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  1. As long as you know the region well (meaning you’ve explored more than half of it and are willing to countinue to), are well prepared upon enetering, and have considerable experience with wildlife and survival without shelter... I see no reason why long term survival isn’t a possibility.
  2. I know for a fact that climbing socks aren’t available. I’ve never found wool undies, ear wraps, or a fisherman’s sweater in ‘loper, but I can’t be certain about those. I’m not one to use the wikis that often.
  3. That is odd. It does seem as though some things were changed according to your account. I have noticed that weather, wildlife, and loot amounts seem different. I typically spend my LD runs on voyager (just because I like the balance) and I have noticed that loot found throughout the world generally tends to be lower quality than before the update. Not to mention I have noticed more wolves hanging around. All though you could chalk this all up to my imagination. ?
  4. I like the new cooking system. It gives the game a more rustic and realistic feel. I also play on the Xbox and it honestly doesn’t feel that awkward to me. Maybe for the first five minutes but... I can’t imagine it would make someone quit playing.
  5. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been drawn to that cave. It’s never really occurred to me to set up there. Avoiding cabin fever for me is typically the shelter near Trapper’s or an elongated stay at the fishing hut with a door. However from what you’ve said, I think I’ll give that cave a try next time I do a run in ML.
  6. When you load up a sandbox save in ML, where do you find yourself gravitating towards and why? How long do you typically stay in ML? Where do you personally think is the best place for loot? This is just a follow up article. All of these questions relate to a typical Voyager save or a custom save with similar aspects. Feel free to answer some if not all of these questions, I just want to get peoples’ opinions on these matters. Thanks for your time and reading.
  7. I recently posted this request on the Wishlist forums and got a mixed response. Personally- I think it’s a great idea. I think this game needs a little something to mix up gameplay. I often open up a save or find the same gameplay again and again. New animals to hunt and new hunting styles to develop gives me something to do. Besides, a fox skin hat would be ruggedly adorable!
  8. I’m totally with you on this one. Forlorn Muskeg needs a revival. I’d love to see more ice huts in this region and maybe a shelter that enables long term survival like ML or CH.
  9. I am aware that Raph answered the hat question in the last MM and that’s why I’m not asking this under the questions tab. I wanted community input and to state my ideas. The main reason why I think new animals should be added is, as I said in my post, the hunting system we currently have could be changed which would give much relief to older players. New animals=new tactics. I’m not looking for these new animals to be added soon, I just want to begin to think about the next animal addition. Because there will be one. Lastly, I don’t only want these animals for the hat. So much more content could be added with these additions, I just love seeing this game grow. Thanks for your input.
  10. Hinterland has already vetoed this idea on Twitter and these forums before. They countinue to veto this idea every time it comes up. Today alone, I read 3 other people’s requests for a “multiplayer mode.” Hinterland has spoken.
  11. Could we see the female avatar on some of the game posters? The merch seems rather limited. I know you have already answered a merch questions but I’d love to see some female representation.
  12. Hinterland has already vetoed this addition.
  13. I don’t want to speak for Hinterland, but, they seem very unlikely (with their answers to all of the previously asked questions about these topics) to add a “creative mode” or even a multiplayer option. Raphael has said before that the addition of a multiplayer option would hinder gameplay and more or less remove the rugged survival aspect of the game.
  14. It seems as though the male deer antlers are rather iconic and the addition of females wouldn’t serve much purpose rather than something else to look at.