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  1. I struggle to understand why some people despise HRV so much, but not similarly themed maps such as TWM and AC. All of these three maps feature: - harsh weather - difficult navigation due to several layers of terrain - reduced amount of shelter Yet HRV is getting most of the hate - which I particularly do not understand since I really like the map quite a lot, and still think it's the best in the game. Maybe.... it is because while you can get lost on all of these maps quite easily, sometimes there is no obvious "path" forward with HRV. So .... to make more people see the infini
  2. I like how you put that in braces xD
  3. I mean I was a kid back then, so the amount of hardware I could hope to beg my dad for was limited. I remember my first "build" was a 486 "DX" 40 Cyrix that actually was manufactured by ST Thompson. That was 1994, I think, and I was 12 years old. That machine was a bloody miracle to me, a quantum leap form my chugging 286 - but it still really sucked at 3D games. 🤣 Although, I was more into programming silly stuff in pascal at that time anyways.
  4. Well I got into it basically from the start and acquired most DLCs over time. This is actually rather good argument against DLCs, if you think about it, considering the Thread here about it recently. Most people will not want to buy half the game, but buying a game with 10 DLCs will never sound reasonable for someone getting into it as a new player.
  5. Screw you, EMM386.EXE. 🤣
  6. VF was the last iteration that worked. The one after that... Steadfast Ranger? .... was the one that killed it. That can't be right. My old 390X did about that at (mostly) maximum settings. To add insult to injury my Mac Mini M1 does 50 FPS steady outdoors on ultra with the exception of Medium Post FX. And I might remind you that an M1 is basically a tablet CPU, or two fused iphones, depending on how you look at it. So something must be very wrong with your GPU or CPU outside of the scope of the game.
  7. Truth be told I don't bother with fishing on Interloper. The cost/reward analysis just doesn't pan out, even considering it is risk-free. I understand why it is that way since fishing, as I said, doesn't involve any risk, but fishing really only makes sense if you settle somewhere, in my opinion. And on interloper settling anywhere will make firewood a restrictive resource - but one without you cannot fish. The way catching fish works better in longer sessions makes it hard to effectively cook and fish at the same time, too. With Archery 5 and reasonable proficiency it takes 1, maybe 2 ho
  8. Well..... yes, if you like building a city and find some joy in looking how things work - and also if you have an intrinsic desire to manage traffic a lot. It's not hard in that you can go realistically bankrupt since for that the economic side of the game is just to darn simple (even on what ever constitutes for hard in that game), but just as real systems become exponentially difficult to mange relative to their complexity, it is rather challenging (and actually compelling) to make a really big city work. And with a few mods they can actually become so big they can bring a modern high-end pc
  9. I'm not "as" harsh on mods in general. I said that I wanted to play devil advocate for a reason 😉 Although I stand by my assessment that the amount of "good" mods really is rather small - for games in general, again. I would argue that Cities Skylines is another of those examples as it basically (at this point) a big mod sandbox and the amount mods have driven the development of this game is staggering. Basically, for a few DLCs now, all the devs are doing is implementing polished versions of mods that existed before.
  10. This is a comically good example of why mods may not ALWAYS improve a game 🤣
  11. True. Not to stray too much off topic, but I guess I never saw "games" as these mythological things that just make fun since I started to code at the age of 7, and only after that my father let me put some games into that dreaded bread bin computer (aka C64 for the uninitiated), which I still own btw (and it even still WORKS). So, in a way, I was always very much aware that everything "video game" is build on some very complicated foundation of integrated circuits and thousands (or today millions) of lines of code. Ah yeah, the 80's. I hated them, yet I find ways to miss them now. 😅
  12. Well, then we actually do agree. 😉 I'm a software engineer, and it's rather refreshing that someone actually gets intellectual property.
  13. While I generally agree with you (obviously).... how is it anyone's "right", actually? A right as in "guaranteed by law" certainly not. If I sell some intellectual property (or anything for that matter) I shouldn't have to also serve the tools to successfully modify it. That's like having to sell a car with a manual on how to install a heck spoiler - and the necessary tools alongside it. There might be the moral "obligation" to let people modify your work, but while even that is debatable, it's not like Hinterland are actively hindering people to mod the game. They just aren't actively support
  14. Let me be devil's advocate here really shortly (yeah, me and shortly ... probably not). There is this many times proven paradigm that players will optimize the fun out of a game. Modding the fun out of a game is equally true. Let me give you two examples. The first is.... well, I'm using this quite a lot, eh? .... Skyrim. Which has like a bazillion mods, many of which actually fix long standing issues with the game or even outright bugs Todd Howard couldn't be bothered with. That's great, it really is. It's also something the devs should have fixed in the first place. But I also have
  15. Personally I think you can get to the mine with the same strategy of evasion relatively simple. This however requires you to know where you are going. If you do not Ash Canyon is a tough proposition on Interloper (Trust me, been there, done that). There is limited food, even more limited shelter (especially if you don't know WHERE it is), and the way is actually not that easy to find. Adding to that: As Ash Canyon is exceptionally cold and windy you have a timer on you the moment you step into that madness. This problem, however, at least in my rather humble opinion, does not really go aw