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  1. As someone who plays guitar I can tell you playing music is a fantastic way to pass time and take your mind off things.
  2. A bomb looking wolf hood. Yay or nay?
  3. Two liter sodas, your thoughts?
  4. I'm on my third sandbox, and I have a base set up in the garage in coastal. I like it because it's roomy and has everything I need, but I get tired of shooting the doggies outside my door. I made a coat out of their friends hoping they'd just be scared of me, but it doesn't work. I'm thinking about finding a new house and just using the garage as a place to do my crafting. I also have some nice digs set up in Mystery Lake, but I have a lot of unfinished business around coastal.
  5. Barbed_Wire'99


    Two liter sodas...your thoughts?
  6. I feel like I've seen cat tail plant things respawn, then again, I'm a goob.
  7. Wow this seems like a really cool update. I just started playing about a week ago, and you all have put a lot of work into making an enjoyable and unique experience. 'Preciate y'all.