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  1. You are right in your observation that stamina recharges slower - which makes sense, since all your statuses simply change at 1/4 the rate. If you want to cover the maximum ground possible in, let's say, a day, then sprinting isn't going to help you anyways since you will build exhaustion at a much higher ratio compared to the speed you've gained. Sprinting really only is useful to run "from" something (like the cold, predators, etc), not towards something. So considering you are already moving at 4 times the speed I don't see that much of an issue with it. The only real problem I see is with
  2. So yeah it "kinda" works, at least on Stalker, but you really have to keep facing them at all times. As soon as you don't: chomp! Which sorta makes this a situational escape plan. If you really know where you are walking backwards to - fine. But there is terrain where this could become tricky and the outcome possibly worse than standing your ground and taking the hits. Like ... yeah good thing you escaped those timberwolves, but now you've got a bear sitting on your face.
  3. I guess it's a thing of false assumptions. When the timberwolves got introduced we also got the marine flares. So assumption: you need a marine flare to keep timberwolves at bay. So, frankly, I never even tried to just use a torch or a normal flare. If that really works I feel silly beyond belief. My usual go to up until now was to start a fire, and just fling a billion of torches at them. Which kinda worked so .... maybe this will as well. That's accurate. In fact getting out of reach does not reset them. But if you put enough distance between you and the point they spotted you t
  4. Wait what, it's that simple? Does this work on Loper?!
  5. Good thing I don't do mods ^^. But yeah, exchanging normal wolves for timberwolves out on the ice..... that's hell.
  6. I'm actually very happy that they put things into the game that makes dealing with timberwolves easier. I still won't like those freezers, ever. But with the boombox noisemaker and hopefully this going to timberwolf infested regions in loper becomes at least somewhat feasible. I mean, you guys know I'm a sucker for a challenge. But having wolves matrix-dodge my arrows is just beyond not-fun.
  7. Screen Recording 2021-12-07 at Just a quick screen capture of the issue. And no, this is not happening on Windows, so it clearly isn't a feature.
  8. Hello fellow developers! Over half a year ago I issued a request at the support staff concerning how on Mac OS after leaving a UI with a cursor the camera pans according to the amount of distance traveled by the cursor between entering and leaving said UI. Of course the support staff told me that this was working as intended, and in fact a feature - not a bug. Which it clearly isn't. Now after I started playing TLD again I again have to fight this very odd behaviour. But a quick google search concerning this issue not on TLD but on Unity based games in general turned up this support thre
  9. Hello fellow survivors, guilt weighs heavy on me as I know what treasure @Drifter Manhas wagered on my behalf. The save still exists, and I will try and see if I find the time and continue my journey a bit. I'd have to read up on my own progress to even know where I am and what I was planning to do, but the challenge still intrigues me. And yes, @Hotzn, thank you for asking. It's been a few eventful months since my last foray into Great Bear. Mostly good, especially for business, as it turns out that putting the world into home office collectively sparks some demand in web solutions
  10. Since accessibility is not a concern I'd build it on that little island in the south-east of Coastal Highway, the one you can't get to, but I guess most people have tried at some point. I'd stand on the porch watching all those poor souls falling through the ice, with a cup of coffee in hand, shouting the occasional "You can do it!" over the ice. Ah. Retirement.
  11. Kommt zwar knapp ein Jahr zu sp√§t die Antwort, aber ich hoffe in einem so sp√§rlich besuchten Forum wird man mir etwas Thread-Necromancing verzeihen. Ich spiele neue Regionen immer auf Schleicher, und beschr√§nke mich auf diese Region dann f√ľr das gesamte Spiel. Hab ich so mit dem Stummflusstal gemacht, ebenso wie mit Kahler Zustrom - wobei das dort keine sonderlich erquickliche Erfahrung war. Jedenfalls fand ich die Aschenschlucht als gro√üer Fan des Stummflusstals nat√ľrlich ziemlich brilliant. Durch die ganzen Terrassen und Schluchten gewinnt diese Region unglaublich an "Oberfl√§che", sprich
  12. Hello fellow survivors, it is this time of year again, and even if I hardly have any time to play anything these days, I just couldn't pass up on a bit of TLD, and lo and behold: Episode 4 has come out. So, over the past one and a half weeks I managed to get through this piece, and getting through it is the right terminology here. I didn't read any reviews of the episode, and so I don't know if the "points" I will try to make here have already been made, or if I am actually in alignment with the community or see things totally differently. For those that don't know me and think now "ah j