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  1. I got your point of veiw. I try to explain myself too. What is the difference between offensive and defensive doctrina? In first, you want to find, charge and kill your target priorly. Long distance shot is preferable. You can also go in close combat either to wound your enemy and make it bleed to death. You can pick heavy and and unwieldy weapon you wouldn't carry every day. So you need long-barreled weapon (like rifle) or steel arms. In defencive doctrina you prefer to avoid any encounter if it's possible. You don't want to kill opponent, you just want to have no damage, keep distance between you and aggressor, scare it off as effective and fast as you can. You need small weapon or tool you can carry all the time. I mentioned hatchet as everyday protective tool. If I preferred carrying knive as a struggle weapon, I would assume more offensive doctrina. As a consensus, we can consider spear as both offensive and defensive weapon. While using a spear, you stand your ground and use bear's agressive against him. Also you want to kill bear with the only possible way. Flare and and distress pistol are more defensive weapon in case of bear attack in sandbox. Bow and rifle are more offensive weapon intended for hunting bear. It's not really the long dark discussion topic, just some interesting information I want to share.ūüėé
  2. That is the point I think you might be wrong. Demon Bear is supposed to be killed though he is extremely agressive. Jeremiah hires you to kill him. He consideres spear as offensive weapon in this situation. I admit you were correct about describing agressive bear impiling himself, but spear is strategically offensive weapon. Ordinary sandbox bears are very slow and predictable predators. You don't even have to run, when you see one. You can just walk away calmly. All you need is a bit of attention and knowledle of their spawn points. You sure don't need 4 kg spear in your backpack to defend against bear. I usually carry a hatchet for protection purposes. It is perfect tool in struggle against wolf. But 95% of my protection is being attentive and getting round of them. Things change completely when you are actually hunting bear. You can use spear to attract him and impale. Another question is why would you let the bear come close to you, if you can shoot him from afar and even kill with a single critical hit? I'd say, Hinterland will have to male bow/rifle/revolver less effective against bear.
  3. Why don't you like password access? I think, it's interesting little puzzle if you came to Bleak Inlet for the first time. Also I noticed aurora happening much more even when you are in Bleak Inlet, so you could get in cannery faster.
  4. Yes, I agree with that point. Challenges are perfect field for experiments with new mechanics. "Archivist" challenge was interesting idea following implemented aurora and working computers. I would say Story Mod is more appropriate for non-linear directing. I didn't like sections in Redux when bear attacked you in bottlenecks with cutscenes. Pretty cheap move to open world game like TLD. Do you really think bear spear is useful? Can you explain what is it good for? Obviously it's not for defence purpose, since you want to carry additional 4 kg every time you go outdoors. Is it bear hunting? Maybe it's only me, but I prefer to shoot the bear in great distance using bow. I liked Predux bear bossfight even more. Maybe it wasn't so fascinating, but it's also not so cliche like hit and run in small cave.
  5. You can use milling machine to repair not only weapon but knive, hatchet and hacksaw for scrap. This feature might be useful when you run out of whitestones.
  6. Permanent destructions (fallen trees, rail broken by earthquakes, burned forests) are absoutely unacceptable due to huge map changing in case of long-term survival.
  7. DeLe

    Auto Walk Key

    This is not new, I also tried to request similar feature. What can I say. I use macros in my steelseries mouse. This is the simplest way to acheive this.
  8. I like new designes in Steadfast Ranger. Sprains happens six times more often then before. New chances algorithm maybe broken, but I had sprain encounter literally near five times in same slope in one hour. And I also see regular crushes while entering interior.
  9. I would like to ask about directing in 1 episode redux. 1) Don't you think, cutscene when you enter Gray Mother's house was removed with no purpose? It seems more logically, if she started shooting after she hears door opening (considering she was attacked by prisoners (blood track and dead prisoner was really intense), you need to show your good intentions first) rather then you enterig her house, looking her peacefully sitting near fireplacem, walking around all rooms and possibly stealing all her staff, coming to her, and only then she's firing, when there is no reason for that. 2) If you try to enter Paradise Meadows Farm before visiting Gray Mother, it would be closed. Don't you think, opportunity to speak to Hobbs before Gray Mother can take place? Also closed Farm makes question, where did bleeding Hobbs hide before you meet Gray Mother. Maybe you should open Paradise Meadows for visiting it all the time? Thank you.
  10. DeLe

    Auto move button

    Thank you. Would be great to see auto move button in game without binds or any other interventions.
  11. DeLe

    Auto move button

    You can't deny, sometimes you have to walk for a really long time, especially between two different locations. And once I caught myself thinking about my stiffened finger, that keeps button ¬ęW¬Ľ pressed. One thing could make your long transits much easier is auto move button, like in Skyrim or PUBG. I would really appreciate this simple innovation.
  12. My suggestion is to increase intensity of getting pieces of cloth wet, when you stand close to waterfall, what sprays water spritz around itself.
  13. That is exactly what I want to say. Symbiose of challenge and survival.
  14. In my opinion, would be nice to make a certain purpose for survival, that can be completed. Something like challenges, but more global. Something, that's not even being reminded while surviving. For example, you start a game with short intro, telling about plane crushing in Northern Canada. So you firstly need to find your plane in Milton's mountains, because you flew by parashute to another location. Then you have to somehow collect remains of plane and deliver them to Quonset Garage, where you repair some of them. Before it, you need to find required tools. Then you go to Timberwolf and look for remaining plane details. After this, you repair your plane with ductape, but it's not ready yet. You have to find distillator and distillate some oil merged from car tanks to actual fuel for plane. Then you clear off Coastal Highway's lake to make it look like runway, set barrels which illuminates runway at night. And finally, when aurora comes, you pull your plane out, incinerate barrels, start engine and fly away. Final. Statistic screen. Achievment unlocked. And that way is absolutely optional. So you can survive day by day and do not even think about that. Or you can play your usual survival and collect required staff in different locations gradually step-by-step. Or even speedrun it, like ¬ęHopeless Rescue¬Ľ.