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  1. Be safe @Jimmy and thank you for everything you're doing for your community. I can't imagine how hard it is both putting yourself in danger, and also having to deal with what's happening to others.
  2. Welcome! I was in New Zealand about five years ago for a few weeks and absolutely loved it. Hope you're keeping well and thanks for joining us in The Long Dark.
  3. It's good to see that everyone is doing okay. Hopefully we all can make it through this together, in our small way that we are together here on the forums and in our community, and by practicing social distancing and taking care and precautions. I'm in BC which is the western province in Canada, and live in a small city called White Rock about an hour south of Vancouver. It's right on the US/CAN border I can literally see America from my home. Typically I commute into the studio via transit, it takes about an hour and a half each way on a bus and then our Skytrain. However I was ill for most of last year with an auto-immune disease and have been working from home since January because of my immune system. Hinterland has been really supportive of this, and I appreciate it. About three weeks ago now they closed schools, it was Spring Break anyway and so my kids have been home since then. The closure is extended, which is good because with a lowered immune system I was worried about their exposure to other kids bringing COVID-19 home to me. Now apart from working in my basement / video game room (it's where my consoles are) we try to take walks in parks where we can stay away from people. We order our food ahead of time and pick it up in the grocery store parking lot. We've cut down a lot (to not at all) on eating out and visiting people. It's hard on my wife whose father is in a care home so she can't visit him and on my kids who love seeing their grandmother but since she's not social distancing that well we're staying away. I, being the one most at risk, tend only to leave my house in the morning to walk my dog and sometimes I go for a walk with my family in the late afternoon if I'm able to make time during the work day. As I say we're in a small city and live in a fairly quiet neighbourhood so most days we don't have any issues keeping 6 feet away from other people while walking. I imagine this is tougher in larger cities. I know where I used to walk in Vancouver (off of Main Street) it was always busy even later at night. I hope everyone is doing well, or as well as can be expected. Please be sure to talk with your friends (via phone or video calls) and do some self-care as well as handle whatever else you need to be doing.
  4. Hey @kristaok, Sorry to hear that you're having a hard time of things. I certainly know what it's like to feel anxious, to worry about things and to let those worries become bigger than the problems. We like being able to have problems we can solve right away like "I'm cold" or "There's a wolf after me" which give us a clear path forward. This social isolation which is the clear path forward, unfortunately leaves us with a lot more time to dwell on the negatives and the worries than say running away from a wolf. If you can please reach out to someone in your area who deals with depression, and may have some tips for you. If you're not sure who that might be either DM myself or the @Admin account and we'll see what we can find in your area for you. Also never feel bad about complaining. We're here to listen and talk as a community and while this is hard on everyone there's people here who love talking with you on the forums and we all just want the best for everyone. Best.
  5. Coffee sounds good. Also as a demonstration of how software isn't perfect (yet) here are things my photo app decided were "Eskimo Dogs". The baby geese are cute, but boy are they mean. The wallabies are also very cute, but not exactly Huskies.
  6. This is Max, our Miniature Schnauzer. I don't think this was the first time he encountered snow, but it's certainly the most he's ever come across.
  7. Welcome to the forums @Abz! It's always great to see new faces around here, not that there's anything wrong with the old ones. Congratulations on graduating from our game art course as well!
  8. Welcome! It's great to see new faces around here sharing their love of The Long Dark.
  9. Welcome to the forums! It's always great to see a new survivor.
  10. Lazy is perfectly fine. I live in a small city called White Rock which is basically a suburb of Vancouver Canada.
  11. Environments in The Long Dark are inspired by the majestic Canadian wilderness. We’d like to highlight some great Canadian National Parks you can visit to experience nature in a less virtual way. This week, Fundy National Park. Photo: Andrea Schaffer Located on the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick the park features a rugged coastline which rises up to the Canadian Highlands. It gets the highest tides in the world and has more than 25 waterfalls. One of Canada’s smallest National Parks it covers an area of 207 km2 along Goose Bay. Despite being one the nation’s smallest National Parks @FundyNP is home to a wide variety of animals, including moose, black bears, beavers, coyotes and many more. The park helps to protect important ecosystems. Photo: Parks Canada Fundy National Park was designated a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. This means that the park is dedicated to preserving pristine views of the night sky for stargazers as well as wildlife who also rely on the darkness. Photo: Parks Canada For more details on Fundy National Park visit their website . You can also follow them on Twitter at @FundyNP. Photo: Ron Levesque
  12. That's a great screenshot, that probably took a lot of time to make! Great job @piddy3825 !
  13. Thanks for joining us and it's great to hear that you're enjoying the game. We hope you get as much out of joining us here as you clearly do playing the game!
  14. Hi Zachary! Welcome to The Long Dark & Hinterland's community! I'll try to take a look at your story. It's great to see people getting inspired by the game and taking their experiences and creating something new with them.
  15. Ha ha. I just spent a bunch of money on a backpack. I think that if I bought an MRE right now my wife would be quite annoyed with me. Tinned sardines, however, they're not that bad.