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  1. I haul just about anything and everything. Didn't realize I had product worth over $1million in the trailer a couple days ago until I scanned in the paperwork. For my memorable experience, I would have to say it was when I first downloaded The Long Dark. I tried out the game using Xbox Preview and died from hypothermia and wolf attacks within 48hours in game time. I remember just thinking "Wow, this is a true survival experience."
  2. Howdy from an Over The Road Truck Driver. In all my years out driving the roads in the United States and some up in Canada, never have I seen a game that has made it to where I can sit in the back of my truck and play for hours on end without ever getting board of it. It helps me relax after my 14hour days and gives me the chance to forget about the road. I honestly cant wait for the next part of WINTERMUTE. Seeing how I spent roughly 1full month in Chapter 2, it's making me anxious to see what that message means.