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  1. Whats up with having to use 2 x to heal each sprained limb? Instead of just using 2x to heal all? And why is it that only my arms get sprained while walking in elevated terrain? Would it not be more sensible if the sprain would occur in the legs/ankles?
  2. Yes, and it is very relevant and should be to everyone else too
  3. No, if your mittens/gloves does not show on your hands, then you are not wearing them, hence they should add an animation where you rapidly drop your mittens before using the weapon.
  4. Nice changes, but I am yet to wonder why the hand animations are still showing bare hands. After several years of development the player characters is still walking around showing bare hands even though mittens/gloves and now improvised rags are supposed to be equipped. My big question is, why? What is so hard about implementing this compared to other objects? It might sound like a small detail, but it actually is not. Walking around and interacting with tools and weapons with bare hands for hours while the temperature indicator is showing below 28 degrees just feels wrong to the core and kills the immersion for me with this game. Also, when will we see more variation in wildlife? Wolverines? Beavers?
  5. I am a bit puzzled as to why there is no hygienic system in the game. Surely there should be implemented some sort of way to getting rid of bodily fluids and waste. Maybe flys and maggots could appear on rotten flesh (once the temperature is sustained over a long period of time) ? What about getting sick from rotten food and getting the blazing shits and heavy fluid loss, the need for more sleep?.. just a thought. No more explaining should be needed I guess ?
  6. I would like to see a few more weapons, traps and tools in the game just to have a bit of variety. Below are some suggestions Weapons: - Bolt Action or semi Hunting Rifle With Scope? - Double barreled Shotgun? -Pump Action Shotgun? -Crossbow? - Magnum Revolver Traps: Variety of different snare traps. Spring traps Tools: Big Axe or Wood saw (+ The possibility to chop Down trees) Sturdy Survival knife Shovels Candle lights Pot to Cook Food/water Lighters Compass Animals: Marmot Wolverine Bison Squirrels Cougar Goose Would also like to see a bit more variety in animal behaviour and animals moving together. Wolves should only attack in packs and f.i. Old and young animals walking together whereas the Elders are protective of the young.