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  1. For interlooper players, this is as useful as a secondary A hole. Not impressed at all. I know the maps, and the locations, so this useless to me.
  2. My definition og long time survival is min +500 days. Where you use as base is not that important. On this level, food is not an issue anymore. Birch saplings are the key resource. Beachcomb as much as possible. I take for granted that you have made a few tools, 4 knives and 4 hatchets. Kill bears for hides and for food. Make a round trip in CH commuter and DP. Clean out the beach. Do daily chores to keep you busy. Use only hides to fic up chloting to reach L5. Save the cloth.
  3. All geared up, have max clothing and harwested all the saplings. Plenty of meat and wood in staches. It looks like my routine now is to go Forlorn Muskeg to make a few arrowheads, back to coastal areas for beach combing to find more saplings. Then bring all back to the Lake Office where I have my base. The secret with looong time survival is to have small tasks to do.
  4. When you wake up and the temp is ok, and the weather is fine.
  5. I have seen Saplings. Both birch and maple. The hats I have seen and got, were on 0%. Not sure if it is because i was over day 100. The only "juicy" thing i have found is a flare shell.
  6. Are in my 2'nd real interlooper run now. Have all the gear, Bow, arrows, knife and hatchet. 56 days now and my skills are getting good. Got really lucky and got the hacksaw Forlong and hammer in Mystery Lake. Have a wolf coat and dear pants. Got 2 tukes and a ski jacket. Qestion: I know that the top gear is not available in Interlooper. Eg. Ex Parka, snow pants, mukluks and snow boots. Is the wool underwear, ear wraps, climbing socks and fishermans sweater available in looper?
  7. I have done some beach combing, & I even got a sapling. Got wet but well worth it. The problem is that you get 1 or 2 if you are lucky in a month. I traveled between DP and CH for 30 days and found only 1. I think I read that the respawn period was 2 weeks, and that makes sense of what I experienced.
  8. I finally made my 500 day run on stalker. All the skills are on max level and are on my way to fully explore the new region. Im sure this has been raised before, but I think the ultimate goal of the game should be to play for "infinitive" time. With all the cloth and scrap metal in the game, with a defensive play style, you should be able to reach 7300 days = 20 years. Then William and Astrid are geriatric anyway, and they cant remember where they hid their loot...... Then main problem with a really long run is birch sapling to make arrows. If they respawned after 3-4 years, you could have an infinite supply of arrows. Cloth are not that much of a problem, because you are only repairing the inner layer and the hats. To play defensive is probably harder then what I have done up to now. When I see a wolf I kill it. Im up to 550 wolfs now, and frankly thats a bit of a waste. I have eaten quite a bit of them, but mostly the majority just despawn. (Maybe they go to wolf heaven)????? As of the picture, I'm sure a MD can give a diagnose on this...