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  1. Hey raph Will we ever get to see more challenges added? Is a hunted part 3 planned? Or was the hunted challenge just sort of a testing ground for the bear hunts in story mode? I'm asking because I've completed all challenges and loved them (except for nomad and the computer aurora one) and would like to see more of them in the game! Enjoy your weekend
  2. Hello Raph, loving Steadfast ranger. Got some questions though. - Did Hinterland do some retexturing for the train cars at the train derailment in ML? I noticed this and wanted to confirm cuz it's been driving me nuts. - The revolver is a cool addition, but i have a question - When ever I see a wolf and it charges me, I whip out my revolver, aim down sights, shoot the wolf, see the blood spatter, but he just charges me anyway! - Am i using the revolver incorrectly? Have i misunderstood the mechanics? Why does a wolf not die to a revolver round to the head? Don't want to sound pessimistic because I love TLD, Hinterland and Steadfast ranger, just wanted some clarification on revolver mechanics to avoid some frustration
  3. Hey raph Do you have any interest in making some adjustments and or improvements to the fishing system currently in the game? I just get so frustrated when I catch a rainbow trout worth less than a nuts n stuff bar. I don't think fishing is very viable and I think could be improved. Tackles/makeshift rods would be cool. Lookin forward to steadfast ranger, enjoy your weekend.
  4. Some questions about the craftable clothing in the game. Why is there only 1 craftable item from wolf pelts? Is it because they are so common? I feel that the moosehide cloak is a little bit underwhelming. It's waterproofness and protection are great, but it's weight and sprint penalty are what has kept me from hunting moose. Is there a possibility for a buff or rework for this item? Thanks
  5. Some questions about the craftable clothing in the game. Why is there only 1 craftable item from wolf pelts? Is it because they are so common? I feel that the moosehide cloak is a little bit underwhelming. It's waterproofness and protection are great, but it's weight and sprint penalty are what has kept me from hunting moose. Is there a possibility for a buff or rework for this item? Thanks
  6. Hey Raph, Thanks for replying to my previous Milton Mailbag question. I'll try to ask fewer, shorter questions from now on. 1) Are there any plans or talk about adding more weapons or firearms to the game, on top of the bear spear? I understand that you wouldn't want the game to turn into a first person shooter, because that would definitely take away from the survival aspect of the game. It's just that I feel it seems a little empty with only the bow, rifle and extremely rare flare gun. Some of my ideas are: - A double barrel shotgun/remington pump action shotgun - A crossbow - A revolver, possibly even a really old break action one - A slingshot, which would fire stones found on the ground (the ones used to hunt rabbits, except it would project them harder and further, possibly scaring wolves?) 2) In your November 2018 Developer Update on the forum, where you announced the Redux, you also mentioned that you would be using your newly acquired mo-cap studio and additional members to the team to further develop Episode 3, as it was initially set to release in dec, 2018. I can definitely see why you chose to make this decision and 100% respect it. That said, do you have an update on the release date of ep.3? I look really forward to playing it after the cliff hanger of ep. 2. 3) I recently started a new Survival run on Stalker, and I immediately noticed the big jump in difficulty from Voyageur. Food, clothes and loot are WAY less common and there are wolves basically around every corner. I've also ran into 5 bears from BR, Milton, ML, FM, and PV. As opposed to 2 in Voyageur. Would it be possible to add a difficulty setting in between voyager and stalker? I also don't want to have to deal with parasites when I kill wolves in self defense, because it means i cant eat the meat whatsoever, even if it spend the time and resources to cook it. I feel like it would be really easy for you to implement an additional difficulty mode and I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks a lot, I tried to make it as short as possible. Can't wait for your response!
