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  1. You could play custom Xbuilder, you can just turn off cabin feaver. I do. edit-------- I just noticed an admit talking about discussing what we like and dislike about cabin fever. For me personally it's just strange. Maybe it's because I don't personally get cabin fever but there is also the fact that our character would rather be in a -40 blizzard than inside for sleeping and it's just like, really? It's just too unbelievable for me. edit2--------- Maybe if they switched it to a bored stat where it can hurt your productivity when crafting and it takes a little longer to read or something. I could see that, getting distracted and unable to focus well....fidgety, etc.
  2. Jim sterling talked about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIWivb-8C1w
  3. From what I understand electricity simply doesn't work unless the aurora is active. As to how I don't know, but even battery operated devices don't work so solar panels don't have any hope.
  4. Autohotkey is the program you need, and then you need a script for it to run saved in the file called autohotkey.ahk here is the script I use for it, you can copy and paste it. Mine doesn't have autowalk though, it just auto clicks. It's also great for any games telltale made(they're actually why I started using it. I want a story, not to ruin my hand) setKeyDelay, 5, 5 setMouseDelay, 5 z:: while (getKeyState("z", "P")) { send, {lbutton} ; send, {e} sleep, 5 } return
  5. When space engineers was being worked on earlier in the beta they had a weekly video that they put together. It was done by their community manager though from what I recall so it wasn't the devs making it. As much as I enjoyed watching them I understand it can take time, time which could be spent actually making the stuff you're talking about. I think the current dev diary is decent. We get to hear from you guys once in a while and you don't have to spend a ton of time on it.
  6. Haha I love your chocolate analogy
  7. No I wasn't sure which is why I posted it
  8. I use autohotkey too. It really saves my fingers when picking up sticks and such as they can hurt if I click too much. As to the map updates I am glad they're looking at it. I know when I first played TLD I tried it out but ended up never using it because the time it took for the character to do it wasn't worth it. Hopefully they can improve that. I am speaking about the in game passage of time not my time, just to be clear. It drains your stats without giving anything back.
  9. https://hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/36887-dev-diary-–-may-2020/
  10. Cool thank you for the update I always enjoy reading these. It's nice to hear about the mod support in particular.
  11. If it is man vs wild, the first thing you need to do is find some weak ice and go for a swim
  12. I would certainly enjoy seeing your screenshots of other bunkers you find, if you feel like posting them
  13. I have never seen a prepper cache in game so it was neat to see the screenshots you've posted
  14. In 1996 quake you could bind a key to a whole bunch of actions. For TLD it would be Bind mouse1 "+attack; +use"....I probably left a few out there but you could just keep adding them in no problem People could then choose to bind everything to one key or not. I am sure you could make it all nice in the GUI too.
  15. Pressing a button to pass time would be pretty deliberate? I mean times that I do not do things deliberately are throwing rocks trying to pick rabbits up but that's probably the consolitis coming into play more than anything. And for that exact same reason I don't think we will ever see a button to pass time. That would require more buttons on a controller, or for them to allow PC players to bind actions properly like you could do back in 1996 in games like quake. It's a long lost time, unfortunately.
  16. It's funny but I am kinda the opposite of you archer. I disable parasites but have the cold turned up. It's nice that we have custom so we can change things to what we like. edit-------- I would be for parasites from raw meat....but when I look at it, eating raw meat is already too risky compared to how easy it is to cook it anyways so it would never happen. Maybe eating raw meat should be less risky to tempt people into taking a chance. I mean, who actually eats raw meat?
  17. I have played games with someone who would narc out. This sounds like a reasonable feature to me. A little option box could be there for anyone who wants to use it without impacting anyone else's game.
  18. odizzido


    Yeah modding would be good. I certainly liked it in Space Engineers.
  19. in 7.62x51 That and a revolver of some kind, but I don't know pistols as well so I can't say which
  20. I know it's not for everyone but I just disable sprains in the custom games I play.
  21. I personally don't use feats but I am always for people playing the game how they want to play it. I think the reason hinterland gave is that they're worried people will make a custom game even easier than pilgrim to get feats. I personally don't see that as a problem, but there is obviously a problem with people who only play custom games that also want to get feats. Maybe hinterland could just disable feat progression if the custom game is too easy? That would at least help
  22. ohhhhh that's good. I didn't know that quartering progress was saved. So often I look at the time it takes and then it never seems worth trying because the weather could go bad half way through and all that progress is lost. But it isn't. Good to know, thank you
  23. Pretty sure the last time I played was the latest version and I had a craft time selector. Does double clicking cause that behaviour?
  24. oh really? I guess I assumed since it was close and my lack of knowledge of aircraft allowed me to.
  25. A fair bit of the aircraft is also in pleasant valley. I am not sure if the cockpit is there.