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  1. Well ... that might be the reason you are paranoid. Not even joking.
  2. I'll be continuing my run here. This is more or less the start of it: (Also I vote to only have this one thread) Stock: 9 matches left and a flare, 23 cattails, 1 can of beans, 3.5kg rabbit, 2.5 kg venison, 41 sticks, 3 books and 20 torches, a 72% hacksaw, 6 guts, 3 deer skins, 4 rabbit pelts curing in the nearby cave, 8 reishi teas, 2 birch bark teas. Clothing is a 50% Ski Jacket, 77% Jeans, 39% work boots, and 38% driving gloves. I still have 3 scrap metal at Spence's. Well then here we go. Forlorn Muskeg Single Map Challenge, Take one, Days 7 to 8 - Excursions 5 am and too cold to stick around in the snow shelter - and I am fully rested. Nothing to do but go back to the cave and wait out the cold. Today I will try to get down to lower blind and look if I can't score some firewood and maybe even find the Abandoned Camp. I'm down to 1.3L of water, which means I will need to make fire today anyways. I might as well use that match to get me there and back. At 6 am, still being too cold, I read a page of Field Dressing Your Kill, Volume I (the best of the series!) - just to pass the time. I don't seriously expect to reach harvesting level 3 - and level 2 I will reach before finishing the book. 7am it's time for two more hours of sleep. Then weather throws a wrench into my plans: It's not a full blizzard yet, but going out there is asking my ears to fall off. So it's one more hour of reading. After that I spring out and finally get my 5th bunny. I drink one of my brich bark teas cold and get two more hours of sleep. Sleeping here really is more about passing time with reduced calorie requirements without losing condition than actual rest. It's after that the weather finally turns full blizzard and forces me back to the cave. I use the time to fully disassemble the rabbit and since the cave is well lit make a few branches and sticks. Then ... more reading. It's 5pm when the blizzard is over and the Musket presents itself in mildly windy, snowy weather. I guess that's the best I'll get. I am out of water so I must act in any case. I get to my camp, make fire and warm up two cups of tea while making a can of water and cook some meat. Then I get going. It's alreay past 6. Down I go. Firewood is good and I make some valuable Reishis, but I have no luck with the Abandoned Camp. I fire a wolf away once, twice, and warm up where the camp would have been. Night has fallen and I am down to 40% on the fatigue meter. But I get Cooking II making some more tea. I reach the stranded logging train in total darkness. Some scrap metal, a cedar, but no coal, no other loot. Disappointing. I find some cattails on the way to Low Blind, but reaching it I am greeted with nothing of interest. I can't say my journey so far was of much success, and the cold is eating away at me while being in serious danger of getting lost at night and howling wolfes celecrating my impending demise. I follow the Muskeg trying to reach Hat Creek again when a wolf is blocking my path. I have to fire him away three times, one of them him already charging me, until I manage to circumvent him and lose him trailing up the creek. I'm freezing, I'm near exhaustion, but I should be in save waters for now. I traverse the cave with the same flame I lit when I set off and find a lump of coal and a few more sticks. At home I slip into the shelter and make a new fireplace right in front of it - and gain Firestarting II. I munch a cattail, put on a can of water and sleep and hour to avoid more damage. Then it's using my flame - and my time - to the maximum. Cooking the remaining meat, making water all the while with my patentented Timberwolf-Method: Always have a can on when you have a fire. Have a Moose to cook? Do it on one plate and make some water. Warming up? Make some water. Need to fire away a wolf? Great, make some water while doing so! Made a campfire by accident? Make some water by accident! In short: always ... make water. It's 8 am when a gust of wind reduces my 1H fire to 9m. Time to nurse. 11 am I finally let the fire die and settle for 8 hours of very well deserved sleep. My journey wasn't too successful. I'm down to 7 sticks, but I have 5 liters of water. I will spend the next day recovering some more - I've got the food for it, and I still need at least one more gut before I can even think about my journey to Spence's.
  3. Most people think snares catch bunnies running through them. This is not true. In fact a snare is a very small interdimensional portal. Small enough for a bunny, but sadly not much else. Although due to high amounts of Hawking radiation when passing the Einstein-Rosen-Bridge bunnies sadly almost always arrive dead. The few that make it live happily ever after ... until someone hits them with a stone. Also what I really cant bring myself to is leave anything useful behind. I am a compulsive hoarter. I'm always playing for that 10000 days game, when my actual record is clean 500 days (and after that I just stopped playing the dude). I really have to force myself to not bring that 4th hacksaw from 3 maps away because IN THEORY I could come to a point where my other 3 hacksaws are worn out, and I am out of scrap metal to repair them.
  4. I've given it a try anyways, and I think I can beat that 44 hours already in this run. 24 hours in, already at hat creek, everything I need for a snow shelter .... this run could go a week or more. Also: Mountain town is gonna be rather lengthy. I can think of staying alive there for a month or and more. Update: 29 hours, 80ish percent, snow shelter done, 10 matches left and food for roughly 8 days. Update 2: Progress so far: Ah right... a short summary how I got here. I spawned near BR transition at around 6pm. Luckily realized very quick where I was, sprinted picking up a few sticks, and almost ran into a bear. Real near miss - was touch&go. Made a ballsy sprint accross weak ice, bolted from a wolf and actually made it in one piece to spence. Found the Ski Jacket and the hacksaw (at which point I knew there is no maglens), plus my matches. Warmed up and rested. Got the dog food and my work boots from the safe. A blizzard grounded me for a bit, but I had clear skies at around 2 pm and made a sprint to high blind and then to Poacher's, where I warmed up again and found an extra sweater. Leaving Poacher's I had another near miss with another bear, and almost ran into 4 wolves. Right before Hat Creek I found my first deer carcass, but couldn't take the guts since I was worried about the wolves at the radio tower. Got through the cave totally exhausted, found the "cavelet", made fire, tore up my 2 sweaters and my shirt, as well as my underwear and my socks, built my snow shelter and, well, here I am. I found another deer in the cave which I harvested later, as well as a third deer on the cliff coming from Marsh Ridge to Hat Creek. That last deer cost me 20% condition just to get the meat and skin, but I will recover that eventually. I used an opportunity when the wolves at the radio tower were absent and double checked for the maglens - but to no avail. But I got my driving gloves there and some much needed firewood. Stock: 9 matches left and a flare, 23 cattails, 1 can of beans, 3.5kg rabbit, 2.5 kg venison, 41 sticks, 3 books and 20 torches, a 72% hacksaw, 6 guts, 3 deer skins, 4 rabbit pelts curing in the nearby cave, 8 reishi teas, 2 birch bark teas. Clothing is a 50% Ski Jacket, 77% Jeans, 39% work boots, and 38% driving gloves. I still have 3 scrap metal at Spence's. The biggest problem right now is firewood, although I will take a small expedition to lower blind to help alleviate that and possibly find the Abandoned Camp, which could possibly yield more matches and an urgently needed can opener. Plus the cave will respawn some coal eventually. Food will run low eventually, but I hope to make some more cattails and that at least 2 rabbits will respawn fairly soon. I still require another rabbit pelt and at least 1 more gut, plus 2 more guts to make fishing tackle since I had no luck finding a sewing kit. Then I could go craft a rabbit hat, rabbit mitts and deerskin pants. That would buy me 6+5.5°C, at which point I could consider making attempts to crash a deer or two, or make some lengthier expeditions. But considering that will take me until at least day 13 (now being at day 7) I still have some milage ahead of me. Optimally I would even get 2-3 guts surplus, and then I could craft a few snares. I still have 2 crates left to break a spence. If all works out really really well I could possibly scrape by to see day 30.
  5. Not saying you're wrong. Just saying that I'm as confused as @Jimmyas my previous experiences did suggest that Interloper loot tables and Custom Interloper-ish loot tables are 1:1. Maybe they changed something after all? Maybe the loot tables are not up to date (while I doubt that)?
  6. @Jimmy great writeup! I wouldn't say "infinite", not by any means of the word. I've stretched it pretty far doing 60 days in TWM without using the Hut, living in the Three Way Cave in a Snow shelter. Now this is an infinitely worse base case. There is no cave like the TWC in TWM where you could built a snow shelter and be protected from wind while also receiving at least a mild temperature bonus. Regardless of that: I think this is the way to go. But the cold will eventually progress too far for sleeping in you snow shelter. I'm planning on attempting this on the weekend, and I've already got a pretty good gameplan. Actually I played a lot of harder-than-interloper custom games, and the loot tables should be exactly the same. No idea how and why one should find a bedroll or a hammer.
  7. I suspect an Aurora Orca can fling charged batteries at you. Especially you.
  8. Something like this would actually be not half a bad idea, especially if it worked when you are hungry. It would not completely fix the entire starvation mechanic, but at least give some more much needed incentive to stay on a somewhat-healthy diet.
  9. @tsrsI get that it's hard to draw the line that decides that not being able to take a 10 cm step is not okay but axes being worn down after chopping up 20 tree limbs is. But by your logic pretty much any sandbox game falters. I guess an intrinsic challenge of TLD's design has always been that it tries to be both a narrative driven adventure and a loot driven survival sandbox. Maybe I might entertain my own view on the subject: When you play it as only the sandbox it would make no particular sense - from a gamplay perspective - to remove durabity and adjust food spoiling of, let's say, canned food to more realistic levels of "best before 2050". I mean you can try that. Play a custom difficulty sandbox with Pilgrim loot settings, and you quickly realize that loot essentially becomes meaningless since everything is available in excessive abundance and processed food hardly spoils at all. But an essential part of the challenge is that you have to manage your resources. If you remove that you remove the "survival" from the equation almost entirely, which would make this mode completely pointless. If it were only a story driven adventure, like, for example, "Life is Strange", your argument would have more merit, as, indeed, it probably doesn't fit a story that you need to stockpile this or that or even have gameplay challenges that are not directly tied to the narrative, and I would probably tend to agree with you. But if think a lot of the allure of TLD's Story Mode comes from the fact that it is this rather unique genre blend of a "narrative driven survival sandbox". And I reckon as such compromises have to be made. I think it's not a mistake that even the hardest Story Mode difficulty is rather generously populated with loot, exactly to alleviate some of the focus on survival and shift more attention to the storyline. I recently mentioned somewhere that I think that the universe of TLD is big enough for another, different game, one that my wife in particular might enjoy more (since she is a pretty fanatic fan of the franchise, but not very much into games that require fast reactions). What I was thinking of was indeed a game that in many respects looks more like an adventure/interactive movie game. In such a setting .... I would absolutely agree with you. As a side note: I also just realized that the idea of what adds to or distracts from "the experience" really might differ very much depending on where you are coming from, and what your inital expectations of the game might have been. I'm pretty much a sandbox-only player, as you might have guessed, so those aspects are fine for me, expected even. But someone looking at this from your angle really would think very differently about all this.
  10. Well I've been running open AMDGPU since I migrated to the rx 570. But I'm running a source based distribution, that makes it far easier to include bleeding edge stuff. But good to hear Navi is going places under linux. 🙂Addemdum: Yeah I really hope 10/22 fixes that stuff. I guess by now it's clear it's game/engine related. Still not feeling sorry for blaming nVidia.
  11. That I can harvest them - fine. Sometimes you need to pour much more wood into a fire to get it hot enough than you would need for the duration. I get that. I might have liked to see it implemented differently, like a "put out fire" mechanic, and then being able to harvest the remains for burnable material, but fine. Burned .... well .... they burn for so little it's more a mechanic to dispose of them than to actually add duration to a fire. But whatever. But the main grief I have with pulled torches is that they can be re-lit. I never craft torches. It's just not cost effective. Instead I throw surplus sticks into a fire and dance around it pulling torches until I get my >45% torches. You can't tell me that's how the designers envisioned this to work.
  12. I'd be careful using the "im"-word. It probably doesn't mean what we think it means .... or so I've read Although sitting on a chairs or in armchairs would be pretty darn great. Just imagine .... a nice fire going, cuddled up in front of it in your rocking chair with a moose hide blanket, the wind knocking on the windows, the bear knocking on the door, a hot cup of tea and a good book about disemboweling animals. Who wouldn't like that? Very imme- I mean nice.
  13. I really liked Redux' improvements in storytelling, but I'm not going through being molested by that bear countless times again. So for me it's old save I guess.
  14. @matchstick You will quickly realize that discussing anything that might be aiming at improving the game is a can of worms as of late.