  7. Hey Ralph. Want to start off by saying I love this game to bits. I've been following it since early access, and I immediately bought the game on my PS4 when it was released. I also thoroughly enjoyed the REDUX of Episodes 1 & 2 of Wintermute. The gaming scene needs more developers like Hinterland, the fact that you guys listened to the community's feedback and actually went back to improve upon Wintermute was awesome. I have a list of questions, and I know it's quite a lot, so it's perfectly ok if your answers are brief or if you skip some: 1. I'm currently spending my time in Survival Mode in the Big Milton House in the Mountain Town region, on Voyageur difficulty. I'm in the process of curing wolf, rabbit, deer pelts and even a Bear pelt, which I obtained from a Bear stalking the Spruce Falls Bridge. I would love to find a moose so that I can make a Moose-hide Satchel, but I can't seem to find one. I know from previous runs of Survival Mode and from the Wiki page that a moose can spawn either in the little Birch Forest in the Milton Basin and to the North of the Region, near a small pond, a little south-east to the trailer. I've had no luck near the small pond, so recently I made my way to the Milton Basin birch forest, where I found 4 trees with clear moose markings, but no moose. I thought "alright, well it probably just de-spawned for the day". So I went over to the Hermit's Cabin with a bedroll and spent the night there, only to return the next morning to still find no moose. I repeated this process for 3 more days until I got impatient and returned to the Milton House. Have I misunderstood the game mechanics? Do moose markings on a tree not guarantee an actual moose spawn? I've also had no luck with moose spawns in the Forlorn Muskeg. Is my game possibly glitched/bugged? Are there some in Mystery Lake or Broken Railroad? 2. The Bear Spear was an awesome addition to the Episode 2 Redux, and I'm pretty sure you've hinted at adding it into Survival Mode in the future, and this sounds awesome! Some questions concerning its addition (i understand if you and the team haven't worked out all the mechanics, not asking for concrete answers): - Will you be able to find it in the world? Or can it only be obtained through work at a forge? - Will it lose condition in survival mode? In Wintermute ep. 2 it does not, and it also doesn't have weight. If so, will you be able to repair it, or will it be similar to a prybar? Around how much will it weigh? - Will it be effective against moose and wolf charges? I've tried using it against a wolf in ep. 2 and they keep their distance and growl at me when i have it ready, but given the limited stamina, after dropping it they immidiately charged me. Is the spear working as intended, in the sense that it is only meant for bear engagements? I imagine if the answer is no, then the weight of the weapon would have to be relatively low, due to it being much more situational than something like the hunting rifle. - Will it take as many stabs/succesful struggles as it does in ep. 2 to bring down a normal Black Bear? 3. Are there any plans to add more animals into the game? I've seen talks of you showing interest in the idea of a cougar, which is cool. Some ideas I have are; foxes (since it's the logo of Hinterland and the Pilgrim difficulty), racoons, skunks, beavers, Buffalo/prairie bison, lynx/bobcats and some sort of flying animal, such as an owl, which you could set a trap for and use it as another means of acquired feathers for arrow crafting? 4. Have you ever considered adding more firearms to the game? I understand that you wouldn't want to turn the game into a First Person Shooter, but I feel the game is sorta empty only having the hunting rifle (which is way too common on Voyageur btw), Survival Bow and the Distress Pistol (which is so rare i've only found it at Timberwolf Mountain). I'd be cool to have an old revolver in the game, possibly a break action? A shotgun would also be pretty cool, either an old Remington pump action or a Double barrel, break action shotgun. These wouldn't be used for hunting, mainly only for defense from wolves. A crossbow would be awesome too, although that may be pushing things. To address these, the "rifle firearm" perk could be renamed to "firearms"? The fact that you find Military coats, boots and combat pants could say that some of the residents of Great Bear were in the military, and when they came back they brought with them a firearm. Will even hints at Jeremiah about being in the Military in the redux of ep. 2 through a couple dialogue lines. 5. The Moose Hide Cloak is kind of underwhelming, and I dont see why anyone would chose to craft it instead of the Moose-hide satchel. Would you consider giving it a buff in the future? Also, every pelt in the game at the moment has 2 craftable items, except for the wolf pelts, which you can only use to craft a wolfskin coat. Will another craftable wolf-skin related item be added in the future? Alright thats it. Thanks for taking the time to read all this. I hope you had a wonderful Winter Break and I'm looking forward to what 2019 has to offer in terms of new content for The Long Dark.