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  1. You were stuck in a big salad bowl on the floor that's under the window. I was stuck once there too a couple weeks ago but after some crouching and quality keyboard mashing was able to free myself.
  2. Ok done, filled out JIRA and sent email. Thanks Patrick!
  3. Jeff, yeah there's something wonky with the houses in Coastal Town. The house that I use as a base (and is still intact) isn't the one circled on your map, its the one very close just to the south-south east, just to the right of the "n" where you wrote "location". The house straight south of that beside the docks wasn't there when I played the about 12 days I been in Coastal Town but when the reset happened it magically appeared. And on top of that, the house that was beside mine where you are is now just a burned out old house that isn't accessible since the reset. There seems to be some weird entity scrambling going on with these supposed fixed points - not sure if it affects just this part of Coastal Highway or parts of the entire world map. Throw in a character reset like I have experienced and it's incredibly gamebreaking. Hopefully Hinterland looks into this very soon.
  4. Day 62, Playing on Coastal Highway after spending weeks in Mystery Lake and set up in Coastal Town everything was going good. Took over a house, had a ton of supplies there and was running back to it after a long day fishing when a Wolf attacked me. I had already left clicked to enter the house, the Wolf and I went through the attack scenario and then it ran off. I entered the house automatically after the wolf fight since I had already left clicked and all my stored stuff that I had so neatly placed in the kitchen was gone. Checked my inventory on me and I'm now starting with all the basics. All my skills have been reset. I'm now at 45 minutes of total time survived instead of 62 days. The house itself appears to be reset too with small amounts of random loot available. Oddly, the map I was sketching shows my discovered places. A small house closeby that wasn't there before has now appeared (I have read about this particular small house bug though). So obviously this has something to do with an attacking animal and opening a door I'm thinking, leading to a reset of everything. It's quite gamebreaking and disheartening. I'm sure I can manage to continue but a fix would be very welcome. Thanks. Kit