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  1. 27 minutes ago, stratvox said:

    It's at least as lethal as the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. That was kind of a big deal. Yes, SARS was more lethal, but way less contagious than this one is. That matters; if you're going to compare it to SARS let's look at how many have died so far: 774 from SARS, 5,397 from covid-19. 

    If the current death rate holds up, you can expect it to kill well over a million people in the USA over the rest of this year.

    Covid-19 is very highly contagious and the fatality rate is higher than the average flu virus by an order of magnitude (and in some places, three). It's important to make the distinction between infection rate and fatality rate. I have heard estimates that in my country (USA) this will take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to get a handle on and could kill up to 500,000 people. That's insane.

    Regarding your comparison to the Spanish Flu:


    I would agree, this is a big deal and we should all prepare for what the following days and months may bring. No reason to be alarmist and start hoarding gasoline and guns, but I think it's rational to not want to be caught unprepared if stores start closing, especially if you have a family to consider.

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  2. 2 hours ago, TFA303 said:

    Heck, I've been playing for a couple of years, and I realized that I'd never been to HRV when I popped in there in a random-location Interloper run. (And rapidly died)

    I decided to go there on my kind of stagnant Voyager long-term game, and I've spent almost a month (game time) playing there, and each new area I discover is like all the stuff I love about TLD all over again!

    HRV was a glorious addition to TLD. The first time going through that wilderness, with its multi-level layout and intricate cave networks, totally blew me away. It took some time with it to finally start to feel comfortable there. I did a personal '50 days per region' challenge a while back and feel like I became one with that place during my stay there. Monolith Lake (and the caves up the hill) and The Basin are my fav spots. It's actually a fantastic Loper start as well, with many key loot spawn points.

    I'm slightly jealous, there's only one first time. Congrats on discovering it!

  3. 41 minutes ago, acada said:

    Wait a second. There is goat way UP? Recently I promoted myself to goat when I got down from the tail section without ropes. OK I am going to demote myself again to human.

    I've long heard rumors of a goat path up to the top, but I had always assumed it was legend or fantasy. Sounds like it's very much a real thing!

    Goating down from the summit (or anywhere) is purely goat-in-training. It's only once you goat up something then you can retain the title of Entry Level Goat. Been down that way many times, but I have a long way to go before I can take off the training wheels and let my hooves fly. It's got to be around here somewhere.. 🐐🐐🐐

  4. Ok, I just spent probably too much time watching too many of those videos.. Jörg is both awesome and crazy. That maniacal laugh! He's so proud of his contraptions. "Let me show you it's *shoots* FEATURES!"

    Haha what a cool dude. He looks identical to my friend, Martin. Like, 100% identical.

  5. 8 hours ago, micah6vs8 said:

    Then again, there are players (like me) who find constant change and challenge of rediscovery captivating and thrilling.

    I have never seen a player base have such a strong "improvise, adapt and overcome" attitude then hardcore TLD players.

    This is the main reason that I love TLD so much. The game is always evolving. Most games are released, there might be some DLC, and then that's it. HL is always releasing updates, new content and regions, and adding or modifying gameplay elements. This irritates many people because once they learn how to play, they get comfortable with their success and don't want to be challenged and further. I get it. Everyone finds their enjoyment in different ways.

    This is what bores me with most games though. Once I "git gud", there's no further challenge and I find myself going through the motions until I realize it's time to play a new game. I may come back to it after a while, but the "thrill" is gone. I've been playing TLD a while and have watched it go through many changes. Some are major and difficult to get the hang of at first (new sprains, new wolf AI, etc) but eventually, with enough patience and tenacity, we learn the way and fight through it, ready to attack the game with a new approach.

    I absolutely love it. Not everyone is comfortable with change, but I embrace it and I get the feeling many TLD players are wired this way. "Embrace, adapt, overcome" is most definitely a core philosophy of successful TLD players.

    Now... to get to looking for that trail head. 🐐

  6. Mind blown. I had no idea. I now have a new challenge to pursue! Even after years of playing, this game always has hidden gems to discover.

    Yes please, do not reveal to the world. HL will nix it for sure. Although, I may have to PM one of you for a hint at where to start looking. :)

    22 minutes ago, micah6vs8 said:

    My wonderful "Gate of Death" in DP is one I miss in particular.

    I miss the Gate of Death as well, @micah6vs8. Just as you introduced me to it and I started using it, it was removed.

  7. I am a Loper/Deadman.. battery and birch bark mock us, as does the Cannery.

    11 hours ago, manolitode said:

    Well done sir, you have come up with a new definition of loneliness. I couldn't help but think of Wilson in Cast away :)

    I may have to try this.. if only we could paint a happy face on it :)

    18 hours ago, Ice Hole said:

    The solitary Rosehip in a trash can. 

    The ultimate troll job by the devs. Never pick that thing up, it will drive you mad!

  8. On 3/7/2020 at 9:27 AM, MrWolf said:

    The fire doesn't have to be between you and the wolf, but it gives you the biggest buffer.  I've stood off to the side of a fire, same effect.  The wolf will stop within a certain radius of the fire, regardless of where you're standing.

