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  1. As far as I know only manicmaniac and Ralph don't want feats in custom so those numbers are likely not to far off. I am just lucky that it doesn't effect me. I still find it really strange that people like to lower the amount of fun others have out of some sense of elitism or whatever.
  2. I always assumed we harvested the fat, as well as a number of organs. You would be foolish not to because you would die if you didn't.
  3. This sounds good to me....but please let them be unlocked right from the start. I don't want to have to play non-custom games to make the game more enjoyable.
  4. My monitor is terrible and I can see better if I move my head around when it's dark in the game. I don't duck my head down though, I sit up a little taller.
  5. I would very much like a feature in custom settings which would introduce a slider from 0-100% for animal amounts. So 100% could be the current max setting or whatever, and 0% could be no animals at all spawn. I would very much like to play a game with fewer animals than what is currently possible.
  6. odizzido

    New Animals

    Likely development time. Is it worth making squirrels over other things? I don't have an answer for that.
  7. My order and what I do changes. If my character is getting cold and I need a hat or gloves I will usually only look in the back seat through the window, and check the glovebox and front area. In either order. I will usually just go with the close part first. If I have a hat and gloves I will skip cars when cold. If I am warm I will check the trunk sometimes if I feel like it but not always. There is almost never anything in there. I also check the front+back I have checked for batteries a couple times just to see but what they're like but I've never done anything with them.
  8. I am glad I didn't update my game. sounds sucky.
  9. You're correct that condition of the meat doesn't matter. It shouldn't even be decaying anyways so that's a good thing. Anyways salt could be used to preserve meat to make it not mould in -20 degree weather(how does that happen??), but it could also reduce the smell of the meat so it would make wolves less able to find you. It could be something to do to prepare for travel, if you have the time/resources.
  10. If the fire burned out and the unburned fuel were still there to use then we wouldn't need the explosion. I just want conservation of energy to be followed. The devs can pick either one, I am not bothered which one, but they should do one or the other.
  11. TLD is specifically designed with short term in mind. You can get mauled by a bear and sprain everything there is to sprain, being five seconds outside from death.....but then completely recover by morning. Similarly you can take down a big buck, but you eat it, the whole thing, in two or three days. Everything is meant to be quick and done in this game. Personally I would like to see longer term stuff, and custom games can help with that some at least. But the more the better IMO.
  12. The devs will not be doing asymmetry for the characters, they've specifically said this.
  13. I think I know why I dislike sprains. They're not a threat or a challenge to deal with which turns them into something that just annoys me. The game asks if I want to walk around slower with a wiggly camera all the time. I tell it no. I guess that's it for me. As long as sprains don't threaten my survival I probably won't like them.
  14. They've already implemented what you're talking about. If the wind picks up a bit the fire burns so fast that all of the fuel is consumed in maybe one or a few clock cycles of your CPU. What I don't understand is where all that energy went. I think they should implement a campfire explosion which sends shrapnel, killing anything within a certain radius. The radius should depend on the number of joules left for the fire to burn. Seriously though, I think there are a number of things that could use some work. New players are always going to be doing things which make sense but don't work in
  15. My setting would look like this: Sprain chance = 0.01% (of default) Sprain duration = 1000% Sprain can be cured with a bandaid = no sprain is extra crippling(somehow) = yes I want it to be rare but meaningful. At least I would try it that way. The way it currently is is you either accept that you will have four sprains all the time forever, or that you cannot go anywhere with more than a 1 degree slope. Or you just turn them off, which is my choice.
  16. I find separating your actual needs from the fluff and then making sure those needs are met is effective. After that if you determine what is dangerous for you(differrent for everyone) then you can find ways to mitigate that danger. Finding limiting factors is also important. Finding what slows you down, eats all your time, what you never have enough of, etc....then focusing on improving those areas. I know those are all general but that's how it works in every game. Plus everyone will be a little different
  17. Indeed. It's obvious nonsense for the most part. Kids if you're reading that post it's made by someone spreading garbage.
  18. I have found TLD to be strangely USA in it's choice of english. Calling pop soda for example. I just find it strange.
  19. Is that true? Gas doesn't freeze in TLD temperatures? I seem to recall gas I've left out for the winter has gone bad. I live in canada.
  20. It depends which dog food you get. Some I imagine would be fine.
  21. Conserving gas is a bad idea because it goes bad in under a year. If you were ever in a situation like the long dark you should totally use it as much as you want and can. Edit------ I don't have fishing because I turn it off.
  22. I find you already have unlimited food? I can't imagine running out. I don't think food preservation would make things any easier, if anything it would be a beginners trap for people to waste their time with. Unless it had other advantages such as reduced smell for travel. Female deer would be good. I like the idea of male deer being more rare and special with antler uses.
  23. I am always a fan of making things accessible and enjoyable for people. It doesn't seem whiney at all to me.
  24. That sounds nice, it's probably beneficial to your experience.