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  1. I think wolves were always supposed to be able to enter open-world caves. They just basically never did (although incidents have been reported) due to their messy pathfinding. Since that has gotten a lot better in sometime between VF and redux they actually do track you into caves, although I know of no cave that has a wolf directly passing by the entrace on its usual route. So you either must be very stinky, or there must be some other interaction to make them investigate caves on their own. Especially the stinky part of course relies heavily on difficulty. A very particular spot is Deer Clearing on TWM. It has up to two wolves patrolling nearby, and up to three deers right in front of the cave. Rarely when a wolf chases a deer the deer might decide to run into the cave and the wolf with it.
  2. I'm a big proponent of the cooking update that came with vigilant flame. Made the game so much richer in so many aspects and I would be happy if HL would further iterate on it and/or add more mechanics to the game that work alike. On the other hand the thing they did to the entire cooking/boiling/firestarting thing with the Redux Update I cannot stop hating on. It's a seriously half-assed attempt to make the entire thing more self-explanatory, but it's seriously clunky and ineffecient in so many ways. If I could choose one thing in the game to see a decent redesign - that would be it. I can't believe HL is happy with it as it is, so I'm guessing it will happen at some point in the not-so-distant future.
  3. We most certainly should. Even at low temperatures the amount of bacteria building up in still water that's exposed to air is staggering. "Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that." - George Carlin
  4. jeffpeng


    That trick works with every "scene change", meaning every loading screen.
  5. I must admit because of this I cannot play Voyageur anymore. Everytime I start up a nice and relaxing game in Voyageur I get to the point where I know I should have to put a good fire on, but I just don't have to. Then I kinda think "meh, lame" and continue "relaxing" in Stalker 😉
  6. Admit it. You tried to induce climate change.
  7. One of the side effects of the Aurora is that the wildlife on Great Bear is actually fire-proof. Wolves just don't know that. But in panic they run straight through a fire, and don't even bother. So, in fact: the only thing in the game that can be hurt by fire .... is you. It's hard to escape the irony.
  8. In my opinion the fire/warmth mechanic is the single greatest change between Voyageur and Stalker. Everything else sorta comes naturally (more wolves, stronger wolves, did I mention wolves?) but this really punishes your habits. Back then I had pretty much the same situation where suddenly I was asking myself if the game was bugged - and then it dawned on me.
  9. In fact that might even be beneficial. The colder it is, the longer a fire will burn. And yes, the air temperature of the player is the deciding factor - not of the fire.
  10. jeffpeng


    Probably because it has no inventory model. yeah lol .... that really saves on weight.
  11. I've got a feeling I'll be answering this thread myself in a few weeks.
  12. I fail to see how this relates to Linux and Radeon. But maybe that's just my ignorant self talking.
  13. Yes, this would indeed be very interesting to know!