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  1. as i have already explained above: custom mode does not provide any gameplay more challenging than interloper. that is a fact. and it is also a fact that it is no challenge to survive in this game for experienced Players, and if you struggle to survive you are not an experienced Player. an opinion is Always subjective. not only should it be obvious that my comment is an opinion, i also specificly said in my first sentence that it is an opinion, just in case that someone like you would not be able to understand it. please try to seperate your personal inability to understand the subject of an opinion from an Argument or discussion. how dare i not to provide every single piece of evidence when i make a Claim!!!! the funniest Thing About These discussions is to watch how People come up with hilarious Statements as soon as they run out of valid arguments^^ please let me know if you still would like to see a list of "other Survival games" that provide their Players the opportunity to customize their gameplay experience. spoiler alert: almost all of them do in a certain way, which is exactly what Hinterland realized and why they also implemented custom mode again: opinion --> personal, and personal opinions are not shared by everyone. instead of trying to cut of other peoples opinions you should learn how to engage in a discussion and come up with valid Arguments instead of making useless and timewasting Statements. that would be perfect, Maybe that way i would be able to buy a loot box that lets me customize my gameplay experienced so i can enjoy the game again, instead of having a game where i dont pay for updates but unfortunately being part of the playerbase the developers dont really care About, ups i mean prioritize^^ again, I would rather pay for updates than being able to Play a game for free that Fails to provide interesting and enjoyable game Play for ME. your lack of undertsnading criticsm and accpeting the opinion of other People is remarkable aswell. no, but i know the Feedback of experienced Players which have basically been ignored in the last years and will be continue to be ignored in the future, because instead of focussing on the improvement of aspects of the game which improve the gameplay experience for every Player, the priotity seems to improve aspects that only Benefit a certain part of the palyerbase see above re: opinion. see above: custom mode does not provide any more challenging gameplay than interloper for experienced Players. new zones alone dont provide any substantial amount of playability or replayability for experienced Players, due to the lack of fundamental improvements People are asking/waiting for years in the Forum for some fundamental changes that also affect the replayabilty and challenge of the game, therefore it is not false. the inability to provide relatively simple changes to the game, which would improve fundamental issues with certain aspects of the game, such as Long-term playability, replayability and challenging gameplay experience is certainly a lack of competence for me. you have to learn and understand that just because you have a different opinion it doesnt mean that other opinions are fals, esp. you should Refrain from using "demonstrably" false since it is easy to prove that is is not false at all, and rather a difference between opinions. i also do think that the developers love and take great pride in their product, but i also think that the developers are Setting wrong priorities and the game is not nearly using half of its potential. again, you should really take a Moment and try to understand the subject of an opinion, which is Always subject, and not necessarly false, just because you dont agree with it, because it is really difficult to engage in a constuctive Argument with someone who does not really seem to understand that fundamental aspect and and tries to label everything as demonstrably false just because it does not represent your own opinion/Point of view. my base criticism on Things is all About the perspective of someone who represents the relatively small part of playerbase who are very experienced at the game and reached a Point where they are not able to enjoy the game anymore because of the lack of fundamental aspects like Long-term playability, replayabiltiy, customization and lack of challenge. that doesnt mean that we dont care, in fact we care a lot, that is exactly why some People try to express their criticism in order to make the developers Aware of These Things and in the hope that Things get better in the future. trust me, i liked this game a lot and i would like to be able to enjoy playing it again, but at the Moment this is not possible, therefor my Frustration with the recent update which was labeled as Survival mode update but did not provide any fundamental improvements. the General Feedback of the game Shows that the developers are doing a fantastic Job providing a very good gameplay experience for more causal Players, but on the other Hand there is also a part of the Player base that feels ignored. and as i said many times, i think it is totally possible to improve the game in a more fundamental way that Benefits all plyaaers instead of just improving the gameplay experience for parts of the community. after all, all i am asking for and trying to promote is a more customizable gameplay experience where every Player haas at least the opportunity to Play and enjoy the game how they personally would like to, and i think that is something everyone should accept and support. Hinterland can choose if they take such Feedback serious or they can just ignore it. as for me, i am done with this game now. for years i am waiting for substantial changes and improvements for experienced Players, but the recent update has shown to me that even an update labeled as "suvival mode update" will not provide any of These changes and it would just take at least another couple of years for the game to reach that Point. and already waiting for that Long, i am not interested to spend any more effort into this game, not by playing it and not by coming to the Forums and engaging in Arguments how to improve the game or detailing how to improve the game in the wish list section. i just came here one last time to respond to some comments and this was my last time visiting the Forums, and unfortunately the last time i had TLD installed in my Computer. all i can do is hope that other experienced Players have some better gameplay experience in the future due to my effort of putting some Attention to that subject. that being said, good bye everyone
  2. i think you underestimate the value of Survival mode, like i said, it is not the Story mode that keeps Players interested in the game in the Long term, it is the technically indefinite replayability of the Survival mode that keeps People interested and able to enjoy the game. what do you think what happens after they fully released the entire Story mode? peolpe wont come back and Play Story mode over and over, no it is the Survival mode that will do that. and Hinterland will more and more realize that and start working more on Survival mode. but according to the current pace, this will take a couple more years.
