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  1. Seconded. Not much to add but that this is a truely great idea.
  2. Not technically a suicide, but a moment of utter acceptance of fate. On my penultimate "Sasquatch" run in TWM (TWM only, without sleeping in the Hut ^^) I forgot my can after a crafting trip to the Hut. When I realised I was already back at the Three-Way-Cave, so, dehydrated I panicked and went back to the hut in a rather unfavorable night. Got cornered by a bear, fell down a cliff, and there I was, broken and defeated in the Engine gorge. That's when I gave up, drank a coffee - and just died.
  3. Jump. Coming from TWM hold left when trying to goat down to the bunker. You will take damage, but it's doable.
  4. I had a few "dumb" deaths in my time. A favorite one will remain one of my earlier ones. Stalker (didn't play loper yet back then), made it quick and swift to TWM, set up base camp at the Hut ... and then my wife called me for something, I kinda didn't pause the game, something got exceedingly intense, so much I never made it back to the PC - just to find my poor survivor frozen to a popsicle in the hut the next morning. Yeah. Poor fellow. Let's just say he died for a worthy cause. I would really love if that was the case. It would make a few things quite a bit harder, but that's fine I guess. I also would like to have the character sometimes wake up to random noises or the aurora in particular. Sure that would sometimes put a wrench into your regeneration plans, or maybe make your next waypoint that little bit too far away to reach after a night not well slept - but we human things aren't designed to work like clockwork. Maybe that's just me (and you, apparently ), but that little bit of extra unpredictability would be quite ..... exciting.
  5. Yeah I kinda figured you're the "strat&vox" man by now (especially once you actually look at your full picture ). You strat is older than me, geez. Pretty amazing ^^ And yeah, pretty damn solid handywork. I do/did a lot of alt/indie/whateverthatwas stuff... but I can't deny a good blues solo when I hear one
  6. Let's just say it is not recommended to spend you life this way. A healthy diet does expressivly not include 12 kg of anything.
  7. Wait what there's a Vancouver in Washington? ^^ Whaddayaknow. Well many people from the US of A keep being very fond of Micro Center. But doesn't look like there's a store near you. Well - there's always Amazon *sigh
  8. Also: It's worth noting that more than 3600 Mhz here isn't better. The reason is unintuitive, but makes sense once you know a bit more. Since the "internal communication" (aka IF aka Infinity Fabric) of the Ryzen CPUs is memory synchronous the CPU has to cut the Speed in half if it gets too fast. So with 3600 MHz memory the internal IF clock is 1800 Mhz. Every CPU can do that. If you go 3800 MHz that would be 1900 MHz IF clock, and chances are your CPU can't run that. In that case you will have to cut the IF in half to 950MHz - and then you're definitively not faster than 3600 MHz memory, but more likely even slower. Another possibility is to run both asychronous (which is a new feature since Ryzen 3000) .... but that's more a workaround than an actual fix as the results vary from "well not totally bad but still not good" to "holy frick". So ... in most cases you will end up running your memory that is faster than 3600 MHz .... with 3600 MHz anyways. And since your geekage is limited - 3600 MHz is what you want 😉 And: I can confirm. Been a while since I have been doing real sequencing .... but for productivity in general there is (almost) no such thing as too many threads or too much memory. Plus @stratvox: That's some serious blues you got there, buddy. 😄 Very nice. Makes me actually miss jamming.
  9. Personally I'm a half-life (xD) long customer of the German e-tailer Mindfactory. But that's a .... very German option. Where you from?
  10. That's actually a very good point. As someone who has sold/built quite a few Ryzen rigs over the past 3 years I can only advise you to not skimp on quality memory when it comes to AMDs CPU offerings. More than as with intel AMD CPUs really rely on fast timings and higher "clocks" for memory. So if you are going with a Ryzen 3000 Chip memory with 3600 Mhz (or more correctly: 3600 MT/s, but potato-potato) is the way to go. That's something you can achieve easily on all 3000 series CPUs sold (The 2000 series has this sweetspot at 3200 Mhz). Just make sure you buy memory that is qualified to work with your mainboard of choice. All big Motherboard vendors (Such as ASUS, ASRock, MSI, Gigabyte) have qualification tables for memory like this one for the rather new B550 Tomahawk: If you stick to those tables you can be 99.9% sure everything will just work. At least I never had any issues when I stuck to them - but quite a few when I did not. Although: the memory controllers have gotten much less flimsy than they used to by with first generation Ryzen. But if you go for a big, fast rig .... don't cut the wrong corner. And memory is definitely the wrong corner to cut with Ryzen. As for how much you need: 16 gigs should be fine for games for the forseeable future. That I sport 32 gigs has mostly to do with work and my requirement to have 5 browsers open at all times, one of them in a VM (yeah, I know...). But if you want to be on the safe side for lets say the next 5 years .... memory doesn't stink. 32 gigs, even if you use half of it for filesystem caches, is never a bad thing to have. Maybe a last word on Single-Sided and Double-Sided Ram. If you just run two sticks of memory Double-Sided Ram indeed has advantages. If you run four sticks .... stick with Single-Sided Ram. So, as an example: if you planned to run a 3000 series Ryzen CPU on the above mentioned B550 Tomahawk your memory of choice if you decide for 32 Gigabytes could be
  11. If you are going 4K@60 I cannot stress enough to wait. The 5700XT is a good "entry" card for that, but we'll be seeing a lot of things move in the market until September with either better performance for that price range - or better prices for that performance range. A lot will hinge on how good AMDs new cards actually are, and if Nvidia is actually feeling pressured by that or not. As for monitors.... hm. Little reason to have a high resolution display you can't really drive. And with Samsung (supposedly) getting into the OLED game .... we might actually see a lot move in that regard as well. So.... I'd even caution there. I'm usually on the side that recommends buying now rather than later, but with everything that happens right now - the imminent launch of the new consoles, OLED entering the mainstream for displays, possibly the biggest gearshift in the graphics card market for about a decade and the release of probably the biggest PC title since GTA V, meaning Cyberpunk 2077 - I really caution against jumping the gun before before black friday this time around.
