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  1. I found this out the other day, although mine didn't stay on the wall it seemed to drop to the floor slightly. You have to wait until they are just about to cure (99+%) and select them as if you are moving them. Aim them onto a wall and wait (even though they are red as if you can't place them). When they change from "curing" to "cured" it will stick to the wall as if you've dropped it.
  2. I lived in Milton Basin for a while, was my place of death on my very first stalker attempt, those wolves are relentless! I had made a snow shelter just round from the hermets cabin, underneath an outcrop of the cliff, really wind and snow proof.
  3. This is what I do, drop everything like a decoy and leave it next to the fire, then just move it to the stones. You can do this while inside a snow shelter if you place the fire close enough. Admittedly I haven't played with mouse and keyboard since the update, just with controller, so maybe it is a bit more frustrating with left and right mouse buttons.
  4. I have a feeling this is what happened to mine, I had a few wolf encounters while carrying it. I assumed that only my clothes got damaged in attacks, but obviously not. Thanks everyone for all the great answers, I may invest in creating another one soon as I'm finally planning on venturing to HRV for the first time (if I survive the looting session in Wolf Town aka Milton).
  5. I went through the whole of DP and found no pots, managed to get a few in some houses I'd missed in CH.
  6. Looks like that's my next stop then, when I started my stalker run I did start in ML and then went to Milton, so maybe I've just been unlucky being in the places the pots aren't on my voyager run. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. That's good to know, I will keep searching, I'll go back to the places I've already been before the update and see what I can find.
  8. The last bear I took down in DP took 4 arrows, and 2 rifle rounds, I took 3 maulings in 3 days to get him!
  9. When the update first came in I decided to leave my previous voyager run of about 120+ days, and try my hand at stalker as a challenge. This didn't go well...but that's a different story, however on this brief stalker run (about 20 days) I had acquired about 8 or 9 pots over 2 maps. As these stalker attempts were a lot more difficult than I realised I went back to my original voyager to test out the new cooking systems in an environment I was more comfortable in. When I dropped back into it I was on my way back down TWM to my pleasant valley base. Returning to the PV homestead I found one pot for my 6 burner stove, so I decided to go on a mission to find some more. Explored all of PV - no pots. Explored all of coastal highway - no pots. Explored all of DP - no pots! I'm now trekking back to PV to head to ML still on the hunt for pots. I don't know why I found more than I'd ever need on a harder difficulty, but none on the lower. I'm wondering if it was because it was an already established run that caused them not to spawn? Has anyone else found that? I will continue the search!
  10. The moon shot was cabin fever, spent the night one the little ticket booth at the entrance, that was a tough few days. Spent the three days before recovering from 3 consecutive bear attacks (apparently I don't learn lessons easily). That damn bear took 4 arrows and 2 rifle rounds to take down! Not before the 3rd attack though, came round to a dead bear at my feet.
  11. Abandoned meat mine. On a beautiful evening in DP, waking up to an equally beautiful morning the next day
  12. I have noticed this more recently too, always getting double sprains at the moment. I would like to see more of a fall to show how you got the sprain rather than just a screen stutter and suddenly you're afflicted. The painkillers should only numb the pain and only rest totally cures it, with the limp slowly coming back after a few hours, as well as a slow rifle drop when aiming for a while as if your wrist is weaker than normal.
  13. I think it's part of the fun is not knowing if it's a wolf or a rock, keeps you alert. They have already added the map that never existed before. It would have to be an ultra rare, one spawn across the whole map kinda thing, with no guarantee of it turning up at all. I do like the idea of being able to get to the summit of TWM and have a look out across the whole island with some binoculars though!
  14. Hello, Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I had a quick search and couldn't find anything detailed. I have just repaired my bear bedroll to about 98%, went on an outdoor camping session for around a week maybe, in a snow shelter mostly (cave a couple of times). I have just checked and my bedroll is down to 8% and whilst in the shelter, not using it it went down a percentage while just looking through my inventory. Is it best to leave it somewhere whilst walking around? Does it normally decay this quickly when outdoors? My first one lasted much longer with a lot more use. Does carrying certain items with the bedroll make it decay quicker (like raw meat and guts)? This just seems a very high decay rate to me, and I am sure my last one lasted a lot longer! Thanks
  15. I agree with this. Initially I didn't like the amount of time things took to cook, an hour for a kg of meat is a very long time. But in real time it is about 5 minutes, which gives you time to wander off, go collect more wood, check your traps, survey the area. If the cooking times were reduced to be more realistic in game time you would only have a minute or less to do other things, you'd be forever burning food and be stuck sitting in front of the fire. I now realise I quite like the unrealistic game cooking times, because you're actually cooking things in real time - 10 minutes to melt and boil 2 litres of snow, 5 minutes to cook a kilo of meat, 2 minutes to make some tea. This gives you time to do other things, just read a book, or just skip time. I have found that I'll just time a fire to burn out when the water is boiled and just go to bed and let it burn out and collect the fresh water in the morning. It is a new learning curve, which is always a good thing, will just take time to master, which brings new life to the game