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  1. Yeah, ruined meat is acceptable, but I lost 4 cooking pots I left on campfires that got deleted
  2. Yeaaah, about that... Remember when HTL claimed that they want to keep the HUD minimalistic in order to increase the immersion? I guess it's only a thing of the past now, because last update we got large red health bar for our terminator-wolves. And this "morale meter" is bigger than the rest of the HUD. Well, at least it lets me know how many times i have to throw my blue flare in front of my feet to make them disapeear... You know, IMMERSION.
  3. Yeah, good old Power Creep. (Power creep is a situation in which features newly added to the game are much better/more effective that their older counterparts.) It is exactly what heppened here. In last update Devs were like: "Hey, there is new region now and you can craft tones of bullets here. And guess what? It's also much easier than crafting arrows we introduced few years ago. Ah, and we also added NEW recolored version of wolves that are stronger and even more annoying than the old ones. Ah and we also added NEW, recolored version of flare that is much better than the old one a
  4. 1. Are you planning to add new challenges to the game? If so, how difficult they will be? Except Hopeless Rescue, all current challenges are rather disappointing than challenging. Are you gonna add some harder ones in the future? 2. Will it be possible to craft improvised medium-tier clothes from only cloth pieces? For example improvised sweatshirts and trousers. This is the first thing I would do in Coastal Highway if I were survivor without warm coat. 3. Will it be possible to craft improvised containers from wood pieces? It would very help in places, where there is not enough cont