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  1. Thanks for the info/helpful tips. I made it to Trapper's with multiple loads of useful stuff. Took a few days to get everything from Picnic area to Trapper's. I had to move everything from Orca station to the picnic area building. Then moved everything down to the cave down below the picnic area as an interim drop off point. That took a couple of in-game days to rest a night after moving a couple of loads before retrieving the 3rd and final load. Then from the cave below picnic area, took the loads up the next rope to reach the cave at the end of the frozen river, using that cave (which leads to trapper's) as the next way station to drop stuff off. Also needed an overnight to recover after first two loads were hauled. Finally, took the 3 loads through remainder of the cave leading to Trapper's. Again, thanks for the advice!
  2. @MRE_MAN - Thanks for the tip! Looks like it will be a multistage effort then. I'm at the farm just outside of milton, now, so I'll hoof everything to the gas station first and then start the trek as suggested. And, yes.. from trapper's cabin, I can work my way back in stages, as well. A bit of a drag, but worth the effort in order to collect the consumables for my main home base(s). Thanks, again.
  3. Pls forgive if this has been covered before. Are there any options to leave MT in survival without climbing ropes up/down to exit the area? I came here to harvest valuables (whetstones, sewing kits, meds, etc.) and want to trek back 'home' (Coastal gas station or Pleasant Valley farm house, my main home bases) to stockpile these items in an area I'd prefer camp in, trying and stretch out in-game my existence as best I can. Hoping I don't have to scale ropes unencumbered over and over in order to get stuff out of MT, but will do if need be.
  4. Same here.. Shoot a moose while not well hidden and you're in for a stomping. Highly recommend you climb a downed tree, or a large rock that prevents charging, in case you are spotted. Shoot a moose from a hidden location and don't reveal yourself (shoot while crouched, stay crouched?), and the moose will retreat after being hit but wander back to roughly same path it was on when hit. Takes a couple or three shots, depending on how well you hit it each times, it seems.