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  1. I have the same issue, asked around everywhere, even here on the forums, no one bothers to answer. I sent a report to Hinterland and I'm waiting for their reply. And the issue here is not Blackrock exclusive, every region is broken, at least thats how things are on my end
  2. So after installing the new update, every region of my game has glitched/non-existing textures, including the outside of Blackrock. Examples shown are Ash Canyon and Broken Railroad. Tried upping the graphic settings, nothing worked. Verified the integrity of the files, didn't do anything. Asked almost everywhere about how to fix it, no one even bothers to reply. What a supportive community. Anyway, I don't know if its cause I'm playing on a win7, every other update I've installed worked perfectly, until now. So if anyone can help, it'll be gladly appreciated.
  3. Man, I'm so glad I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. Unfortunately, no one seems to know how to fix it, at least everyone I've talked to don't know a thing about this. It ruined the experience for me too. Tried switching to ultra graphics, didn't fix it. Hinterland said that they will release a hotfix soon so lets hope they fix this garbage too.
  4. I woke up in a middle of a forest of some sort.I had no idea how I ended up there...All I could remember was the plane crash,then this place.I seriously hope that the guys in the plane are alright.Anyway,I stood up and had a look around the forest.It was pretty quiet to be honest,almost relaxing.I found a huge boulder and climbed on it.And then,a majestic view revealed itself in front of me.There was a birch forest,next to it was a barn,and several feet away from the barn-a huge house.I started to make my way down the steep,rocky hill.Probably the worst idea in my life.But i had to move fast,t
  5. Hey everyone!So I was thinking alot these days about carcasses or more precisely about some kind of other prize exept all the sweet-lifesaving meat,guts and skin.Something like antlers or bear ear(like in Wintermute).It would be awesome if you could take moose's antlers and hang them like a trophy from a wall or cut a bear's ear after you've defeated it successfully.I know that there will be no other use exept trophies but maybe the devs could make an achievement where you must collect all 3 throphies in one game(throphie from a moose,a bear and a wolf).Im interested to know what you think dow