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  1. Yeah, ruined meat is acceptable, but I lost 4 cooking pots I left on campfires that got deleted
  2. Yeaaah, about that... Remember when HTL claimed that they want to keep the HUD minimalistic in order to increase the immersion? I guess it's only a thing of the past now, because last update we got large red health bar for our terminator-wolves. And this "morale meter" is bigger than the rest of the HUD. Well, at least it lets me know how many times i have to throw my blue flare in front of my feet to make them disapeear... You know, IMMERSION.
  3. Yeah, good old Power Creep. (Power creep is a situation in which features newly added to the game are much better/more effective that their older counterparts.) It is exactly what heppened here. In last update Devs were like: "Hey, there is new region now and you can craft tones of bullets here. And guess what? It's also much easier than crafting arrows we introduced few years ago. Ah, and we also added NEW recolored version of wolves that are stronger and even more annoying than the old ones. Ah and we also added NEW, recolored version of flare that is much better than the old one and designed SPECIFICALLY to counter those NEW recolored wolves." I agree with you that it doesn't make any sense whatsover that bullets are way easier to craft than arrows. An easy fix would be to just allow players to craft arrowheads in the workbench from scrap metal, or to severely nerf the ammunition crafting, to keep things balanced. But I don't think this will ever be done. TLD's devs seem to be very oblivious about how updates and new features affect the game. Despite players' complains, with each update TLD is pushed more and more towards "zombie wolf simulator". With more and more tools at our disposal, surviving the cold, thirst and hunger is not even a challenge anymore, wolves however are only getting stronger. And because those mechanics are overshadowed by the wolves so much, the game stops being climatic and starts looking like "trick the wolf AI" type of experience. So yeah, seeing that, I highly doubt, that this arrow/bullets imbalance problem is ever going to be adressed. Errant Pilgrim update is a total mess. I don't understand how in the world "let's make a flare, but it's better and it's blue, and you need it against timberwolves, because normal flare is not enough" idea didn't get scrapped the very moment someone proposed it. You can clearly see that older patchnotes were designed carefully to not make the old gameplay elements redundant. For example: improvised axe and knife that were added with the forge, are significantly worse than man-made ones, to balance the fact that you can craft almost infinite supply of them. If they were added now, they would probably be lighter, faster and more durable than normal tools. At some point in TLD's development the approach changed from "we are slowly adding new things, while keeping the old ones useful, in order to make the experience better and more climatic" to "new features must be stronger than the old and wolves should be primary focus of the game". Every time i had a long break from TLD i was amazed how the game has improved during that time. Until now. So I am really worried about the direction this game is heading in. Hinterlands keeps talking about " improving the experience" but lately the updates themselves seem to contraddict that and push the game more into "zombie survival" and "new features are better" territory. New wolf behavior resembles me playing "ARK survival evolved", the game in which everything tries to kill you for no reason. And that's a really bad sign. I know I went a bit salty with this. And I realise that majority of forum users is going to disagree with me, but current state of the game is something that really bothers me. I am open to discussion tho.
  4. 1. Are you planning to add new challenges to the game? If so, how difficult they will be? Except Hopeless Rescue, all current challenges are rather disappointing than challenging. Are you gonna add some harder ones in the future? 2. Will it be possible to craft improvised medium-tier clothes from only cloth pieces? For example improvised sweatshirts and trousers. This is the first thing I would do in Coastal Highway if I were survivor without warm coat. 3. Will it be possible to craft improvised containers from wood pieces? It would very help in places, where there is not enough containers to store items. Same goes to storing outside. I hate to drop everything on snow in order to preserve and then pick up items one by one. 4. Will it be possible to make windbreakers for campfire from sticks and cloth pieces? 5. Will it be possible to preserve meat in some way? For example making smokehouse or meat jerky. 6. Are you planning to add some sort of dry food? Like rice for example. It could be easy to carry, very calorie rich, not spoiling, but requiring cooking in pot and big amout of water to prepare. 7.[VERY IMPORTANT] Are you planning to make sth about the nonsense with the cooking pots on Coastal Highway map? There are so many houses and kichens... Finding cooking pot should be guaranteed there. It looks dumb that you can actually find 0 cooking pots in all those houses. 8.[VERY IMPORTANT] Will it be possible to turn charcoal into something burnable? Trough crafting you could make "pack of charcoal" from 10 charcoal pieces. Or something like that. This would be interesting solution to use the forge for people, who don't wanna go on big trips for coal. Besides that, it would be great addition for players, who don't use map feature.