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  1. Just want to add - I actually DO enjoy the region. I feel it just sucks that all my good runs end there instantly. I do enjoy a challenge and I will definitely try again someday. The bummer with BI is, you can't really go there in the beginning of a game. So, you spend so many hours with that run, and get used to it, and then - bam - it just explodes into thin air. I literally spent less than 15 real life minutes in BI this evening until my run was deleted because I bled to death on my very first encounter with the wolves. How can I best prepare for this? I was thinking "play more stalker" (instead of interloper), so I can get used to more wolves, but stalker is not a problem at all. It's the timberwolves, I do not know how to handle them. How can I best learn that, without sacrificing 150 day runs (it was the 2nd time tonight, really hurts)?
  2. I just died on day 152 in my best Stalker game so far. Had it easy from day 1 (hadn't played Stalker in a while, it was a blast!), wasn't ever below 90% health. I spent 152 days all across the maps, in HRV, Timberwolf Mountain, Pleasant Valley, Forlorn Muskeg, Milton, Mystery Lake, anywhere. I shot 10 bears, a few moose, life was good. I had weapons galore. Then I was like - hey, let's give Bleak Inlet another try. I was there only once in a previous game, and made it to the cannery, but then I died on my way back to the next region, so my memories for that region were bittersweet. I went there on day 151, and made it to the lighthouse / radio tower in the evening. Spent the night there. Didn't have a second rope, so headed back to the ravine the next morning. Ran into timberwolves, which I shot repeatedly with my revolver until I died on the icy lake between the ravine and the radio tower. Really? I know I am the one to blame here, but I am not sure what exactly I am doing wrong here. Obviously I don't insta-kill the wolves. But when being attacked by 5 timberwolves, how can I make sure to instakill them? The bar was almost all the way down. I would have needed one more shot. If only I hadn't died quicker than that. ONE battle with the wolves. On day 152. Geez, that really sucks. I am very disappointed, not with the game, but with myself. I must be doing something VERY wrong with these timberwolves. please help me. One day I would like to go back to Bleak Inlet, and maybe even enjoy the region.
  3. Nevermind, I just managed to map the crashed plan icon. In case anybody else is as well struggling: you need to stay on the upper level, go as far to the right as you can, then step as close to the cliff as possible. I just mapped from this position and the icon finally showed up (after about 50 tries, spending a blizzard outside in the cold, and lighting fires whenever there was not too much wind ;))
  4. Is the icon for the crashed plane in Mountain Town still necessary for the achievement? I have tried like 25 times now to map it, but I can't get that icon to show up on my map.
  5. I just died on day 5 of my luckiest Stalker run ever. Spawned in Broken Railroad, first item I found was a crowbar. Made it to the cabin. Found 2 maple, killed a few rabbits, harvested some deer, found a revolver, lots of matches and even ammo. Oh, and a Cowichan sweater. I also found a bow and 2 arrows (1 of them broken), which I used to one-shot the bear below the ridge. Incredibly lucky, actually that was way too easy. It was a bad omen that the bear still made growling sounds even after it fell to the ground. Stupid as I was, I ignored it, thinking it was a glitch. Having climbed down the rope I immediately wanted to harvest the bear - and then it attacked me. OK, I guess that made sense, even a dying bear can be extremely dangerous. I barely survived, cared for my wounds and slept in the nearby cave. Investigating the hunter's blind I found a hunting knife. After recovering from the attack (which had completely wrecked my wool hat and sneakers), I spent the next days harvesting the bear, climbing up and down the rope, leaving the intestines and bear meat down in the valley. On day 5 I was starving, so I took 2 pieces of bear meat. Immediately after climbing back up I was attacked by a wolf, which I fought off with the hunting knife. Only seconds after the first attack, another wolf attacked me, there was no chance I could reach the cabin. So I bled to death Lesson learned: Don't climb ropes carrying meat.
  6. I just had a wolf bark and growl at me, right behind Mountaineer's Hut (in the valley with the deer carcass). I never saw the wolf, just heard it coming closer (I mean, real close, so I backed away until I could hear that he went off into another direction). The very next day, exactly the same thing happens. Invisible wolf? Bug? Sound hallucination? Will keep on investigating PS: Interesting that it happened in Timberwolf Mountain for both of us, not exactly the same space, but very close by.
