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  1. Prior to Steadfast Ranger, rosehip tea could not be assigned to a particular affliction like painkillers could. Now that it can be, drinking hot rosehip tea with an assigned affliction does not convey a warming up buff. Is that intentional?
  2. Thanks for the arrow fix. Any word on the log bridge snow issue?
  3. Regarding sleep: It takes four full days to die of just fatigue. No place in the game is that far away from a place to sleep.
  4. Are there any plans to improve testing protocols in light of the recent consistency of updates that vertically shuffle containers in high traffic POIs? Maybe a debugging console so playtesters can actually visit those POIs and players can get themselves out of (for example) a purely cosmetic salad bowl without having to wait for an update to a save file editor?
  5. Wolves are clearly strongly attracted to player characters who are carrying only .01kg of high condition cooked meat, yet such a small quantity of meat results in no scent indicator when the player displays the status overlay. Many players still don't understand this and claim the wolf AI is just incredibly sadistic, particularly stalker players. Is this mechanic an off by one bug or an attempt to give players a false sense of security?
  6. Since it's obvious that normal testing of a new release doesn't even involve having a play tester pop in to Camp Office to make sure none of the furniture is obviously missing, will you be more likely to have a playable test branch on Steam going forward? Does anyone at Hinterland still play?
  7. Mailbag 3 doesn't answer any of my questions. It makes implications, but it doesn't confirm anything other than animals have specific hit locations. In fact, an argument about your mailbag 3 answer is why I decided to ask you specific questions about the damage model in the first place. Are you saying mailbag 3 confirms my understanding of the game's damage model? When your players want to understand your game mechanics, why be vague? Will you please post specific answers to my questions you dismissed in mailbag 8?
  8. I'm curious how the animal damage system works. You recently confirmed animals have condition. Do hits by arrows or bullets deduct condition from the animal until the animal's condition falls to zero? Does bleeding reduce the animal's condition over time like it does for the player, or is bleeding out different for animals? Can a second hit in a less vulnerable location reset the bleedout time for an animal, or is bleedout cumulative like it is for a player with multiple bleeding injuries? Will a bear or moose which has been shot multiple times die from purely normal hits, or will it only die when a critical hit is finally made or it bleeds out? Finally, it's possible to hit an animal with an arrow and receive an archery skill point for the hit, but not cause the animal to start bleeding. If a player was able to repeatedly make a series of those hits without ever causing the animal to bleed, would the animal eventually take enough damage to die purely from condition loss?
  9. Has it ever been possible to find items in car visors? Is it possible now?
  10. Will there ever be a craftable hat? There are towels already in the game and everyone with a mother knows you can turn a towel into a turban after a bath.