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  1. TLD-fantast från Stockholm här. Spelat i 3 år nu. Avskyr Timberwolves så pausar ett tag tils Hinterland får ordning på grejjerna.
  2. Timberwolves or how to ruin a perfectly good game in one update. No more recommendations to friends for this game.
  3. Set system language to English, then it works. I'm a fellow Swede. It's easy to do on Xbox One but to make sure all settings are English and not Swedish on a Win10 PC almost drove me crazy.
  4. Its called Protein Poisoning and is caused by a lack of fat. If you eat all the intestines like heart and liver you will get all vitamins needed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protein_poisoning
  5. No thanks, dogs are #1 reason people are getting mauled by bears & moose in Sweden.
  6. Geomagnetic storm has rendered them all useless! That's my take on it anyway. And there already is a compass in the game, sort of. Drop a stick, see where it points. It always points the same way.
  7. Yes i found 5 the only time i been up there.
  8. Took me long enough to realise the same And i just realised i did say anything regarding your question about Hatchet VS Hammer. And that is because i never find hammers outside of where they do most good so i have never used them as a substitute for Hatchets. But i remember reading they degrade less then hatchet for smashing stuff. So if one is lucky to find them and have space in inventory to lug them to a base i would assume they make an excellent addition.
  9. Correctly so. I should have elaborated more instead of using "" around waste. It is of course based on situation and need. Especially since i almost perished yesterday in a blizzard looking for sticks to melt snow and boil water. Lost, cold and dehydrated i finally found my way back to the Abandonded Prepper Cache in PV, busted some creates (with my stored hatchet), moved to broken down house and stove and survived to see another day.
  10. tldr version: Hacksaw for saplings and harvest frozen meat, knife for skinning and selfdefense on expeditions. Hammer/Hatchet stored in bases for furniture busting fun Longer answer: Well i think the consensus is that sticks is plenty fine and the hatchet is just unnecessary weight. Hacksaw is just as good for saplings and the Hacksaw is also repairable nearly indefinitely whilst the hatchet is only good as long as you have sharpening stones. Hacksaw is also better then Hatchet for harvesting frozen meat. Knife is plenty in selfdefense scenarios. But if you want to "waste" time and calories on busting up furniture, a Hammer or Hatchet is your only option. I have a few Hatchets in different bases that i use to pass time and break down furniture. But i never carry it on expeditions.
  11. As far as i know The Summit is the only sure place for the expedition parka (and loads of them). Other then that i have found them in the dam, a house i CH, radio tower house in PV but far from all my runs (mostly Voyager)