.
  8. I don't see why one should logically assume that making a container bigger automatically implies more contents being added, but thanks for the clarification. It also doesn't seem right to immediately injure the character by 5% the second they become hungry, but it's your game.
  9. @Raphael van Lierop We actually witnessed (and remarked on the fact during the live stream) that he actually gained and lost condition when the well fed buff started and stopped. That sudden condition loss actually contributed to the character's death. The question I asked was whether that condition loss could actually kill the character directly or not. Your answer simply explained how the buff is supposed to work. If I can document losing the buff actually killing a character, should I submit it as a bug? Here's the buff lapse where condition is lost instantly.
  10. In watching Turkeysteam play on YouTube, I noticed that the well fed bonus actually adds condition to your character when it kicks in. Today, he had the buff lapse while he had low condition and it seemed to cut what little he had in half. It appears that if you have the well fed buff and your condition is low enough, allowing the buff to lapse can instantly kill you. Is that the case? If so, wouldn't it be better to have the buff increase and decrease your *capacity* to have condition?
  11. Sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of the page
  12. I certainly hope you at least consider the bow aim bug a priority, since you considered it important enough to fix within a few days the last time it broke.
  13. I've actually been a professional developer for more than 20 years and a hobbyist developer for nearly 40. That's precisely why it's so frustrating to see Hinterland obviously fumbling with version control to the extent that they *constantly* reintroduce old bugs back into new releases.
  14. Arrow fired at wolf Arrow found floating in the air after wolf ran off uninjured. Another instance I'll admit my conjecture that this bug is causing increased arrow damage is anecdotal, but other people I've spoken with share the belief.
  15. Bow shooting left of aiming dot on an instant release shot at close range after 1.55, having been previously fixed in 1.50.