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  1. I think that is actually a really cool idea. Again a seperate game with more features but really cool idea.
  2. I think these make sense. Don't know what you would find but they make sense.
  3. raginglion00


    It could take up the accessories slot with a different button to use them right away just to make the weight a bit lighter. Could be cool like scopes
  4. Actually i can not even play multiplayer if it was put in as a mod i have the game on ps4. I just enjoy talking about putting in stuff like this for games to expand the player base a bit. To circle back though you mentioned me saying the out doors as too brutal. I dont think it is "too brutal" i just think its much brutal sure but its not the kind of brutal like "ahh i can't take three steps without dying" but more like if i don't pay attention to everything i need to take care of(i.e. food water, etc) as well as wild life, weather and proper shelter i'm gonna die fast. This seems to be very realistic in most aspects which is what hinterland seems to be trying to do. This coupled with the fact that resource managment is really the key part of the game(or so i have read) makes this game much more difficult than say 7 Days to Die. Also since the game doesn't have enemies on every corner like other survival games allowed them to really focus in the SURVIVAL part of the games. So yeah i still agree that a map with few to no human structures would be awesome especially with the edition of a tent i don't see players rushing to that spot. Not unless they allowed you to start with a bow or gun at least to get the food and material needed for that area. But with that in mind it would make for an interesting edition for those who wanna go a little hardcore. P.s. i'm only on my 3rd attempt on voyager its going good so far but last i played wolves were closing in and i only have 3 rounds left in my gun
  5. Now as for more thoughts on how multiplayer might work, it would be interesting to see if players would share supplies some. It would be cool to add in a mechanic that let you divide like a piece of fish or break a protein bar and give it to the other person. Of course this means you both have food but now you only have half of what you had before in calories. Also additions to the injury system could be gun shot wound and arrow wound in case of hunting accident. Imagine it you and your friend havent found each other and you go out with your rifle and fire at what you think is a bear and it turns out you just shot your friend wearing bear fur in the arm and now you have to treat it! And about the time system difference i thought it may be best to allow the players to decide how long the day night cycle is in real time. Now again it would simplify breaking things down and crafting things to like 7 Days to Die level but it would be a good in between.
  6. I think we are talking about 2 completly different things. Im trying to put up some ideas for multiplayer with how the game is right now. You on the other hand are talking about relying on nature. You do rely on nature. 85 percent of my play throughs are probably spent exploring the wilderness trying to map out the next route to another area without getting mauled by a pack of wolves or a bear or now even a moose. The reliance on man made structures and items seems pretty balanced to me. I mean the game is pretty brutal. I remember when i first started playing i froze to death cause i couldnt build a fire and then again with those darn wolves. I only survived my third time because i found the trailers by the dam in mystery lake. My point is it seems the reliance on buildings is to even out the brutality of the out doors. Though i agree it could be a change in pace if buildings were fewer or there were tents i think that should be an option cause it would not be friendly to new players. And no im not saying the game should "conform to how i want it" but rather it should offer a challenge for new and expierienced players but should not be too hostile for those who might just pick up the game or bought it on sale or something. To sum up buildings and reliance on man made things may cause distance from nature in game it is necessary to balance the game and draw in more people. Though i do agree that adding in tents or making snow shelters more appealing to early players i do not think the amount of buildings should be lessened without an option to do so cause as said the game as is is very brutal.
  7. Sir we are open to duscussion but you are trying to shut this thread down because you find it annoying. The idea for tents sounds like a good idea but the problem i see with tents is they dont really offer wind protection. This could be countered simply by placing it next to a rick face. The reason the game is kinda man made structure based is cause it is an apocalypse game as well as wilderness survival. If multiplayer was added which it wont be they wouldnt have to change a thing it would add to the difficulty of having multiple people with limited supplies. The only downside to multiplayer would be the time system for taking things apart and building fires and stuff. They could set it on a fixed time but that could break some things like fires causing them to run out faster or lasting to long. As for taking things apart they could take time out of the equation and cause you to lose more calories as a result of breaking stuff down. Of course these both have upsides and downsides and im sure there would be a better way around it
  8. I agree super mario man. And ericthegreat i did put out some ideas in an earlier post you know the try and find each other thing that was stupid apparently. God i should have never signed up to these forums cause of people like you who. This is how communities for games start to fall apart.
  9. Please i dont think this was supposed to start a whole thing like this. We are newer to the forums and we dont mean to annoy anyone. I did already know TLD would have no multiplayer but i dont think discussing ideas for it is as bad as you are making it out. I love the game as is. I play it often but i also like to play with my friends. And a lot of other people do 2. I understand that TLD will never have multiplayer. Trust me i did my research for years until the ps4 version came out cause i cant afford a pc. But going off on some people because they are using the wrong forum or might enjoy discussing a multiplayer feature isn't the way to settle this. The best thing is to just ignore them instead of wasting your time arguing over something you really dont care about. So plz if you want this community to continue to grow in a positive direction just accept that people make mistakes and dont know as much as you do about this game as you. This dude just wanted to see what people would want from multiplayer in the slim chance hinterland changes their minds about the game being purely single player. He was not demanding it he was just seeing if anyone else wanted it and how it could be implemented. I threw in my ideas to try and start a discussion on how it may be done and i havent seen you EricTheGreat attempt to add anything to it either. So i say again if you see a discussion about multiplayer on these forums dont click on it. It is probably new players like us that just would like to talk about the idea.
  10. Ok so my first near death freaked me out so much: I was in costal highway and in all honesty i got lost which is something hard to do i found out. Anyway i was following the road towards the side with the garage and i was at a point that was really close to the water. I saw a car and started to search it when i heard the dreaded barking. I panicked and couldn't find the little jerk when i remembered i could hide in the car so i did and looked out the window and it was seriously just few steps away! It started to circle the car and it got to the point where i had to move and so i ate my crackers and jumped out and it jumped on me almost immediatly. I only had the knife and so i got cut up pretty bad before i knocked it off and got all the infections but eventually i made it out of there. I learned that day one very important thing and that thing is...F wolves
  11. Also if they annoy you so much just ignore them
  12. I get it but in a world dominated by multiplayer games its a bit of a change for some people especially new players. And like i said its just a thought that some people have that they think would make the game better or friendlier to the video game community as a whole. Like i mentioned i know this game will likely never have multiplayer but its just a fun thought to have. I mean imagine it you get dropped in the mountain town and then your fruend gets dropped in forlorn muskeg but you two have no idea where each other are and voice chat would be proximity so that you can't just tell each other where you are and move there. You two would have to survive on your own until you tracked each other down and since the game would still be PvE work together to survive. It might also be cool to make the injury system even more severe so that if you break or sprain you leg or crack a rib you can do even less and your friend has to take care of you by bandaging you and bringing back food making it harder for the both of you. If one of you die your gear can be taken by the other guy to survive and it becomes normal survival mode you can't invite the person back in you would have to start a whole new map or wait till you died. Thats how i imagined it going at least.
  13. Oh I know that they said they weren't going to do it thats probably why the guy put it on here. Its just a happy thought for some people.
  14. Honestly though i wouldn't mind a dual surviving kinda thing in sandbox. Wat would be cool is if it spawned you and your friend in two random locations so that it would allow you two to survive on your own with the goal of finding each other.