  3. of coruse it is, but the more experienced you get the less challenging it is. i wish i would be bad at this game again because These Moments are when you have the most fun playing this game. i remember when interloper came out how much i enjoyed the game for a Periode of time because it reminded me how much fun it was to Play the game when you have a challenge. and it was exactly the same for People i was watching playing this game on YouTube and twitch, who finally had the Chance to experience that Kind of gameplay again. but since basically Nothing has changed since then to provide These Players with a challenging gameplay, i dont enjoy playing the game anymore and the same goes for People i used to watch. so while unexperienced Players are in the very fortuned Situation to be able to enjoy the game, experiened Players abandoned the game due to the lack of improvement and being ignored in the development.
  4. they mght be useful for you, but they make absolutly no difference for experienced Players. like i said, just because it is still a challenge for you to survive, it doesnt mean that it is the same for other peolpe^^
  5. dying in a Voyager run adds so much more substance to your comments in a thread About the lack of challenge for experienced players^^
  6. have you ever asked yourself why so many People like Survival mode and what keeps Player playing this game over a Long Periode of time? it is because sandbox/Survival mode has the potential of indefinite Gameplay experience and replayability, if done correctly. and exctly that aspect of indefinite replayability is currently missing in TLD due to the lack of challenging Gameplay for experineced Players and lack of customization. it worries me that someone of that age does not seem to be able to deal with another opinion/criticism and uses the Argument that criticism should not be allowed just because of the Price of something.
  7. according to the Definition of challenge, the game does exactly lack that for me. that does not mean that i can understand that you still have a challenge and enjoy the game. however, just because you feel that way, that doesnt mean that other People also have to feel that way or want to enjoy the game how you are able to enjoy it. and while i am promoting a Gameplay experience that provides the opportunity to every Play to basically enjoy the game how they would like to, you seem to want to convince other People of your idea of the game, even if they feel the exact opposite. that is what surprises me the most reading all the comments, that some People dont want to realize that other People dont enjoy the game how it is, and instead of accepting that opinion, they seem to feel personally attacked and defend their Point of view, while the only Thing i am asking for is a Point where every Player is able to enjoy the game, and i wonder why so many People seem to have a Problem with that. you just said that you would also welcome These changes. and i can assure you that Hinterland has plans on implementing such Features in the future, which the first step of implementing interloper, custom mode Shows. if the game was in a very good state, some parts of the community and Player base would not feel left out and frustrated by the pace of development.
  8. i did not expect that some People still dont understand why the current custom mode does not solve that Problem, but if you were not able to understand it so far, i can explain it to you again. the custom difficulty mode basically lets you only choose between the Settings of the already existing 4 difficulty modes, with interloper as the top end of difficulty, therefore it is basically impossible to create a custom mode that is more challenging than interloper.
  9. well, that worries me if the developers think TLD is unpredictable and this unpredictability makes the game challenging, but it also explains why it takes so Long to improve These aspects. honestly, the only unpredictable Thing in this game is where some important Survival items spawn, while that is also only an issue in the early/mid game and dosnt affect the end game. on the other Hand there are just so many predictable and static aspects in the game, which make the game not very challenging at all. for example all the dead survivors and deer carcasses on every map which exactly spawn at the same Point and make the beginning of the game so much easier. but the most important Thing is probably the static design of animals in this game. not only do animals have certain spawn Point on the map, they also have specific paths and respawn timers. Hunting could and should be one of the most important aspects in the game which especially in the end game could force Players to travel from Zone to Zone to find some Food and provide some very interesting and challenging Gameplay. but unfortunately instead it is all About static respawn Locations and timers, which is neither unpredicatble nor interessting or challenging for me.
  10. the Thing is, many People would be happy to pay Money for updates and development if These updates improve their Gameplay experience. i would rather have to pay Money to Play a game that i enjoy instead of playing a game for free that i can not enjoy.
