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  1. @Swales No species of deer in North America have does that grow antlers from my understanding. So yeah I agree it would be nice to have some visual variance for the deer.
  2. I really agree with @Otternaut, I think more small animals would really improve the game. We got Moose recently which obviously is a large animal, but smaller animals the game is lacking in. Foxes, Owls, etc would be great additions to the game, but to add to the small animals Otternaut listed, I also think Beavers would be a great addition.
  3. @Otternaut I love your scavenging idea. I am an AI programmer and my favorite part when playing video games are experiencing cool AI behaviors, more specifically AI animal behaviors. So the idea of scavenging behavior in The Long Dark is a very very intriguing idea to me. This idea would also like you mentioned work really well with foxes, which is an animal species I have wanted to see in The Long Dark for a while now.
  4. Can we expect to see more animal species in future updates of The Long Dark? Animals like Foxes, Owls, Lynx, and Beavers I think would all be very cool additions to the game.