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  1. I can only chime in and report that I haven't noticed any significant change for a very long time. Crows seem to be buggy sometimes since 1.94 (or earlier?) but other than that prey has been running ludicrous distances for a very long time, and that it somehow tries to die right where you cannot get to it has been bugging me from day one (and that day one was 2016). Blood trails have been spotty since that as well, and it's easy to lose them if you don't keep up. What I can agree on is that it often isn't worth tracking animals when they don't die on spot. If we're talking wolf or deer, t
  2. Oh I meant the game I am still currently on (even if it is "paused" right now).
  3. That's what it's like with my game. I pretty much go by what my stats screen tells me. Time literally doesn't advance.
  4. Hey folks, no, the project isn't already dead. I sometimes have days on end, even weeks, where I can play relatively actively, and then stretches of time where I am happy when I can say hi to my wife and pet the cat - and don't mix em up in the process. So: Ciaran will be back, and thanks for all the appreciation!
  5. If real, proton decay will most likely also adhere to the rules of half life, meaning that if it is real it doesn't all happen in n amount of time, but 50% will have happened in n amount of time. This also means that no matter how short n becomes, some protons, albeit very few, will have already decayed, just nobody has observed it. So if Episode 4 releases in n years, where n is the half life of a proton, then still only half of all protons will have decayed, so there still is enough matter in the universe to build a half decent PC to actually play it. This is of course only true if
  6. You can make good cases for a lot of "retirement home". But starting in Interloper I wouldn't concern myself with that too much, but rather stay light and mobile, collect your gear while it's still available, and get your knife, bow and arrows done sooner rather than later. There are a few key locations you want to loot before the clothing there disappears. I would also advise against hauling every piece of gear to one central location, but rather note a few key locations in several regions where you stash you the things you might need down the line. In general you could say what makes a
  7. I have, some time ago, proposed a mechanic somewhat akin to that. I'm not sure the extend of what you propose would be interesting for more than a fringe population of players, but it would indeed incentivize late game mobility, which really is something you now hardly ever have to do. You see, I'm not against giving the game a maybe more challenging, but certainly more "vital" late game. There is a poetic element to the fact that the game gets so repetitive that you either just abandon the save or run into a bear head first by "accident", but once you're over that it really can be quite
  8. I would like to borrow this at some point. Probably a lot. ūü§£ Ah, right, on topic: there are a few ways to get down without climbing, some more dangerous (and brutal) than others. This way you should be able to get most of the stuff you want and that is perishable. If you really in the very distant future need to get another hammer because yours broke in a freak accident .... well, it'll still be there.
  9. I'm not really sure what the goal here is. Eventually totally depriving the game of things to hunt would effectively put you in a deserted place with nothing to do. Do you actually want the game to make you eventually die of boredom? Because all you effectively would achieve with this is make the game about stockpiling as much food as you can and then wait for it to run out. I really don't see this being interesting, compelling or even "hard" in the actual sense of the word. Point taken: if I really don't want starvation to be viable there are ways around it, but if you really want to
  10. That's the real problem here imho. Not animal spawn is way too generous - starvation is. Which might be the reason why my opinion on that is rather skewed since I just don't do that anymore.
  11. I see that. And actually: I've had that same exact conundrum. How do you make a game mechanic "not annoying" which is punitive in nature, and tentatively random in occurrence. I mean you can actively prevent it most of the time by not hauling too much stuff and not walking too steep slopes, but there is no "action" involved in it, and there is no way to actually combat them except conforming to said restrictions. There is no immediate reward involved for not conforming, and there is no way to game the system to improve your chances of getting away with it. You just will eventually be punished
  12. Ciaran 1 / Night 15 - At least I have the stupid hat After I have proven with the last post that I can play a game for over an hour without even playing it, some actual "work" is in order to back up these big and especially plentiful words. First things first: I will need a little bit of extra cloth. So another curtain goes. I pack both storm lanterns, but plan to shed the one with less fuel at Orca's. Food stored here all comes with me. I also pick up all and every hide, plus the three books I left here. For now below 45 kilograms is good enough. It'll be much more interesting once
  13. This is true. It also would cost me ... 2 days? Less if I gave up my only cup of coffee for it. It's an idea worth entertaining, but I think I will rely on my one flare as my get out of jail free card. Let's see how things are once I'm at Carter's. But I should get the rope from the Lake Overlook in any case.
  14. 1. your sprain chance is already heavily dependent on how much you are carrying. Random sprains without being overloaded on all but the steepest slopes almost don't happen anymore. This has gotten much better. 2. Yup. Cabin Fever is a relic from a time where it made somewhat sense. If I could pick any one thing about the game I would change - removing cabin fever would be it. 3. Agreed. At least on Interloper it puts a lot more "stress" into the game than needed. Interloper on its own is already a quite stressful experience - so much most people don't play it at all. (Which is also t
  15. On some level this actually makes sense if you "imagine" the code behind it. I know bedrolls take damage (from painful experience) when you are attacked in your sleep. Now if you are attacked "anywhere" bedrolls being placed in the world receive damage since proximity is probably not measured, and bedrolls being laid out are assumed have been used to sleep. Hm. If this is true it should be true for any kind of bedroll. So... let's investigate! (... a short voyager game later ...) Alright, it apparently doesn't work like that. Placed a bedroll outside the hunting lodge, ran into a wolf, h