    Feel free to test that out at your own discretion, people. Multiple wolves can make things interesting at a fire. It's happened before in my experience, but YMMV.

  9. Can't help myself... must attempt to guess location... cannot resist...

    I'm pretty sure this is PV, but I can't figure out if this is the barn between Three Strikes and the Farmhouse, or if it's the barn across from the main road near Heartbreak Bridge. If I'm going to guess, I'd have to say it's the one between Three Strikes and the Farmhouse.

  10. I found that new cave on accident in a blizzard and it saved me! I believe it was added with Episode 3.

    The update also added that little shack near Point of Disagreement, but I only just discovered that recently as well. I need to pay better attention!

    After playing for nearly 4 years, I also just discovered very recently that 4 is the campfire hotkey. Not sure how that one escaped me.. I never hit 4 on accident while trying to drop bait? Kinda funny.

  11. 2 hours ago, EjectedCasings said:

    Huh. That's... very op

    Agreed. The bear is now easier to hunt than rabbits.

    28 minutes ago, dbmurph22 said:

    Is it possible that when they update wolf behavior it's linked to bears?  I mean they update "predator pathing" so maybe unintended some of the updates to the wolves also bleed into the bear behavior.  I don't know.  I know the bears didn't like fire in the story mode, but this seems way to easy.  Killing wolves with the fire is the way now, but it's still a little tricky getting the hit in the split second you have when you raise up next to the fire before they take off.  Bear just froze there and a much bigger target.

    Hard to keep track anymore. First it was wolves were afraid of fire, then they introduced moose and they were as well, but bears weren't afraid of anything.. then they made moose fearless, made the wolves 'kinda' afraid of fire, and gave the moose's fear of fire to the bears.

    I think it made more sense to have the smaller wolf afraid of fire and the larger bear unafraid of anything, but that's just me. I always thought it was goofy that the moose was afraid of fire, so that is as it should be IMO. I don't know.. I just roll with the punches, and when they change something, I learn the new method and carry on. We will see what future changes bring.

  12. That's awesome, how cute. I can't believe they came right up to you! Thanks for sharing, @odizzido😄

    I'm still feeling like a dork for overreacting yesterday... tough morning, wasn't my best moment. I just like sharing pictures of good boys and girls! Here's a pic of my cats, and a pic of Leia with her new brother.

    Sophia, Tuna, and Cassius - The Cat Pack



    Luke and Leia


  13. 3 hours ago, Perren said:

    If you have clothes with enough protection, medical supplies and a sharp knife you could go hand-to-hand with the wolves. 

    That's insane on Loper, and will likely get you killed. I'd rather get mauled by a bear. 🐻😄

    Of course, the optimal approach would be to find somewhere they can't reach you and/or shoot them before they are in detection range. That's where the rifle comes in handy. Hell, if you have a rifle you can just shoot them whenever you want.. at range, on the charge, fleeing, etc. The technique changes a bit when you are playing Loper, as you are limited to the bow.

    If they detect you in Loper, you are going to want to immediately make a fire. Choose somewhere open and flat so there's no pathing issues if you can, but that will depend on the wind and weather. The wolf will approach, hold your ground. Make sure your fire is directly between you and the wolf. He will charge and then stop short of the fire for a short time. This is your window to shoot. As soon as you aim, the wolf will flee so make sure you get a shot off quickly! If you don't get a shot off or you miss, the wolf will flee and run around for a bit, giving you time to pick up your missed arrows and reset the battle for the next round. Wash, rinse, repeat until all wolves are dead. This method is very effective if used correctly.

    Anyway, I play Loper/DMC so that's my advice for killing them with the bow. Once you get to L5 Archery, you can just sneak right up on those jerks and pop them, but until then you will need fire for the assist. Good luck and keep warm! :fire:🏹:wolf:

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  14. 29 minutes ago, Admin said:

    This is wholesome content.

    @jhickie moved the thread not as a punishment but simply to keep things organized. If we didn't move it then other people would point to it when their less wholesome threads went off-topic and we moved those.

    I understand. Sorry, I was just caught off guard by the move. I posted some snow pics in that forum recently and they didn't get moved so I was confused.

    This whole GFN nonsense has got me a little annoyed. I need another coffee. Again, my apologies. :coffee:

  15. Oh cool, my post has been buried in the Survivor Lodge, never to be seen again.

    I understand that this isn't specifically about TLD, but the last post here was Dec 25th. Nobody looks here.

    I feel like I'm being punished for trying to lighten things up in the main forum. 🤷‍♂️

    Since there's no point in doing so, I'll never go off topic again. My apologies. 

  16. 9 hours ago, manolitode said:

    Wherever you fare wherever you wander,

    The night being murky, the day even darker

    There's one place to rest, one place to ponder

    You know where you'll find the red postbox of Barker?


    The Long Dark_20200303213404.jpg

    You're quite the poet!

    Might this be the Barker Farm at Paradise Meadows? No idea other than that one little clue. 😁

    Looks like you could use a painkiller  :painkillers: