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  1. Not sure if its been mentioned somewhere before, but would really love the ability to make your own whetstones. Location would likely be any from along the shoreline and then create on a workbench.
  2. Storage or as I like to call them "dinner for when the Donners come to party".
  3. Anarchyantz

    I need gloves

    Additionally you would then need to change the arm animations to match the jacket/tops as well due to them being the default starting ones. Perhaps when rest of the episodes are fully released Hinterland will then have time and resources to do the extra graphical tweaks. I admit it initially set off my nerves that my hands would now be frostbitten but yeah you get used to ignoring it after a while.
  4. If you wanted any new clothes that are weather proof, that will be extra. Need another rifle cartridge? That's extra as well. Actually having a gun? Well that is extra as well. Want the "true" ending? Well that is extra as well. Stuck in a location? Well for only an extra $200 CAN you can move onto episode two and completely skip the first one! Of course any gear you may have got in episode one will be extra but at a reduced price of $12.99 CAN per item. Want a multiplayer that no one wants and online only? Well tough that's what you got. To turn it to solo player and offline you only need to pay a mere $9.99 CAN a month or we wipe all your saves as well.
  5. I found one on the crafting table in the camp office and the only other one I managed to find was in the second to last room in the lower carter dam. I ended up making 2 handcrafted axes and one handcrafted knife as I couldnt locate another knife until near the end when Hank's niece finally spawned at the unnamed pond but by then I was ready to leave. Thankfully I had stashed loads of wood by spences place so only cost me 4 coal in total to make provided you never let the forge go out you can just keep topping it up. Seeing how long I spent in the maintenance shed I amusingly missed the forge in there (Thought quest was bugged as I couldnt see the damn thing, teach me to speed check in half light). Its actually worth holding on to coal from milton if you can so you dont run out in case you stay for an extended period of time crafting.
  6. Bunnies, bunnies it must be bunnies!........... Or maybe midgets.
  7. Seriously would not want it Aurorafied, it is terrifyingly bad ass as it is! I think this only generally affects the wolves though, not seen any deer or bunnies green glowing with burning yellow eyes. Knowing my luck the next thing would be ...."You have faded into the long dark due to bunny attack" but you unlocked the Achievement "Watershipped Down"
  8. I am not sure if this has been asked for yet but its one thing I have always thought of when trying Interloper (and dying due to it) or starting in Hushed River valley. We as a species have been making fires without matches, fire strikers, lit flares and so on for millennia using nothing but tinder and rubbing sticks together (yes I know its a bit more than that). Sticks are aplenty as are tinder but have nothing to start it with and you are screwed. In basic terms I would love to see a real basic way of getting a fire started. Even if it needs more tinder, sticks longer time and so on.
  9. I think the answer to natures call may be due to classification of the game (I may be wrong but hear me out). For some reason its perfectly ok to be mauled by a bear, eaten by a wolf or moosed to death but the concept of doing your business probably would get a no no from age classification. Reminds me of a comment from Bear Grylls who nonchalantly commented on an episode when he was taking a celebrity into the wilds that a good way to keep you warm is to poop, wrap it up in a bag or clingfilm and then keep it in your pocket as a hand warmer. You also will need to add in the fact that trying to pee while it minus 40 and a guy is an "interesting" situation. Additionally I doubt the plumbing in houses are working, as likely frozen, you also have to factor in the smell will attract predators and will you use your last piece of cloth to wipe or repair your hat that is nearly ruined?
  10. OK, even in Wintermute I ended up with enough wolves that was foolish to try humping my leg to make 2 wolf coats and have enough spares laying around to patch up for days, so here is my thought. Wolf Skin Hat (think Shaman style wolf head on your head). Wolf Skin Booties. Wolf Skin Gloves Wolf Skin Pants. and with the Wolf Skin Coat you get the "The WolfMan cometh!" Acheivement!
  11. OK so here is something I fondly remember from my childhood while on stays with my Nan (going back about 35 years now!). Before it was "new and cool" to have open burning fires in ones home, my Nan never had central heating and being a young woman during WWII in England you learned to make do with what was on hand which comes to making fire logs out of newspaper. She had a rolling machine and any discarded newspapers, or any paper was rolled up into fire logs to supplement her meager coal and coke as well as any wood on hand and stored in the Anderson shelter (that was still standing back in the 80s!). Given how much newsprint and paper there is laying about I thought it would be a good idea. Seems a waste to make just tinder out of it, which i never actually do because you get bucket loads from cattails and when limb harvesting. Just a thought from a real life source.
  12. Have always thought you should be able to suck the fuel out at least given you can actually open the fuel cap
  13. I am glad this was in there, in the back of my head there was a voice saying "Hobbs will remember that" in a tell tale walking dead way. I dont think they intended to nor set fire to the school despite what he implies to start with, as he is delirious from shock and blood loss by then and cannot feel below his waist. With that injury he wont live the night unless gets to a hospital. Then when he says they locked them in and it was the Aurora caused a spark which lead to the fire regardless how quick he didn't help anyone. Avenging Angel I was called, my vengeance was due to him stating they played and toyed with Astrid like a cat playing with a mouse and "only cut her a bit". A bit? enough for her to be able to write in BIG letters in her own blood before escaping. Bunch of dangerous convicts with a woman, yeah I know what's coming next, we know what you lot also tried to do to the Grey Mother, you can see how many times she had to shoot by the bullet holes and at least got one of them. If he let Hobbs live, as Will said they would probably go back to the Grey Mother now she has full food and fuel (I also did the extra bit) and probably put her to the torch. Do I feel bad, no but I feel Will was justified given the circumstances and no help coming. If help could be obtained then perhaps not.
  14. Going on the fact Grey Mother didnt know about him, then he managed to not only get from the Orca to in front of you down a mountain before you even stuck a rope on as well as knowing exactly what you did regarding Hobbs, I would say he is like the mysterious undertaker in Red Dead Redemption 1. He is there to judge certain people at pivotal moments in life when something can go one way or the other and are there to judge them or to simply observe.
  15. Ah so the four legged cougar and not the two legged ones that prowl the bars and clubs looking for young cubs.