  7. OK so I am in a dire situation in Pleasant Valley. It's day 30ish in my newest Interloper run, and things were running smoothly until I made the stupid mistake to go visit PV. Oh well, here I am now. Since I almost starved to death 2 days ago I desperately had tried to hunt deer with my 3 arrows (still waiting for the saplings to cure in ML, so I can make more ... but that's a different story, for now I am really happy if I ever make it back there). To cut a long story short, I shot 2 deer in 48 ingame hours. Unfortunately I lost the blood spotted trail of the first one. Then a blizzard started to build and I was freezing quickly so I had to give up the search and make it back to the cabin. I got luckier with the 2nd deer on the next day, but now I would really like my arrow back, and for that I need to find that 1st deer. Do you have any tips on finding it? I have not seen or heard ANY crows in that region, so I have no clue where it might have gone. How many days until a deer disappears? Will blizzards make the deer disappear? If so, is there any chance I might still find that arrow, or would you recommend that I just give up the search and try to go for another deer before I hopefully have regained enough condition to head back to Mystery Lake ? I hit the first deer very close to Draft Dodger's Cabin, by the way I'll never make that mistake again, the place looks super nice, but deer can end up virtually everywhere there. I was really desperate though, so I might do the same if I ever got into the same situation again, haha. And on a sidenote : what's a good strategy to stock up on food in Interloper? Or how much food do you usully stock up before you feel it's safe enough to move on to another region?
  8. Interesting. I always check these, and never found anything.
  9. OK I'm really bad at guessing, but here's my two cents: - Astrid never planned to let Will know where she was heading to. She gave him a destination to fly the plane to, but made it a point to not explain who she was going to meet there and why. If Will had accompanied her on this journey, he would surely have found out and it wouldn't make much of a difference if she had told him beforehand. (although one could argue that he might not have been willing to take her there in the first place, had he known.) - Astrid and Will lost their son, which is why their marriage ended. Guilt and allegations play a major role here. We don't know what exactly happened, but Will feels guilty for it. So it is alluded that something he did or didn't do led to the death of his son. Astrid knows that he feels the guilt very heavily and feels sorry for him. Now she's talking him into a trip that will possibly cause her own death (now this is an assumption from my end). Knowing that Will will suffer enormously from having repeated the same crime (hurting his own family) twice, she tries to put as much distance between them as possible. On the other hand she wants Will to survive, that's why she's giving him hints that might help him achieve this.
  10. While certainly realistic, I can only think of two effects here: - increased micromanagement (gloves off, shoot, gloves on ... lots of clicking involved) - maybe a few more deaths in case you forget to remove your gloves while the wolf comes running at you Did I miss something? If these are the only effects, you can achieve the same (gameplay) result by increasing the difficulty level.
  11. Depends on what you are looking for. The summit on Timberwolf Mountain and Hushed River Valley probably have the most / most valuable loot items. In both cases though, getting to them is not an easy task at all Also both locations rank pretty high in giving you that feeling of accomplishment once you've found the loot - it is definitely well deserved! As a "downside", both locations are pretty far away from everywhere else, so you're probably not taking all of that loot elsewhere If you're just starting out a game on Voyager or Stalker and trying to give your character a head-start, I would trek to Milton Town or Coastal Highway, and loot every single house. There's so much food & clothing items / cloth to be found there! And on Interloper rivers & lakes make the best early-game loot spots IMHO (cat tails!). Actually I don't really have a favorite loot spot. Which speaks for the fantastic balancing in TLD. Every region has a lot of spots that are definitely worth going to.
  12. When I hit the 500 day mark (on Voyager), I could have opened a shop with all the supplies I had gathered by then. I was far from running out of anything. The game gives you resources in abundance, if you keep exploring
  13. If you know where you aimed the arrow at, it's actually pretty easy to find them - like 99% of the times. Takes a bit of walking around, but if you know which spot exactly to search, then it's easy to find them.
  14. Well, cloth is pretty needed to repair clothes and create bandages Since cloth never respawns it can be a good idea to not waste it, especially if you're going for many many days of survival. On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to create an emergency snow shelter in regions with sparse to no buildings. But since those regions are sparse in cloth as well, I usually plan my trips thoroughly and then (almost) never feel the need for a snow shelter. The few times when it would have been nice to create a snow shelter (especialyl in HRV), there was no cloth available at all. I agree that the game's current version of snow shelters is fine. If regenerative building materials were allowed, it would allow for a wider variation of play-style, though.
  15. What you suggest would improve the game's realism. However, it wouldn't be a good idea for gameplay, IMHO. It is important that actions have consequences, and only if these consequences really matter will the game be fun. The game gets easy very quickly, and if it gets too easy it's no longer fun