  11. welcome to the german Computer System which basically automatically changes capital letters in every word. and as a german i am not really used to the english punctuation, besides not caring that much About that in a Videogame Forum, but i appreciate your Display of ignorance ^^ thats why i try to promote a development that focusses on fundamental aspects which imrpoves the Gameplay experience for every Player instead of only a part of the community. a good sprain mechanic doesnt mean much when the fundamental Gameplay is quite stale, boring and unchallenging for experienced Players. but that is a good example for priorities, while the improved sprain mechanic is very good by itself, there are other more fundamental mechanics that would make the base game more interesting and should have a higher priority.
  12. ok, how do i make this thread without fanboys getting too much upset and getting instantly deleted/ banned for expressing my opinion/criticism … lets start with describing the state of the game (Survival mode) for an experienced Player before the recent update: - while being a Survival game and therefore having a huge potential to provide a seemingly indefinite amount of challenging Gameplay and replayability, TLD absolutly failed to provide such an experience for experienced Players due to the lack of Options to customize the world and difficulty of the game - the implementation of the customizable game mode was the first and neccesary step to provide such an Option (not only for experienced Players) but it did not really provide the Option for experienced Players to create an intersting Gameplay that was more challenging than the existing difficulties, or create a challenging Gameplay that focuses on harsh weather conditions and rare supplies rather than placing Wolves at every Corner of the map and removing items from the game - and there is also the Frustration that the developers started the trend (!) to implement items in the story mode that are not available in the Survival mode - not to Mention all the outdated Systems and mechanics (like the skill System, workbenches, etc.) These factors unfortunately resulted in a very much boring and unchallenging Gameplay for any experienced Player who was Looking for a challenge and almost indefinite replayablitly like other Survival games can offer. Therefore it was very interesting to read that there is coming a new "Survival mode update" today. since i like the base idea and implementation of the game, but coudnt enjoy the game for the last months/years due to the lack of interessing/challenging Gameplay and improvements, i was hoping to finally being able to Play and enjoy the game again … i mean after all it is a "Survival mode update" and they only update the game About twice a year, so i was expecting a lot ... but after watching the Video i was absolutly shocked and thought this has to be a joke. - first of all, since the initial implementation of the custom game mode was such a Long time ago and this feature is so important for the fun and replayability of the game, i could not believe that they did not make any improvements...absolutly Nothing to improve one of the most important feature of the game (or even THE most important) - and what a surprise … 4+ months was not enough time for them to make an item available in Survival mode that is already in the game (spear) - and the rest of the update?! … a couple of items and some overhauls (while being a great Addition to the game, this adds absolutly Nothing to its replayability or challenging Gameplay) after the initial shock i though i am going to try the new update... Maybe it is not that bad and i will have some fun. unfortunately i had to realize that this "Survival mode update" didnt only make the game any more interesting or created some sense of replayability, it is also frustrating to see that new Things get added to the game that make it easier, but since a couple of years basically Nothing has been added to make it more challenging and create this element of replayability that is so crucial in a Survival game, not only for experienced players … that is my experience and opinion as Player who wants to Play and love this game, but is just frustrated by the evident lack of interest/competence from the developers to improve the game for this part of their community. i do understand and made the experience that People can get very Angry when one of their favourite games is criticized, but while i hope that i can create a conversation and Argumentation About this Topic, try to Refrain to argue About how much you love the game and therefore i am wrong, and try to realize that as much as i understand that there are a lot of People who enjoy the current state of the game, there are also People who dont enjoy it and can express their criticism
  13. Like i already said above, i am not here to seek anyones respect. So pls dont be mad at me if i do not go any further into that aspect i never dismissed his opinion as irrelevant, in fact i think he rather emphasized my Point by mentioning the significant Impact and Benefit a feature like mod support could have for this game and thanked him for supporting my issue. to briefly touch down on the essence of what I tried to express - i never demanded that Hinterland tries to please absolutly everyone, however I have every Right to express my criticism and share my opinion and Feelings About the game. let me repeat myself so you can get your Facts straight for future references, i answered in an ironic and definitely non combative way. I made all my Statements in reference to a developing time of more than several years, so pls dont try to argue that I dont take time into consideration. let me also give you some example of how relatively simple and effective some changes can be. Lets take a look at the skill System, which currently gives you Poison and parasite immunity as soon as you reach cooking skill 5. This aspects affects the challenge ánd difficulty of the game in a very significant way, and simply removing that mechanic would present a significantly more challenging Gameplay for Players who are seeking for such a Challenge, while also probably not impacting those Players very much, who are Looking for a less challenging Gameplay. And they