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  1. Man, how amazing would it be to to find a radio (during aurora of course) and be able to tune to different stations! Maybe someone out there is alive broadcasting cryptic messages or clues to hidden locations. Just hearing another human voice in the quiet apocalypse would be great. I could imagine walking outside and seeing the aurora and rushing from the Trappers Cabin to the Camp Office just to see whats on the radio. Maybe a little Ella Fitzgerald "Black Coffee" in the background while I sip a cup of "Big Moose Kicks" coffee, fantastic!
  2. Thanks for the update and Good luck with the core tech improvements and your work on full-body simulation, you can do it! Just remember that giving the players everything they want will KILL the game (see Star Wars Galaxies). The Long Dark is a masterpiece IMO, Hinterland Rocks!
  3. Bowie


    Yeah, I'm sure foggy lenses would be an issue on really cold days, but there are a lot of times in the game when air temps are fairly warm. On a side note, in the Air Force we used them in like -30 degree temps. Of course they were airtight, Argon filled, super high-dollar, tax payer funded binoculars. lol
  4. Bowie


    When I first started The Long Dark and discovered the forestry lookout, I knew in my heart that there had to be a pair of binoculars up there. The whole time I was running up the stairs, I was imagining standing up there surveying everything below. I got up there and said to myself "Who runs a forestry lookout without binoculars?" Anyway, I think they would be a little heavy, but still a great addition to the game.
  5. I agree there are a ton of things people want, but the question is, would it be true to the spirit of the game? Just yesterday, I was standing on a cliff outside the radio tower on the pleasant valley map wishing I had some binoculars to survey the land below and maybe spot the elusive prepper's cache!