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  1. Not sure if it been requested before..I would like to see generators in some buildings, we can get petrol/gas from abandoned cars to keep them going.
  2. Cleaning up and repairing your base would be a nice addition.
  3. Complaint? i am amazed that such a good game does not have the option to look left or right or behind.
  4. Why can't we look to our left, right or behind, whilst travelling forward?
  5. His constant whining about being hungry does my head in.
  6. Think i will convert my moose coat in to the moose satchel then.
  7. Whats the best weapon to fight wolves with? If i want a chance to give it a mortal wound. I also have the wolfskin coat and the bear coat. Which is the best to wear?
  8. When harvesting meat what size do you guys go for? Portion size to make it last longer and manageable.
  9. Another Brit here. Kingston upon Hull in Yorkshire.
  10. Glad the cooking is being overhauled. Hours spent sat watching meat cook or water melt is wasted time. I could be researching or sewing or doing something else. Talking of food why does my meat degrade so quickly when left outside in freezing conditions?? In real life frozen meat can last a year.
  11. Im new so have not had time to read through all the threads. A bow drill option would be great.