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  1. Most of answered questions are requests anyway. "Can you add bigfoot pls", "Can you add mod support pls", "Can you add more storage options pls". Just different phrasing. People are asking questions about the stuff they find important, yet missing in the actual game. Its fine. And there are no rule in the Milton Mailbag stating your question shouldn't be a request anyway. About the importance of my "requests", okay, maybe first one is a "it would be cool if"-type question, but second, about loot being ruined everywhere past day 80 or so, seems like an oversight in the game desi
  2. I didnt try Custom Interloper because there are alot of people saying its bugged. Too much loot/loot you cant find in regular Interloper/etc. Here is a quote from one guy on reddit:
  3. How its gonna ruin the game? And how is exploration isnt pointless, when ALL items you find are ruined? Im well established in Mystery Lake, i have plenty of firewood, i can fish, hunt (as wildlife respawns anyway), everything, technically i could live forever there. But it gets boring just sitting there doing nothing, so i go to Milton, but every single item i find is ruined. There is no value in exploring in lategame Interloper. Thats a fact, its ridiculuous to state otherwise. I tried doing Stalker runs, but they are too easy after the Interloper, way too much loot. If my question
  4. So both of my questions were left unanswered. One of which is very important (All items decaying from day 1, making late game Interloper exploration pointless, because all items you find are ruined). I guess im outta here.
  5. Right now most items (and their condition) in containers are generated globally on day 1 of sandbox, and start decaying immediately. On day 85 of my Interloper run, most items i find are either completely ruined (0%), or in a horrible condition (10-20%), making exploration pointless. Can you make so the items were generated when player first enters location, like it was before? There is a thread on reddit about the issue
  6. I go to Muskeg to collect Cat Tails. There are so many of them, they dont stink like meat, never spoil, very lightweight. My primary source of calories on Interloper.
  7. Question: Can you make high-end items spawn on Interloper, but with really low chance, to make exploration more exciting in the long Interloper runs? In depth explanation (if needed): AFAIK, High-End clothing items dont spawn at all on Interloper. I understand why you did it this way, its hardest difficulty, you have to craft everything by yourself, and since high-end clothing items usually offer better warmth/weight ratio there would be no reason to craft stuff if you could find better gear in the world. I get it. But once you found best stuff you can get on Interloper (Mackina