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  1. So now that it has been a few weeks, any updates on narrowing in on an ETA? Any chance this can mean before start of winter break? Because I'd love to spend break really getting back into survival. Or do you think it will be moved later? Do what you need to do, it would just be nice to get an update. I'm really looking forward to an updated survival, whenever it comes out!
  2. Not only that, but I think it helps the devs too in perhaps unexpected ways. Imagine what Subnautica would have been if not for the feedback! I wouldn't even be salty if they put in no more work, I feel it is pretty complete already (at least from an open-world survival game). I'm just waiting for it to be confined DONE, because I want to play the whole story in one duration, not piece meal over months and years. What makes me salty is wondering when/if it will get done, it is the uncertainty of it, or lack of deadline, even if just a target penciled-in guesstimated deadline*. I just h
  3. It sounds like everyone here just wants some kind of news from the devs. Even if is little, or frustrations, or needing hiring, or bug counts, or etc. It's not about anyone being impatient, or demanding deadlines. I've said this once, I'll say it again; look at Factorio, every damn Friday, right on their homepage, a link to the weekly update, for 360 weeks. I think this helped them, even if it is just saying they need hiring (even trying to pull from the community) or frustration with code (and sometimes the community has good input). They would have rough, ambiguous targets for when the
  4. But people could be given the CHOICE to op-in. I often played the experimental version of Factorio, which you could find in the properties menu in steam. If it was too buggy, or I wanted to open a heavily modded stable game, the devs set it up so all those attributes were noted, and trying to launch that save, would tell the game to reload with the corrected game version and correct mods.
  5. Same here. No complaints about how long updates are. I think I said this before, but I am a big fan of the type of communication from WUBE for Factorio. Every single Friday for 360 consecutive Fridays. It got to the point where I looked forward to Fridays just so I can see the update ideas. In fact, I think it helped the devs at WUBE a lot because they got tons of feedback, ideas, and suggestions. I think it gave fans of Factorio more reasons to be patient for updates, because they could see what was being worked on. I think it also gave them things to shoot for so they could have something to
  6. I haven't been on here much, but the few times I have, I had always wanted to see something like this. I didn't know it was here. I'll keep a look out for it more. With that said, maybe I can make a few comments, because I do understand why doing this and only gaining 1000-1500 views would be frustrating. Please note, my comments all come from my interactions in following Factorio. They have been doing a blog for called Factorio Friday Facts (FFFs) for 345 Fridays, and they get a couple hundred comments and between 6000 to 35000 views (which sometimes strained their servers). I think it is suc
  7. I heard someone else describe that, but from what I hear, the items seem unrated. Stranger still... if removing an item cause something to drop... why would the same code cause something somewhere else, to rise? Now I'm doubly curious why this bug is so hard to pin down.
  8. Sometime, (maybe when you post the update), could you explain what was going on? Even if just briefly/generically? I'm super curios why breaking down things causes drawers to move.
  9. Sure... I can understand that, and I think it would be reasonable to attribute that to forgetting to link or instruct those items to fall or disappear. It would be an easy fix too, just add the same code used in the other circumstances. An error from omission makes sense... but these things are (seemingly) completely unrelated. What does breaking down have to do with drawers? What if MAYBE, and a big MAYBE at that... say, there is a pallet with a mug on it. The mug is perhaps named "Entity315" by default... and is programmed to drop 2 units when the pallet is removed. But if during the design
  10. What I'm curious about is the cause. Why does breaking something down cause certain items to move. I assume that breaking something down removes the entity from the game. Why does removing it change the coordinators of something near by? Very odd
  11. Admin, I'm really really curious, can you described what happened? And what was the fix? You said something about the items being on a different layer? Also... I noticed that the first time I entered the mystery lake cabin, the drawers moved down about the height of two drawers (~about a meter?). The second time I entered, they were gone. Did they just move down another meter below the cabin everytime you enter? Again, just curious And thanks!
  12. I can confirm this as well. Some additional info if it helps: In this same cabin, I had three rifles on the calendar mat at the counter. The two that where packed closely together seemed to disappear, while the third, which had other items not quite as close, was not affected. Could it have something to do with the fix regarding space around objects? All of my other items (including lanterns) are fine (except for the 4 drawers, duh). Also, I loaded some saves from before the fix, and the error persists in those as well, so the bug is retroactive. I hope that gives some insight.
  13. Part of me thinks about the what makes a game fun. Like with Bioshock, if you like pipe maze games, great! there are games dedicated to that, it's just not what Bioshock as a whole is. Similarly, if you like to micromanage, try factorio, Wube did a great job at that game! All I'm saying is that TLD isn't about cooking. Perhaps if they make the interface more intuitive (to reduce people eating raw meat), make more reasonable times (maybe even snow can melt on its own in buildings warm enough!), and allow smaller fractions of time to be used for other functions (make studying a slider tool,
  14. I'm not new to this game, I have 400 hours logged and have been playing since Jan 2017. I have done plenty of planning in this game. I am arguing that cooking style gives less freedom and forces you concentrate more on cooking (at the detriment of the other parts of the game which are more fun) It's like Bioshock 1 and 2. Sure, that pipe maze thing when hacking may have been fun the first few times, but after the 50th time, it gets in the way of what makes Bioshock a great game. Bioshock is not a game about solving pipe flow mini games. No surprise that mechanic was dropped in Bioshock 2,
  15. I do fastforward, spending thirst, hunger, and fatigue, negating the times savings proposed by devs. Building a second fire means more firewood needed, also more micromanagement of cooking (again, I don't see TLD as a cooking sim) and if the thing that makes this work is finding a 6 burner stove, then I don't really want to play a game which encourages you to stay around certain stoves because others are inferiorly inefficient (yes, I made up that adjective, seemed appropriate). Again, all of this makes more attention needed on cooking and managing food, which takes away from the rest of