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  1. No you're not. I've even rolled back because of this - but it is even in the previous version: Crossroads Elegy, at least to some extend. I even tried out Vigilant Flame (Version from like 18 months ago) .... but that has other issues. I guess the closest you can come to the current version that should be free of this bug is 1.56 aka Steadfast Ranger, but that doesn't have new Pleasant Valley. Plus of course your "new" games won't work in old versions. I guess unless you wanna go and start "fresh" on an old game version the best course of action really is to wait. It's really quite a mess.
  2. Good luck as modding right now is in a bit of a pickle if I might say so.
  3. @desertedoneHm. No. Or better ... yeah, some of them probably did, but that's certainly not the reason for those commonalities.
  4. I've sort-of-kinda-tried-to-explain this somewhere else.
  5. It's always worth pointing out that more stuff in the game skews balancing. But personally I wouldn't object to some Chanterelle stew I actually love those. I think more variety in the local flora would indeed benefit the game.
  6. For someone mostly playing Interloper I am always fascinated by how effective the rifle is at medium to long range. And also how far you can actually effectively use it - like really, really far. I think it's theoretical range is unlimited, as I've seen pictures of people sniping the wolf down in Winding River from atop of the dam, and I myself did my fair bit of Canadian Sniper impressions. When playing 4DON I racked up some 40 wolf kills and 4 bears expending little more than 50 ammunition (it was more like "4 Days of Night of which Day 3 is also The Purge"). It's accurate, it's devastating, it's already twice the damage of any other weapon in the game. It's heavy, but boy can you put holes in things once you have Level 3 or 4 under your belt. And now you can even replenish your ammunition almost infinitely. So .... no. The Rifle is the pinnacle of offensive weaponry. There's a reason it's not in Interloper: it's too good. If you really need to defend yourself from a bear or a moose there is the flare gun. That's its purpose. It's basically a sidearm (as short weapons are mainly aimed at defending yourself rather than being able to carry out offensive actions.... which is why you don't go hunting with a pistol, and cops don't carry an assault rifle on patrol). It's light, and it is a 100% deterrant, even when already charging, for everything except Timberzombies. Bears will bleed out 100% of the time after being hit by a flare. Its only drawback is that you cannot restock ammunition, but a few very good suggestions have already been made to remedy this.
  7. One thing I noticed is how white text looks much better on dark background than black ... 🤣 But seriously: Considering how abundant charcoal is ... that's not really that useful to preserve. Just the larger survey radius would be actually quite powerful. I guess the player location marker thing is something a lot of people would appreciate. And "hiding" this feature rather deep behind a skill that you'll only acquire once you mapped a whole lot .... I mean I'm generally leaning against more navigation features, but this one I could actually get behind. Yeah, actually thinking about it.... this makes sense.
  8. Well it appears the "underground predators" and sinking corpse bug is also in Crossroads Elegy. I'm pretty sure both are the same bug. Corpses (real corpses, not deer carcasses, those are technically objects like cedar limps) are entities just as much as living mobs as far as Unity is concerned. Now something must have happened with Crossroads Elegy that made them spawn below terrain. The problem here is also two-pronged. For once there is a chance that mobs spawn below terrain. That does happen (and always kinda happened, just much rarer). I can only cast conjecture on why this problem now is so much more common, but I believe it has to do with altered hitboxes of predators that was implemented to make them respect walls better. But apparently there is also a problem of the placement algorithm that disregards frozen water as viable ground, and places the mobs on the actual terrain under the water. And yes, there is actual terrain under the water. The water surfaces are basically level flat surfaces that intersect with terrain, sometimes for very large parts of the map. There was also a video a few years back that showed that they can adjust the Y Axis of those water surfaces level-wide. So, long story short, I'm kinda back where I started
  9. Your're right. Didn't even spot that. That's why I really shouldn't conserve matches to the point I miss out on loot
  10. Oh yeah when it comes to fire I'm ultra conservative.
  11. Another Game, for those not too much into some dude trying to comment everything. Just gameplay - no voice.
  12. Well you could argue that the sun is fine. Just the maps we draw aren't aligned to north and the transitions are .... longer than we think they are, and aren't quite straight. On topic .... after just having gone through a true odyssey through HRV ... nah, no navigation tools please. I know some people really do struggle without them, and I made a (somewhat weak) case in a thread before why this overly benefits people with good spacial awareness. But in all honesty ... it wouldn't be the same game anymore. I have 2000+ hours under my belt, and I can get lost in HRV (at night, in snowy weather ) ... and that's pretty great. At least for me.
  13. Now here's some more weirdness that's linked to this bug. I actually tried again to get into the village, failed, and then started a new Interloper to record without narration.... and this is what I got