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  1. I could not agree less. Why change something which is already working? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  2. Mm, yes, but that just creates an unattributed quote, with no name or timestamp attached. What I'd like to do is to create a quoteblock saying something like "369 years ago, Oliver Cromwell said:
  3. I remember being a little miffed, yes. Although IIRC, there's some decent loot in his bunker [snow pants, maybe? don't recall exactly] which almost made it worth the frustration of going back to the Muskeg chasing wild geese.
  4. Can anyone tell me which forum software this is currently using? I'd love to be able to toss in quotation blocks from, say, Shakespeare or Cromwell or Nelson or Zulu or... -- but I can't quite seem to figure out how to edit the code to modify the quote blocks properly. Can anyone help?
  5. HP, the aurora appears on a random basis. I've never seen any sort of pattern to it. Just stick with it.
  6. Not exactly. Here's where about 2/3 of the legs (and quarters, and presumably all the guts and pelt and arrow and whatnot) ended up: That's an unreachable ledge, or at least I couldn't figure out how to get up there. Alas! Still vaguely amused to have bits of Mr. Bear strewn across the cliffside.
  7. Awkward bear carcass location: This is the ledge of rock just above the woodshed across from the Trapper's Cabin. Going to be a bit tricky getting my arrow back from this one! (Edit: After quartering the bear, half the legs and quarters fell to the ground, half on a partial ledge below this one; God knows where the arrow, pelt, and guts went. Probably some flew off to FM or something wacky like that. Whee!)
  8. One of the most common requests I've seen has been for an in-game compass. Well, there is one... of sorts. I'm not certain the devs meant this to work as it does, so I'm hiding it under some spoiler tags, and for those who prefer to experience the game without, well, maps.
  9. The walls in the upper level of the PV Farmhouse don't extend to the roof, and there are no ceilings. Clearly Ma and Pa were either shameless or very quiet, in order to get five kids around the place...
  10. Herbal Tea will increase the condition you gain from the next six hours of sleep by 2% per hour -- so an extra 12% Condition gain overall. Your Energy is unaffected.
  11. Gondor calls for aid! I know I included beacons in my jokey "wish list", but come to think of it it's not such a terrible concept. A nice big pile of logs that would be visible for a long way off as a landmark, basically. Doesn't seem like it'd be a major balance issue (we can already create "landmarks" in the form of campfires, snow shelters, dropped items, etc), unless you give them something like massively increased burn times (bad, probably unrealistic) or making them somehow windproof (also bad, probably more realistic).
  12. Aagje

    My Wish List.

    (NB: This entire post is meant in jest. Please take it in the spirit in which it is written.) So this is a good game but u shuld b able to do more stuff in it. Here's what i want to see! 1) Shotguns! Those damn crows overhead are calories going wasted! (Yes, I'm well aware I'll be eating crow at the end of this post.) B) Laser sights! I keep missing deer when I've been awake for 72 hours and my SMLE is at 7%. Laser sights would really help with that. Third, emus! We already have bears and pumas and ostrich in the game, so why not emus? #4] Trebuchets. 'Nuff said. 5. Beacons. Like, big piles of wood which burn forever and can be seen miles off and act as landmarks. (Actually half-serious about this one.) 6! When you pull the batteries out of the hoods of cars, you should be able to attach some wires (maybe made from scrap metal?) to the battery and the other end to your tongue to regain energy / stamina. But not if you're wearing a balaclava, obviously. 7} if your wearing a cloth hat & u lose a struggle while holding a torch ur hat should lite on fire! New uses for the burn mechanic! eighth, and lastly, (I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief), I really think the zombie-repellant spray ought to be moved from the First Aid tab to the Tools tab in the inventory. That's where the caltrops and land mines live, after all, so it only makes sense. And that's it! Now, where's that crow...
  13. I still store meat outside even once I've reached level 5 cooking. Why? Um... Habit, I guess? Same reason I always make sure to store all the soda cans inside -- because they decay more slowly! Even though you can never get food poisoning from soda.1 Look, if we were rational human beings, making rational choices about how we approached our lives, we wouldn't be playing this game, now would we? 1Actually, you can. IRL, that is, not in-game. I have done so. Not fun. But still better than being eaten by wolves.
  14. Not to be dismissive, but a simple solution is just not to use the Custom game settings. I don't. (Not trying to sound like a badass gamer; I'm not. It took me 10+ attempts at Voyageur before I could make it to 25 days, Stalker still defeats me regularly, and I live in awe of those who not only play Interloper but find the time to investigate game mechanics at the same time -- I'm looking at you, @Pillock, and also @Drifter Man and the lot of you mad bastards who do the same.) Airplane pilots will, occasionally, every once in a while, sometimes have maps of the regions they're flying over. In the current game (not just Wintermute, but also new Sandbox runs) it's implied that you were a pilot. I don't know if that was always the case.
  15. My apologies; I didn't intend the title to be misleading -- I was trying to make a point. Perhaps "Keep The Long Dark The Quiet Apocalypse" would have been a better subject line. (That said, having just died to a wolf attack in my thus-far longest running Stalker attempt, I have some sympathy for those who want to implement artillery barrages and wolf-deterrent power armour. Grr.)