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  1. Even if this idea never makes it into the game there is no reason why we can't have a 'The Long Dark Community Library'. This may be as simple as a list of community recommended texts that we can all read and enjoy at our leisure. Below is a Google Form for easy submission of suggested titles. The last questions allows you to enter a reason for the inclusion of that text or review (optional). Below is a link to the responses Google Sheet which for the time being forms TLD Community Library.
  2. Yup, agreed. This turned ionto another thread so as to notderail this one
  3. I can see your point, and I was partially of this thinking also. The idea occurred when I was reading a collection of Jack London's short stories that were on theme. I also take @Hotzn's point on board re., people leaving a range of books behind. I guess it's another of the real-life vs game-mechanic questions. Having the community propose titles with reasoning for their inclusion may be a neat way of slowly implementing the idea over time whilst also providing a certain level of community curation. @Pillock didn't know that old chap! Must admit though that DayZ is also beyond my system's
  4. Amen! Actually, when you start to look a the titles that are in the public domain it is quite surprising... Don Quixote, Frankenstein, Moby Dick, Treasure Island, War of the Worlds, Alice in Wonderland, Heart of Darkness, the invisible Man...the list goes on and on.
  5. I'd never considered this, but 100% agree. Sitting there writing in my journal before a roaring fire and under iridescent skies. In my mind I'm already gone. At some point in the future maybe this could be, I was thinking more in terms of a quick-win type implementation with minimal overhead for the devs. Your idea in lthe long term may indeed add to the possibility of develpign an in-game library Appreciated A lot of Lovecraft's work is also now in the public domain - the story as referenced in the 'Willow's Peak' thread ('The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath') is a good example
  6. This is a wish for those of us who treat TLD as a second-life sim rather than a survival game Two parts, a) having actual books to read and b) the real-life/in-game time ratio when reading these books. With regard to a) I think use of out of copyright material would be a must. There are some great titles that fit the game, such as Jack London's 'Call of the Wild' and 'White Fang'. With regard to b) when reading these books the real-life/in-game time ratio would slow to 1:1. Could you imagine hunkering down in the woods, cave or your favourite structure...starting a crackling fi
  7. Yep, great series. I've always wanted to find Call of the Wild and White Fang in the game - both out of copyright so no issues there.
  8. Lesson learnt. No matter how obsessed with a game you think you are there is always someone out there who has it worse.
  9. BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! Oh lord no, not even in the silent apocalypse would that be acceptable!
  10. Can you imagine actually arriving at Quonset and finding a half-crazed trader with rooms full of equipment like that? By the way, that was a great video - were you purposefully aiming for the "Ants in my eyes Johnson' style whilst making it? As for fish, I'm currently seeing whether or not mode makes a difference to fish weight, and what the biggest fish out there is. Caught another one at the above location that was 6.19kg. Pretty big for a bass
  11. Ah ok, thanks Patrick. The reason I asked is because I wanted to start doing some running threads that summarise some of the more frequent posts. To do this I would have to have edit/update the initial post over time to reflect ongoing comments. Guess it's not possible at his stage!
  12. Dammit, pretty sure he gets harassed enough! Still...
  13. This has been mentioned in a couple of posts but not to my knowledge clarified - has the ability to edit posts after a few hours been removed from the forums? If so, who do we harass to get it back?
  14. Weird as it sounds, all of CH makes me feel this way. No idea why, just hate the place.