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  1. First off, I feel the normal five animals (Wolves, Bears, Rabbit, Deer, and Moose) are getting a bit, well, boring. There are a ton of animals in the Canadian wilderness and one I've got to say has me thinking. Timber Wolf Mountain is supposed to be super challenging, unless I'm wrong, and really all you see is bad weather and wolves here and there. I had a thought, rather than having the same old wolves chilling up there why not make it a cougar/mountain lion/puma. They eat deer, livestock, and rodents they could be bigger than the wolves and give off a much difficult gameplay if you make them stalk the player, giving the player a feeling of being watched, could include a quote as of "I get the feeling I'm not alone up here" Or something to notify the layer the animal is around. Bison I feel could be added (Idk what regions though) and make them like the moose, will charge the player and give a good source of meat. The idea of your recent Bear Spear could involve this animal, the bison's skin/pelt could be the leather used to attach the blade to the stick, that or make it a...… Mountain goat. I know not super cool but a mountain goat could be a little twist. Maybe having it be noisy could attract predators making it a hard animal to get. It would also be cool if your player could build a boat (for in coastal highway or desolation point) to go in the exposed water, there so we could find whales or something. or have special and good supplies on the islands out there.