also have the opportunity to just give the Players the Option to activate or deactivate such a Change via custom mode Settings. to be fair, i am not very familiar with programming at all, but i am very sure that such a Change is not "incredibly difficult to design, program and debug". let me put it this way, by giving the Players the Options for certain changes, some idndividuals will get put in a better Situation, while no individual gets put in a worse Situation, hence the Change is pareto optimal and presents a welfare gain for the community. at the current state of the gameing Industry, Hinterland Studios deserve some respect indeed. they provided a product for a very small amount of Money and very good Quality. however, more on that later. ohh, i would even go further than this and say that more than 90% of the Things added to the game have been suggested by the community. but that is absolutly not my Point. I am Talking About the 90% of Things that have been suggested and have not been added. But not even them are the quintessence of my Statement, which is more about the lack of essential, widely suggested, both benefitial for Survival and Story mode, and relatively simple additions, improvements and changes to the game, always in reference to the already decently Long development time of the game. if anything, i think that just emphasizes my stated issues. I did not come here and started asking About new zones, new animated animals, tons of new items, more and better visuals, or some unrealistic suggestions About multiplayer concepts, etc. - no, instead i tried to provide some constructive criticism and some ideas and suggestions that can greatly improve the game in relation to the needed ressources, which additionally identify as pareto optimal changes, regardless of what part of the community someone Counts himself to. I am Aware of the fact that Hinterland is a very passionate Studio that offers a high Quality product and tries to do their best to engage with their loyal community. of Course the admin is Right, it is their product and they have absolutly evey Right to do with it whatever they want, and i am sure he felt very good to tell me so. but as you mentioned, Hinterland is a fairly small indie Studio and they have every incentive to make Profit and therefore create a satisfying product. Thats why i emphasized that i think that TLD, while being relatively succesful product, is by far not as succesful and good as it could be and is only using a Tiny bit of its full potential. As i said before, i think everyone should be interested in any form of criticism since criticism is one of the Major factors of success and the driving force for improvement. by speaking for myself and specifying the issue i am taking About, i am Always also Talking for all those People who are related to the same issue, that is indeed very specific and has Nothing to do with a nebulous amount of fans, aswell as using the Concept of relativity to describe the amount of ressource spending seems absolutly appropriate as a tool to emphasize certain aspects. however, i will try to avoid such Things in future if they are not liked to be seen. i hope my Response was civil enough and i am happy to express myself and share my Point of view, even if many People oppose that. As Always, i am just a Little bit surprised how fast something is considered as Fighting and being rude or combative. As a Student of economics and law i have alaways been encouraged to such discussions and arguing, and do strongly beliefe that they are esssential and productive, and one of the most significant ways to reach a superior result. so i hope this will continue. or Maybe it is just my "german" way of adressing things
  14. hey gnomegnine, pls try to read my entire Statement and understand the context, so you can realize that i defenitly acknowledged their constant work at the game. it is also not very helpful to just pick a single Phrase out of my combined Statement and Maybe out of context and try to disprove it by explaining what they have done so far. also did i never glaze over the fact that development takes time, in fact i did excatly the opposite. i stated multiple times that many Things take "relatively" small amount of ressources and time aswell as the game being in develoment for several years now. i also never demanded that they are going to add every single Thing ever suggested, it was not my Intention to present a list that i demand the developers to implement to the game. the reason for the list was to explain how some relatively small and very simple changes are able to improve the game by a lot. and since some of These Change are very obvious, highly demanded by the community and easy to implement, i wanted to emphasize how having to wait About half a decade for such changes to happen can feel fraily frustrating for parts of the community. i dont understand the logic of the Argument of me making the developers Feeling rushed - for me, being a consumer and prepresenting some part of their community and them being a Company with the intent to generate some profit, they should be interested in any form of criticism since criticism is one of the Major factors of success and the driving force of improvement. therefore i have no Problem to share some productive criticism in a fairly polite way.
  15. hey ross, i am sorry to inform you that i never had the Intention to impress you, neither am i interested in your respect. i dont think my Response was particularly rude, all i did was saying my opinion and expressing my Feelings. and since the admin responded in a somewhat sarcasitic way, i should not be blamed for being somewhat sarcastic myself. as i said, as far as i know arguing with admins in the Forum is against the rules, so by simply responding to him without agreeing to everything he said, they can remove the post and ban me. i already stated my Point of view and the part of the community i am Talking About, and i have absolutly no Problem if you are not one of them. i appreciate however your effort to tell me that. as you have stated yourself, mod support would be a great way to adress the issue and fix all my Problems, hence why i am hoping to eventually see this feature in the game. thanks for coming here and supporting my efforts.