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  1. Made me laugh. I wish I could go back and be new again. When I spawn on the mountain I'm thinking "Sweet". Go check the hut for clothing and a hacksaw and if I'm lucky I'm in line for a good start.
  2. yeah, some of the containers are still there but fewer for sure. They do contain loot, never had an empty container on any difficulty.
  3. I went out to get firewood and came back carrying 30 assorted cedar and fir logs. I was moving at a crawl with the encumbrance sure.... but arguing the realism of trying to carry 30 logs without a wagon or sled is ludicrous. In the end, values need to be set allowing for both balance and fun and then realism can bring up the rear on the priority list.
  4. Wait... can you get cabin fever in the Mountaineer's hut? I've never gotten cabin fever risk while living in TWM.
  5. pretty sure you could do the 100 days without leaving that cabin again.
  6. deadman custom is 10 days. Interloper itself would be 20 days
  7. a treatment does not pause the condition cap. You lose 2% max condition per day you have the affliction whether you take a treatment or not. So minimum you will be down to 80% cap by the end of 10 days. Best thing to do if you are using the affliction for strategic advantage is to take treatment the first 9 days and then hold the last treatment until you want to actually end it. An extra 5 days of parasites could save your life depending on your food situation.
  8. that's true... the sleeping anytime thing is quite useful. Parasites can be a useful survival tool... ironically.
  9. it drops by 2% per day... so it will eventually kill you if not treated.
  10. yes, the cap goes away but the condition does not fill itself back in. If you started the parasites at 100% and had no other source of condition loss then after 10 days your condition will be 80% of max 80%... when the parasites affliction then clears you will be at 80% of max 100%. So the affliction doesn't tick away at your condition, and if you were already below 80% condition then there will potentially be no lasting impact of the condition. Worst case (or best case depending how you look at it) is that parasites could reduce your condition from 100% to 80%. But since you probab
  11. the numbers change a bit depending on whether you have a moose satchel or not. Generally speaking... passing your carry weight has a progressing slowing effect with each additional kg. At 10kg over your carry weight there is a significant jump in the speed penalty, around 15kg over carry weight you lose any ability to sprint, and around 20kg over carry weight your movement speed is reduced to a crawl. At ~25kg over weight you can no longer move beyond inching along. When over your carry weight I believe you have greater chance to sprain ankles and wrists with each step.
  12. I would watch some of that stream but people get bored with a stream without the commentary. If I'm not hearing your thought process or learning something from your commentary then I likely turn off the stream to focus on my own game. Your idea for the game design does sound fun though.
  13. yeah, if feats progress on pilgrim then I see no reason to limit them on any custom settings.
  14. That is something I will need to test out. Love the concept.