  12. Honestly: if you are content with 1080p (aka FullHD) and 60 frames a second ..... you are pretty fine with budget options like the RX 570/580 class cards or the GTX 1650 Super - or 1660 if you feel spendy. Unless you think of driving higher resolutions and/or framerates everything else is overkill. You might also look at the RX 5500XT if the the RX 570/580 is too power hungry for your taste. On the CPU side I feel like you'll have a hard time getting significant gains past 8 cores, and with the new consoles also sporting 8 cores you'll be good with an AMD R7 3700X or or R7 3800X for a very long time, but, in all honesty: if you are looking budget for TLD specifically, I don't think you can beat the AMD R3 3300X price/performance wise, despite being a quad core. But all of those options aren't required to drive TLD at 60 frames. I push that easily with "just" an "old" AMD 2600, and chances are your 6 year old CPU isn't the bottleneck either, especially not if it's an intel one. So, if I wanted to give my 6 year old PC a bump to run TLD at 1080@60 .... I'd personally get an RX 5500XT with 8 gigs (where 8 gigs is more future proofing than anything, 4 is fine for TLD, but heck... 30 bucks to make sure the card will run most games down the line) and then see if that already fixes my needs. If not .... I'd ask myself if I want to spend 120 bucks (3300X) for a CPU that's fast now, or 300 ish bucks (3700X) for a CPU that will remain fast for a few years. Unless you do CPU intensive stuff outside of gaming like cutting video or compiling large binaries .... the 3300X is all you actually need, and you can still upgrade in 2-3 years. On the other hand ... if you really want to 4K@60 I'd still not go over an R7 3800X, and maybe have a look at the RX 5700XT for the GPU, which can be had for 350 bucks on sales, and @stratvoxhas had really good results with that card at that resolution despite it being much less expensive than the 2070. With all that being said: as @Dan_ points out ... if your needs don't need urgent fixing I'd hold out for a few more weeks as there are several big releases coming in the next months that will likely shift the price/performance landscape a fair bit in your favor as vendors will start to clear stocks of the current generations. Not so much with CPUs (because intel is fubaring hard), but with GPUs there is a lot moving fast right now. TL;DR: If you want to upgrade NOW to play TLD at 1080p@60 buy a 5500XT or a GTX 1650 Super and you CPU will probably be okay. If you want to go 4K@60 and be good for a few years wait a few months and have a look at a discounted 5700XT and a probably also slightly cheaper 3800X on a B550 board. (Edit: just read that you already have an AMD "chipset" by which you mean CPU. That means you'll have one of those FX chips. In that case I think going with a 3300X would be the advisable, but still budget conscious option. Also edit: with Ryzen 9 around 500 bucks you'll mean the Ryzen 9 3900X. Don't go that one for gaming. It's amazing for productivity that needs a lot of threads, but for gaming the 3800X is the better choice as games hardly ever benefit from more than 8 cores [and won't for a very long time], but is a full 100 bucks cheaper)
  13. That's actually a good idea, especially since it would not only unnerve you, but seriously (!) hurt regeneration. While this sort-of amounts to the same thing while being a bit more punishing, but actually more "convenient". As for convencience ..... that's a balance that's hard to strike. Too much quality-of-life and you stop being invested - since there is no work put into it. But too little .... and you feel you are being harassed by the game. Being stuck in a mine for 8 real time hours counts towards is definitely on the far "too little" part of spectrum.
  14. I must agree that the no-passing-time-thingy is ridonculous. Especially since you can bypass it as @ajb1978has pointed out. I mean it's also no secret that I am not a big fan of Cabin Fever in general. It's an artifact from a time where the leaderboards were dominated by people that starve-pass-slept their way to high rankings while effectively not doing anything. The leaderboards are gone a long time, and nobody cares how you get to your 3652 days. Honestly ... if someone wants to spend their time this way in the game .... let them. But not only does Cabin Fever serve no significant purpose anymore, it's also overly punishing while at the same time can be exploited around quite effectively when you just know how - but which is very unintuitive and, as with so many other things, makes players rely on Dr. Google more than common sense. Please, just remove it.