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  1. I'm a long time Long Dark fan. I have two wishes... 1. Let me sit. In a chair, by a fire, with the next wish to be granted... 2. A good book to read. While waiting for dinner to cook, or just to pass the time. The number of times I've just wanted to hit up a comfy chair to do my sewing or sharpen my knife is beyond count. Maybe it'll slow my calorie burn or weariness just a bit. At least I'll know my hard times are a bit easier without surviving on my feet...forever. All the books I find are only good for starting my fires. If only I had a copy of Moby Dick or some other classic to keep me entertained while the weather is blowing and the gear has been looked after. In case of emergency, I could always burn the pages I've already read. Thanks for the incredible experience of managing my time and needs in the special place that is The Long Dark. Sorry if these wishes have already been posted. There are many more complex changes, these seem to be pretty simple but would add a bit more depth to my world.